How To Last Longer In Bed – My Top 25 Methods

In most people’s ideal world, you and your partner would both have orgasms during sex.

The frustrating reality for many men though is that if your partner needs 10-20 minutes of sex to be satisfied, it’s not so easy to fight the urge to ejaculate or somehow keep going afterwards.

The good news is that there are many methods for lasting longer during sex. Some are relatively simple techniques you can try out straight away; others require a bit more practice and effort on your part.

And of course there are various products and treatment options, ranging from prescription pills to desensitizing sprays and condoms.

My advice is to get down to some trial and error – try different combinations of the techniques in this article, and stick with it until you find something that works well for you.

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1. The start and stop method / edging

start and stop green and red lights image

The start and stop method is the technique that I feel most helped me when I first started working on my sexual stamina.

Confusingly, it’s sometimes referred to as edging, depending on the website or medical professional source.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine explain on their website that edging is used by men who wish to delay their orgasm, often making it more intense.

They explain the difference between the start and stop method and edging as:

Men with premature ejaculation sometimes use a version of edging. When a man senses that he will climax before he wants to, stimulation stops for 30 seconds before resuming. This is called the stop-start method.

Some experts feel that the technique is only short-lived, such as researchers in Taiwan who published an overview of premature ejaculation treatment in the journal Urological Science.

However, they do add that there’s a lack of research into the long-term effectiveness. And my personal experience was that the improvement to my ejaculation control wasn’t a temporary effect.

So for that reason it’s still the self-help technique I recommend trying first.

2. Try a delay spray

image of 2 bottles of promescentUsing a delay spray is a great way to reduce the stimulation you feel, and can often add many minutes to your lasting time.

I used one when I first started trying to deal with the problem and found it was a good confidence booster.

The best thing is probably that it’s an instant fix, if physical sensitivity is your main difficulty during sex. The downside is that it’s not a cure, and you’ll need to use it each time you have sex.

3. Choose the right sex positions

Some sex positions could help you last longer, while others have a particular way of making guys ejaculate sooner.

Here are some positions that promote slower, shallower movements to try. And others that guys often get carried away in, and could be good to do less of:

illustrated version of the reverse cowgirl positionDo more of

  • The cowgirl – you lying down with her sitting on top.
  • The reverse cowgirl – her on top facing away from you.
  • spoons – her lying on the side and you behind her.
  • Side by side facing each other – both of you lying on the bed, with legs intertwined.
  • Sitting on the bed or in a chair – with her on top, you can relax more.

Do less of

  • The missionary position.
  • Doggy-style.
  • Most standing positions.

4. Switch positions if you get too aroused

Changing sex position when your arousal is spiraling out of control is a great way to last longer in bed. In an interview with an adult star, report that those in the industry do this trick all the time.

And if you really need to cool down, you can even stop and give her some oral sex for a while to give yourself a breather.

5. Masturbate before having sex

If you masturbate an hour or two beforehand, you might find you last longer when you have sex. This is a classic trick to last longer and one which in my experience usually helps.

Research published in the journal of sexual medicine in 2005 suggests that this technique can be particularly useful for younger men.

6. Have sex again if you don’t last long the first time

Even if it’s all over quickly, don’t just roll over and hope she didn’t notice it was all a bit quick. Go for a second round as soon as you’re able to. You should find you last longer the second time.

7. Try the 7 and 9 technique

In their article teaching men how to last longer in bed, a sexologist interviewed by suggests an interesting technique called the 7 and 9 method.

All you need to do is follow a stable pattern of 7 fast in/out strokes, followed by 9 slow in/out strokes. My partner is a particular fan of this technique, finding the rhythm enjoyable and exciting.

8. Don’t stop just because you had an orgasm

image of a woman lying on a bedSex doesn’t have to end when you ejaculate. Try turning your attention to your partner, using your hands, give her oral sex or whatever she enjoys.

You might even recover in time for the second round while she’s getting even more aroused, increasing the chances of the holy grail of coming at the same time.

9. Have regular sex to get used to the intensity

Whether you’ve recently become sexually active, or have been for years, if you have sex regularly you should find you last longer in bed.

According to

The way to learn [to last longer] is by getting used to intense stimulation…to increase the frequency of intercourse, and feel every sensation of being inside your partner and enjoy it

10. Keep calm and breathe

hand written note saying "just breathe"

Breathing slowly and deeply can help keep your arousal in check

If you find yourself breathing fast and shallow or making more noise than usual when breathing, it could be a sign you’re getting closer to the point of no return.

Fortunately, you can reduce your arousal by controlling your breathing during sex. Breathe IN slowly for 4 seconds. HOLD for 4 seconds. Then breathe OUT for 4 seconds.

If you can maintain this pattern, especially when feeling more aroused, it can help you keep control.

11. Relax your body

Staying relaxed is well known to help guys last longer in the heat of the moment. If you notice yourself tensing your abdomen, bum and thighs especially, try to relax them.

You can switch position or consciously use your mind to ‘order’ them to relax. And remember the best positions to use in point 1 above.

12. Relax your mind

Relaxing the mind is a trickier beast to pin down. According to sex therapists, if you go into sex worrying about coming too soon, you’re more likely to do so.

So try using positive affirmations during sex to relax yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Tell yourself you’re a good lover, feeling calm and that everything is just fine.

Alternatively, work on your general level of stress and anxiety in life. If you’re a particularly stress-laden and tense person, then doing meditation, yoga or relaxation exercises daily will make a difference.

If that all sounds a little too esoteric for you, just remember the breathing. That can help with both bodily and mental relaxation.

13. Wear a condom

woman holding a condomWearing a condom is one of the simplest ways to last longer in bed, even if it does come at a price. Sure, it doesn’t feel as good.

But what’s better – 2 minutes of great feeling and a great ending for just one of you? Or 10 minutes of good feeling and maybe a great ending for both of you?

14. Use plenty of lubricant

The wetter the vagina is, the less stimulation and pressure, and so the longer you’ll last. It’s one reason decent foreplay is essential, and also a reason to use lubricant and get wet and slippy together.

15. Focus on the whole body

You’ve probably heard the classic advice of thinking about something boring or unpleasant. In my opinion, this doesn’t really work though, neither is it enjoyable to do.

Instead, try to focus on all the different sensations in your body, and your partner’s too. Don’t allow your mind to get stuck thinking only about the sensation in your genitals. Think how every part of your body feels from your toes to your fingers.

Enjoy the complete experience.

16. Relax and do nothing

As I said before, relaxation is key. So much so, that relaxing to the point of doing absolutely nothing can help you last longer. If you’re on your back you can try to totally relax and let her take control for a minute or two.

Alternatively, both of you can simply lie still together with you inside and have a tantric moment. This gives you a chance to focus on your breathing and lower your arousal level, as well as connect on a more profound level.

17. Vary your speed and depth of thrusting

If you go at it hammer and tongs, you’ll ejaculate sooner – it’s as simple as that. But women also like variation, so you can sometimes thrust slowly, sometimes pause deep inside her, sometimes do very shallow thrusts and tease her at the entrance.

Personally, I’ve found that it helps to mix two things. Sometimes I’ll stay deep inside, and then only move in and out a little, so the depth is maintained.

And then I’ll almost totally withdraw, only moving my penis head in and out very slowly. I might then do 5 or 6 very slow shallow thrusts, followed by a very slow and deep thrust.

I find I can keep control this way, and my partner loves the anticipation of the next deep thrust.

18. Refocus yourself physically

This isn’t my personal favorite, but I know some guys say it helps a lot. Any small repetitive action with your body can help shift your attention from your groin. For example, gently curling the toes on one foot repeatedly.

19. Don’t start off hard and fast

At the beginning of any sexual experience the pleasure is immense, especially if you’ve suffered some sex starvation recently. So take it easy to start. Get used to the warmth and pleasure and then build up slowly.

If you can get through the first couple of minutes without too much stimulation, you should last longer than if you tear off her clothes and treat her like the world’s ending in the next 5 minutes.

20. Count an action

This is a variation on the classic distraction technique, and is much better than thinking about paint drying. Try counting your thrusts or your breath, or anything else which is easy and rhythmic to focus on. Not my personal favorite, but again, guys do say this technique helps.

21. Spend longer on foreplay, with a focus on your partner

woman having an orgasmThis is one of the most important tips I can give you, stemming from the basic concept that men get aroused much faster than women.

The longer you spend on good foreplay (giving her as much pleasure as you can think of) the better, for 2 reasons.

First, it takes the pressure off you, especially if you give her an orgasm first. Second, it raises her arousal to be closer to yours, so you may not even need to last so long when you do eventually have sex.

22. Talk to your partner about it

If you talk openly about having problems with your sexual stamina, it will take the pressure off you. You can then work together and many of the techniques in this article will be easier to implement.

23. Explore tantric sex

This is more of a longer-term mission to undertake. But tantra has a lot to say about the way people have sex, and how there are other ways to go about it. It’s well worth looking into as one of the core teachings is about slowing everything down.

One idea you can try now is to spend time massaging your partner before you get to more sexual foreplay. She’ll love you for it, and again it’ll make her more likely to want sex more often if she’s currently avoiding it due to your quick finishing.

24. Kegels and reverse kegels

sign saying point of no return

Learning to recognize your point of no return is essential in developing ejaculation control.

Kegel exercises are probably the most difficult exercise to understand and get right. Many online articles mention kegels, but don’t usually cover them in much detail.

Here are some key facts about kegels you might not know:

  • Doing them incorrectly can make premature ejaculation worse.
  • Kegels aren’t about strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscles. It’s about developing strength, tone and control of the Bulbocavernosus muscle mainly.
  • Kegels is only a last line of defense to hold back ejaculation. At all other times during sex you need to keep your pelvic floor relaxed.
  • Reverse kegels are also important to balance the training you do, and can help your pelvic floor remain relaxed during sex.

25. Consider talking to your doctor

I’ve left this until last because I know many guys don’t feel comfortable about discussing this with their doctor. However, your doctor can give you qualified advice, based on your personal medical history.

As David Rowland, PhD and others write in the Journal of Sexual medicine, premature ejaculation treatment choice depends on the cause.

And there are several possible physical causes, as well as psychological and behavioral. So if this is a severe problem for you, it’s worth considering – even if it sounds like an embarrassing or awkward idea.

A doctor can also explain the pharmacological options you may have heard about, such as topical anesthetics, SSRIs, dapoxetine or even tramadol.

They can also recommend or refer you to a counselor or sex therapist if they feel there might be a psychological or behavioral cause.

Final Word

The key point to take away is to keep an open mind and be willing to try different things, but move on if they don’t work.

My view is that the best approach is to hit the problem from every possible angle. The more techniques you put into practice, the better a chance you’ll have of lasting much longer in bed.

Have you tried any of these?

It’s always useful to hear from readers about their experience. Feel free to share your experience of techniques that did or didn’t work for you, tell your story or ask questions in the comments below.

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  • have been making use of the technique of masturbating b4 sex buh it failed me last month, me and my new gurlfrnd wanted to have sex so we started romancing each other, so in the process she started giving me blow job, and I just cum immediately……..and we couldn’t have sex again…..I don’t kW if its bcos she gave me blow job or bcos I din eat before having the sex ….bruh pls help me out

    • Hi Valentine
      Perhaps the answer in that moment would have been to then give her oral sex in return. That gives you time to stop stressing about your quick ejaculation, pleasure her and perhaps recover again to be able to have sex another time. It might also be that you just didn’t have any more libido in you if you masturbated just before sex. Perhaps you needed a little longer to recover after your second ejaculation. And yes, I’ve also noticed that if I’m hungry, it can affect my erection quality, so make sure you’re not hungry next time. There are also many tips in this article for you to try, so if you put them into use next time, hopefully you’ll last longer.

  • Wow, thanks for so many great ideas!! I have a serious problem with sex and usually come in less than a minute or two if it’s a good day. I hope your tips help me! There are many here which I know I don’t do now, so you’ve really given me some hope here! Thanks

    • Hi David
      Great to hear the article was useful. If you put all of these tips into practice, it should make a big difference. It can take some time and effort to remember to do all of them, and to be able to do them naturally. But stick with it, and you should see results pretty quickly.
      All the best

  • You have succeded in exhausting all possible ways of treating this problem..thanks man…i believe it gonna b okay

    • Hi there
      I did my best to provide a good list of techniques! I’m sure if you put them into practice, you’ll improve your sexual stamina.

  • Thanks for sharing all of these ideas for free, and for all the other helpful articles you’ve written. I’ve read several of your articles now, and am really impressed with the quality and the fact that you try to help guys out so much in the comments. Keep up the good work man!

    • Hi Mark
      Thank you for your kind words – it’s always encouraging to hear that my readers appreciate the site and the help I try to provide in the comments:-)

  • Wow this is just what I was looking for! My bf often ejaculate in a min or two and it’s very frustrating when he does. We’ve tried some techniques before to get him going longer, but there are some hear we haven’t seen before, so thanks very much!

    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found the article useful, and I hope you and your bf have some success with the techniques!

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