The Best Way To Masturbate – 14 Techniques Every Guy Should Know

This article is for anyone who was never taught the best way to masturbate. So funnily enough it’s for 99.99% of all guys…

You’ll discover ways to give yourself the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had. And importantly, you’ll also find out how masturbation can make you better, or worse, at the real thing.

This is important because many guys end up having problems with their sex life because of the way they masturbate. But with the right techniques, you can develop the kind of sexual stamina that will leave women lying exhausted on the bed and staring at you in amazement.


Part A: Masturbation techniques for maximum pleasure.

Part B: Sex toys and accessories to enhance the experience.

Part C: Improve your sexual stamina and orgasm intensity.


Part A: Masturbation techniques for maximum pleasure


1) Getting started – Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters

masturbation: sex with someone you loveMost people learn pretty early on that their hand is the perfect friend with benefits. It’s natural, effective and an enormous amount of fun.

Yet many guys still get stuck thinking that the best way to masturbate is simply as follows:

  • Switch on a movie.
  • Grip penis gently but firmly in your stronger hand.
  • Move up and down repeatedly at lightning speed.
  • Ejaculate into a tissue.
  • Return to the paused video game.

This is, of course, one of the oldest and most satisfying masturbation techniques known to mankind. The speed and pressure you can apply brings about a satisfying orgasm. However, with a little creativity and variety, you can take it to a whole new level as you’ll soon see.

2) Madam Palm’s twin sister

two hands are better than oneEven at this basic level you can still spice things up nicely by using your other hand. Here are some ideas:

  • Try using just your other hand once in a while.
  • Try using both hands at the same time. If you can put them one next to the other on your shaft, then lucky for you and any girl you meet. But if not, you can try holding your penis in-between both palms pressed together.
  • You can use one hand to move up and down the shaft while the other plays with the head of your penis.
  • Wringing is a great double-handed technique. Imagine wringing the water out of a cloth by squeezing your hands in opposite directions. Just be a bit more gentle with yourself!

3) Don’t leave your balls hanging

2 ballsYour balls are more than just an odd-shaped storage facility. They’re an erogenous zone which you can use to heighten your orgasms.

It’s up to you to work out the best way to masturbate by including your testicles; all guys are different, but here are some suggestions:

  • Pull them slightly downwards while masturbating.
  • Try caressing, stroking or tickling them – experiment to see what and where feels good.
  • Try just holding them in a light but firm grip with the other hand.

There’s another good reason to spend some quality time with your balls. If you know what they feel like normally, you can look out for any unusual lumps – something all guys should do on a regular basis.

4) It’s not just women that have multiple erogenous zones

diagram of the male and female erogenous zonesEven though the majority of masturbation techniques are centered on the penis and balls, there are other parts of your body that respond well to a little attention.

It’s a popular belief that only women are blessed with multiple erogenous zones. However, the truth is that your body is far more sensitive than you might think.

For example, try touching your nipples in the way that you would a woman’s. Experiment with different strokes, pressure and movements.

Try caressing the inside of your thighs or your stomach. If there’s anywhere that you know you’re sensitive, don’t be afraid to explore yourself further with touch.

Some guys will be more sensitive than others in different areas, so it’s up to you to find out what works for you. There are no rules, so get to know your own body and find out what floats your boat.

5) Moving south: the perineum

The Perineum is the area in-between your anus and balls. It’s a soft padded area which is sensitive to touch. You can try caressing it or pushing it gently with your spare hand. Again, be creative and see what kind of stimulation, if any, gets you going.

6) The holy grail of the male G-spot

Some cynical folk will say the male g-spot is a lost Atlantis which never existed in the first place. Others claim that we’re in fact blessed with 2 G-spots.

The first is the area on and around the frenulum – this is the kind of string piece connecting the head of the penis with the shaft. If you gently play with it, you may find it’s very sensitive.

The second G-spot might not appeal to everyone, but for more open-minded and less squeamish guys, one of the greatest ways to masturbate is to include the anus. For others, it’s strictly a one-way street.

If you’re willing to explore here though, then you could be in for an orgasm-increasing treat. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Thoroughly wash both your anus and fingers before starting.
  • Check that your chosen nail (yes – one finger will do) is short and not sharp. File it down if necessary.
  • Add plenty of lubricant on your finger (proper lubricant is better so you don’t accidentally stick something in there which can burn)
  • Rub around the outside of your anus to begin with.
  • Gently insert a finger as far as is comfortable.
  • You can then just keep the finger inside while you masturbate with your other hand as normal, or move it gently in and out. Whatever works for you.
  • The G-Spot is a small area a couple of inches inside. It should feel like a little ball just over an inch in diameter. This is actually the outside of the prostate. You can softly rub this spot if you manage to find it, and if it’s pleasurable.

Stimulating the G-Spot is known in the tantric sex world as a prostate massage, and is an effective way of enhancing orgasm. The key though with all these ideas is to be gentle and soft.

7) Experiment with different positions

If you just sit in your favorite chair or lie on your bed, you’re not going to get anywhere near simulating sex.

And as you’ll find out in part 3, simulating sex is one of the most important masturbation techniques for men.┬áHere are 3 ways you can use your body more effectively:

  • Hold your penis under your body, lying on your bed on top of your hand. Then thrust into your hand.
  • Try kneeling or standing and thrusting into your hand. The idea is to keep your hand still and use your body to move.
  • Change positions from time to time: kneeling, standing, sitting, swapping hands or anything you can think of to add variety.
  • And in case you’re wondering, unless you’re a yoga master, have a missing rib or could enter the Guinness book of records for your length, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be able to do the necessary gymnastics to use your own mouth.

Part B: Sex toys and accessories to enhance the experience


8) The best way to masturbate is with a realistic vagina

A realistic vaginaI shouldn’t need to point out the obvious difference between your hand and a real vagina.

As I said earlier, masturbation isn’t just about personal pleasure. It’s also an investment in your ability to maximize both you and your partner’s pleasure during sex.

That’s why simulating sex as closely as possible is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the real deal. It’s also way more fun and intense than just using your hand.

Find out more about the fleshlight realistic vagina >>

9) The slippery joys of lubricant

lubricantFor the same reasons that you would use a simulated vagina, lubricant is also an awesome addition to the repertoire of self-pleasure techniques.

Whether you’re using a toy or just your hands, lubricant will get you another important step closer to the real thing.

A real vagina is wet and slippery, so a dry palm is a poor imitation of that amazing experience. Lubricant also makes it easier to stimulate the head of your penis, and of course explore your anus if you so desire.

Please note that depending on your age, you might not be able to get hold of a realistic vagina or sex lubricant. In which case, don’t stress about it. Yes, they’re a lot of fun, but no, they aren’t absolutely necessary.

10) The double-edged sword of online movies

Movies can be great if used the right way, but they can also be damaging if used without any thought.

As you’ll find out in part 3, rushing masturbation can be a killer of your future sexual performance. And one thing which is sure to increase your arousal is your favorite movie.

If you just switch it on, get yourself as excited as possible and rush to climax, you’re unfortunately training yourself to be a future ‘one minute man’.

However, if you use it as a tool when learning how to masturbate in a controlled way, then it’s a great way to test your ability to keep relaxed and calm.

11) Sex toys Santa won’t deliver

vibrating cock ring for masturbationThere are loads of great sex toys you can use in combination with the masturbation techniques in this article, for example:

  • Cock rings and vibrating cock rings add extra pleasure and also test your control.
  • You can try out a realistic anus or mouth sleeve.
  • Blow-up dolls still exist, believe it or not.
  • There are toys designed to stimulate your G-spot. I’m sure you can imagine what they might look like.
  • If you’re into any clothing fetish, then don’t be afraid to have fun with it. It’s your life!


Part C: Improve your sexual stamina and orgasm intensity

with masturbation techniques you can train yourself to be a stud in the bedroomBetween 20 and 30% of men will suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

One of the main reasons guys end up having this problem is because of accidentally training themselves to climax very quickly when masturbating.

But to give most woman an orgasm, on average you need to last for between 10 and 20 minutes during sex.

So you also need to be able to last that long, and preferably longer, when masturbating. These next few sections will explain how you can achieve that.

Please note though that if you already last for ages during sex, or when masturbating, there’s no need to practice these.

But even though there’s no need, some of these techniques can result in you having way more intense and powerful orgasms.

This is for the simple reason that by forcing yourself to delay orgasm, it’s usually more powerful when you finally can’t hold back any longer.

12) The human traffic light: the start and stop method

In terms of techniques, the start and stop method is a really good way to masturbate. The simple version is that you set yourself a time, for example 30 minutes, and you don’t allow yourself to ejaculate until that time is up.

Sounds frustrating? Well it can be, but not as much as the embarrassment of coming within 2 minutes every time you have sex.

13) Kegels – relaxation and the last line of defense

Kegels are a secret weapon you can develop in the safety of your bedroom. They can be used as a last line of defense to stop yourself ejaculating.

But as well as strengthening the muscles for holding back ejaculation, they also teach you which body parts to keep relaxed during sex.

In addition they’re often used to get bigger and harder erections. They can also give you better bladder control when you’ve had too many beers. What’s not to love about that?

14) Breathe and relax

This is more of a side dish to the main course of masturbation techniques. And again it’s on the theme of learning self-control.

Breathing slowly and deeply whilst keeping your body relaxed is a useful skill to learn when masturbating.

The reason being that tension and over-excitement will extinguish your sexual performance faster than a fireman’s hose on a wooden match.

What Next?

By now you’ve probably realized that finding the best way to masturbate will depend on how much you’re willing to experiment. The key is to be open-minded and have some fun along the way!

There’s one idea in this article that I recommend exploring above all others. And it stems from my firm belief that masturbation should be used to train yourself to become a master in the bedroom.

I really do believe it’s key to the success of your current or future sex life to learn the techniques discussed in part D.

There are some excellent guides available, with detailed instructions helping you to understand how your body works when aroused and then develop the skill of self-control during sex.

I recommend taking a look at my reviews and choosing one which you feel will suit your particular situation:

Find out more about ejaculation control guides >>

Concerned about your penis size?

Many guys have left comments asking about their penis size, asking me if their size is normal and how they can increase it. My advice is not to worry about this until you’re at least 21 years old as the penis keeps growing until then.

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  • Hi,

    I’m just curious how to get my girl to accept doing anal time to time? We tried it ONCE but she NEVER wants to do it; she’s very against it. She tells me to “think about her feelings” and the fact that she doesn’t like it yet… that’s how I feel! She doesn’t think about my feelings and accept trying it time to time.

    • Hi Dave
      Sorry to burst your bubble my friend, but my opinion is that the best thing is to just accept that she’s not into it. Despite what a lot of guys thing, the majority of women really aren’t into this. I know you’re feeling disappointed and that she’s not thinking about your feelings, but this is just one of those cases where if your partner says no, it’s best to accept that there are probably some serious issues around pain, body image, self-esteem etc going on behind the scenes that aren’t worth fighting!
      That’s my view anyway.

    • Hi there
      Personally, I think watching porn is very normal nowadays. And masturbation is definitely normal, and not bad for you mind. I think it’s good not to get too carried away and watch porn all the time, or every time you masturbate though. I think it’s good to be able to do it just using your imagination and mental fantasies.

    • Hi Edward
      Thanks for for your comment. It’s probably because you’re getting very aroused, very quickly. You might find this improves over time. Otherwise, it’s maybe a good idea to try the start-stop technique, but work even at the point of getting aroused before you get an erection or masturbate.

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    • Hi
      Probably not, unless you live in one of the very few places in the world where that’s the legal age of consent. I would wait until you’re older.

  • Hi. I’m 14 years old an when i “finish” there’s so few of semen. It’s not even spitting! How do I increase ejaculation without using any gels and other stuff?

    • Hi there
      Don’t worry about this – you’ll find the quantity and speed of ejaculation increases as you get older. It’s nothing you need to do anything about.

  • Hi, for some reason I like to watch gay porn however I’m pretty sure I’m not gay and have always liked girls and have never even considered the other side why is this?

    • Hi there
      It’s very common for guys to like watching gay porn even if they don’t feel like doing anything with men themselves. You could just be curious, or experimenting or maybe there’s something there you haven’t explored yet. The main thing is not to stress about it!

  • Hi I am 13
    My friend told me you give advice. I am going into my junior year of high school. In the locker room I can’t help but feel awkward because everyone else has a larger penis. I understand that it’s because they are older then me, but I feel as if I am not developing. Puberty can start as early as the age of 9 so I am getting worried. Any advice on how to gain growth.

    • Hi Prince
      It’s totally normal, and understandable, to worry about things like this. There’s absolutely nothing you can do at your age to change the rate your penis will grow at. So the only thing you can do is try not to compare yourself to others. That may be difficult at times, but it’s important to remember you will grow in time. So try not to let it stress you out.

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