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image of a man who comes too fast

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Always Comes Too Quickly

It’s a dreaded feeling that I know only too well. That agonizing frustration when my boyfriend comes too fast when we have sex. The worst thing is that you know why your sex-life is disappointing, but don’t know what to do about it. You wish you could talk to him about it honestly, but you’re too worried that he’ll take it...

sex positions

The Best Sex Positions For Women To Have Orgasms

Sometimes it’s as simple as working out the best sex positions for you as a couple that can make sex, and hopefully orgasm, more pleasurable. Everyone is different, but the good news is you can have lots of fun finding out which one works best for you.

man turning a woman on

How To Turn A Girl On – 8 Top Tips

The secret has long been out that girls are just as crazy about sex as guys. The difference is that sex, for women, is a whole body and mind experience. So you’ll need to understand the way she thinks and feels as well as the physical aspects to turning her on. In this article I’ll be taking a look at the bigger picture to help set you on...

man giving a woman oral sex

How To Give A Woman Oral Sex – Advice For Guys From A Girl

Do you and your partner enjoy oral sex, but you’re not sure if you’ve quite mastered this sometimes mysterious art? Perhaps you haven’t had an opportunity yet, but want to be sure you get it right when that magical moment arrives. Oral sex is arguably an essential part of foreplay, but can be so much more than that – your...

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How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed – 4 Golden Rules

You may be surprised to hear that most women aren’t looking for the body or staying power of a professional movie star. In fact, if you can go all night we’re going to think there’s something wrong with us. The scenes you see in online videos are acting, not real life, and they don’t portray what real women want. For us, there are...

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What Women Think About Premature Ejaculation

If the man consistently orgasms first, sooner or later it’s likely to cause problems in a relationship. You may assume that we’re simply disappointed if you always get there before us, but it’s actually more complicated than that. There are some things you need to know about what goes through our minds if we’re left to work it out...

woman having an orgasm

How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

If you’re looking for a magic step by step method to give a woman an orgasm, you have a lot to learn. The single most important piece of advice I can give you is to treat any partner like a completely new puzzle to work out. We’re all different, and although there are some key points to consider, the most important thing is to work out...