6 Fantastic Benefits Of Kegels For Men

So you’re thinking about doing kegel exercises? Before getting started, you might find it a helpful motivator to know all the benefits the exercises might bring you.

For most men the main reasons to do kegels are to help with ejaculation control or stronger erections. However, there can also be some surprising extra rewards for your hard work.

Let’s take a look.

1. Ejaculation control

This is perhaps the most well-known benefit of doing kegels: helping guys deal with premature ejaculation. Training the pelvic floor muscles can help by enhancing your ability to hold back from ejaculating just before the point of no return.

When you find yourself reaching that point during sex, you can squeeze the pelvic floor muscles to prevent yourself from climaxing. So in some ways it can be seen as a last line of defense.

This then buys you time to rest, change to a position that can help you last longer, or take whatever action you need to delay your orgasm before continuing to have sex.

2. Learning to relax the right muscles during sex

Even though it’s good to develop the ability to do a strong kegel hold at the point of no return, you actually don’t want to do kegels at any other time during sex.

If you continually do kegels during sex, it can have the opposite effect and make you ejaculate quicker. What you actually want to do is keep your pelvic floor muscles relaxed – unless you reach that point of no return, in which case go ahead with the squeeze.

Some people find they are able to keep relaxed during sex, but for others it’s a serious challenge. So to help you get those pelvic floor muscles relaxing, you can practice reverse kegels.

3. Improving erection strength and size

Doing kegels actively pumps more blood into the penis. This can then have the following effects on your erection:

  • You might get a bigger and harder erection.
  • You might be able to get it up easier by actively pumping blood into it. This can be particularly useful for men who find they lose an erection when trying to put a condom on. It may also help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • You may also be able to keep your erection for longer, perhaps even reaching the legendary level of male multiple orgasms.

4. Improve the force of ejaculation

  • You might have a larger volume of ejaculation after developing your pelvic floor muscles.
  • You may find you can ejaculate further. It doesn’t exactly serve a practical purpose, but fun nonetheless and good for the ego.

5. More intense orgasms

  • Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can result in more powerful orgasms.
  • If you can stop yourself ejaculating but still orgasm, you may be able to have male multiple orgasms during sex.

6. Help with incontinence and leaks

One of the kegel exercise benefits not related to sex, but still very useful for some men is that it can help with incontinence. This is because you use the same muscles for kegels as you do when trying to hold in urine.

Some men may dribble after they finish urinating. Others may leak when they laugh, sneeze or strain themselves. Strengthening the right muscles through kegels can help prevent this from happening.

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  • my semen quite thin because of masturbation. i’m doing kegel exercise. my doctor also advise me avoiding non veg ,red chilly and garlic.
    i want to say that if u doing kegel for stronger pelvic muscle and when they become stronger semen not coming out.s o y we need to do such type of temperance?

    • Hi Shuaib
      Developing stronger pelvic floor muscles doesn’t mean you won’t ejaculate – it just means you might be better at controlling when it happens, as well as having the other benefits.

  • Hi Ethan,
    Thanks for the great article,
    Please advise if the kiegel exercises can improve the erection at the age of 60 and approximately how long before seeing improvements.

    • Hi Ahmed
      You’re very welcome. I think that in theory, yes, it can help. How long it would take to help though I don’t know – sorry. I imagine it might take a couple of weeks at least to see real improvement, but depending on how much control you already have of the muscles, it could take less time to start seeing some results. So my advice would be to give it a go, and don’t give up too soon.

  • Thanks for a great article! I’ve been doing kegels for some time. Im in no rush, but how much training would you say is needed to see improvements? I understand that there problably are individual differences, but a hunch, maybe? Can I train too much, for example?

    • Hi Thomas
      You’re welcome! You can train too much, which is why I always recommend erring on the side of caution and not doing them every day, and keeping the sessions shortish. There’s no need to keep practicing them every time you’re sitting or the thought pops into your head. Just a few minutes at a time is enough. You should see some strength building within a couple of weeks.

  • Hi Ethan,
    I’ve started doing kegel exercises, but am not sure whether, i’ve located the right muscle, coz when I stop the flow of urine, it only hurts in the penis, is there a number of second to hold them in order to feel the right muscle?? Thnx

    • Hi Fred
      When you try to stop the urine, don’t squeeze too hard that it hurts. You only need to do it for a couple of seconds to help give you an idea which muscle to use.

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