14 Female Erogenous Zones For Better Sex

Sex is a whole body experience, and there are more female erogenous zones than you might imagine. Stimulating your partner’s different erogenous areas, and not just focusing on her genitals, will improve her experience.

Even if she doesn’t reach orgasm, being touched in an erogenous zone feels good, is relaxing, and will help turn her on.

So let’s take a closer look at where you should send your fingers and tongue exploring next time you’re with your lady.

1. Clitoris

The clitoris is, of course, one of the most well known erogenous zones. There are tons of nerve endings here, and stimulating the clitoris is usually the best way to give a woman an orgasm.

There are plenty of ways to stimulate the clitoris, from manual to oral to penetration. However, the clitoris shouldn’t be your first stop – it’s usually too sensitive until she’s warmed up.

Get her turned on with some good foreplay first and by spending time on her other erogenous zones.

2. Vagina

The vagina also contains a huge number of sensitive nerve endings, both inside and out (though the clitoris is a more concentrated area of nerves).

Stroking the lips of her vagina lightly, caressing the entrance either with fingers or your tongue, and eventually penetration, will all stimulate the area.

The key to touching the vagina is lubrication. Perhaps she’s already naturally lubricated or you’ve helped her along with some amazing oral sex. If not though, make sure you use some quality lube.

anatomy of human vagina diagram

3. Bum

Her bum cheeks can feel great to the touch (both for you and her!). Find out whether she likes gentle stroking, light or hard spanking (at the right time), or simply to be held tightly.

Anal stimulation isn’t to every woman’s liking, but there are lots of nerve endings here, and it’s definitely an erogenous zone.

Again, this isn’t for everyone, and it’s often best to ask your partner if it’s a no-go zone or not rather than surprising her with a naughty finger.

4. Inner thighs

The inner thighs are sensitive in their own right, though a lot of the excitement does come from the fact that they’re close to the genitals.

The skin is soft and relatively thin, meaning your touches need to be gentle. Licking, careful nibbling, and stroking are recommended for the inner thighs.

And if you want to amp up the game a little on a hot day, try tracing an ice cube slowly up and down the thigh.

5. Inner arms and armpits

Similar to the inner thighs, the inner arms are also especially sensitive given the thin skin in the area. And as odd as it might seem the armpits are full of nerve endings too.

The inner arms can get the same treatment as the inner thighs: licking and nibbling. But for best effect, try tracing your fingers down from armpit to elbow and back again.

If you’re willing caress her armpits, try circular stroking motions with the tips of your fingers. You should verge on the edge of tickling, but not quite get there. Caution is advised though – not all women like this!

6. Ears

Another area that you might not have considered, but the ears are full of clusters of nerve endings (like most extremities are).

The safest ear touch is with the hands. Simply trace the curve of her ear with your fingertips whilst you’re kissing.

Ear licking is awesome when done right, but is an acquired taste for most people (both giving and receiving), so take it slow while you work out what she likes.

7. Neck

woman's neck erogenous zone

The neck is super sensitive, and only needs the gentlest of touches to elicit shivers. But it’s an area where nearly everyone I’ve met loves being touched.

And science backs up my anecdotal evidence. A 2014 Canadian study found that the neck was the body area most responsive to light touch.

So you don’t need much stimulus here. Light stroking with the fingers, sweeping her hair up and giving her gentle kisses. Even just breathing on the back of the neck can feel incredible.

8. Nipples

The nipples are probably the best known erogenous zone outside of the genitals, and the vast majority of women are very sensitive here.

Sucking is good, kissing is good, gentle circular touching is good. Biting is generally not good (unless you’re asked to do so), and twisting or turning nipples like a knob is also not good.

Again, if it’s hot, bring out the ice cubes and swirl them around the nipple for a breath-taking sensation.

fun photo of a woman holding fruit in front of her body to represent nipples

9. Fingers

You might not have considered the fingers to be an erogenous zone, but given the vast number of nerve endings in the fingertips, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they really are.

Finger sucking and even nibbling of the fingertips is good. But if you want a new finger move, try this:

Put all of your fingers together in the middle of her open palm and then slowly spread your fingers out so that they stretch over hers.

10. Lips

Obviously, lips are an erogenous zone, which is one reason we kiss. With two major nerves running alongside the mouth, the lips are both sensitive and one of the most exposed erogenous zones on the body.

But as well as kissing, try running your fingers lightly over her mouth, or nibbling on the top lip very gently. Mouths aren’t just for kissing, and lips will respond to stroking just like any other erogenous zone.

photo of a finger seductively touching a woman's lips

11. Feet

Foot worship, or even just touching someone else’s feet, isn’t for everyone. But they are an erogenous zone, full of nerve endings (which is why they’re ticklish).

Toe sucking can be great, or light stroking on the sole of the foot (again, verging on tickling but not quite getting there).

If you’re unsure about the whole foot thing and toe sucking is taking things too far, try a nice foot massage instead. Even with socks on, the feet are still remarkably sensitive.

12. Stomach

For women, the stomach is quite an important erogenous zone. The abdominal muscles in the stomach are connected to those around the vagina (which explains why some women can orgasm just from doing core body exercises).

Try gently stroking your fingers up and down over her stomach, getting further down each time until you’re approaching her genital area.

This will make her stomach muscles start to contract, which in turn will provide more blood to the areas below.

photo of a female stomach

13. Knees

The thin skin behind the knee means that nerve endings are very close to the surface, which equals pleasure when touched.

It can be tough to get access to behind the knee in many sexual positions. But gentle stroking and caressing is possible if her legs are flat. And if you’re giving her a massage, don’t forget this area.

14. Brain

For women, the brain itself can be considered an erogenous zone. Women need to be in the right “mind state” in order to really get into things.

How do you stimulate the brain? A little dirty talk is good. But the main thing is not to distract her. Let her be in the moment. Interrupting her train of thought isn’t a good thing.

And science backs me up here. The brain acts as the connection between the visual and the physical. In fact, research shows that the brain reacts in the same way if a person is being caressed or just watching someone else being caressed.

The bottom line? Her mind is as important as her body, so don’t neglect it.

Communicate. Laugh. Light some candles. Give her flowers. Put on some relaxing music. Be 100% present in the moment.

These are just a few ways to connect with her mentally and emotionally, making sex all the better.

romantic candles representing the importance of connecting with her brain - the ultimate erogenous area

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Which are your favorite erogenous zones to stimulate, or have stimulated? Leave a comment below!


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