Female Multiple Orgasms: How You Can Give Her Them

photo of a woman's facial expression during orgasm

If you can bring your partner to orgasm once, the chances are she’ll be able to have multiple orgasms – if you do the right things at the right time.

You don’t have to be a marathon man to make your partner climax more than once. All you need is patience and the right techniques.

I can’t help you with the patience part, but I do have one or two pieces of advice where the method is concerned.

Why multiple orgasms are easier for women

Women have a special advantage when it comes to orgasms. It might take them longer than men to climax, but they don’t then require what’s known as a refractory period.

After a man orgasms, he usually needs his refractory period (basically a rest so his body can get ready to go again). Since women don’t need this, they can go for round two much sooner.

In terms of timing, we’re not talking about an orgasm immediately followed by another, and so on. There’s usually at least a small gap between climaxes.

Second orgasm in under two minutes

That gap is smaller than you might think though. Whilst research shows it takes a woman an average of 18 to 24 minutes to achieve the first orgasm, the second one can come much faster.

According to Catherine Blacklege, the author of The Story of V: A Natural History of Female Sexuality, that second orgasm takes just one to two minutes.

Aren’t multiple orgasms a myth?

Absolutely not! We’ve known about multiple orgasms for a long time now. In fact, the famous sex researchers Masters and Johnson wrote more than half a century ago:

The human female frequently is not content with one orgasmic experience… Many well-adjusted women enjoy a minimum of three or four orgasmic experiences before they reach apparent satiation.

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How many women have multiple orgasms?

So, if multiple orgasms are real, do all women have them?

A sexual response study back in 1991 reported that 42.7% of women had at some point experienced multiple climaxes.

However, Dr. Barbara Bartlik, a professor of psychiatry at Cornell University in New York, believes more than that number are able to:

All women are [physiologically] capable of having multiple orgasms.

How to give a woman multiple orgasms

There’s no guaranteed method of achieving multiple orgasms. The two of you are going to have to practice and find out what works for you.

That said, there are some basic techniques that might help you get here there.

1. Manual stimulation is easiest

One sex survey showed that 48% of women find it easier to climax by hand than from intercourse. And many prefer oral sex to intercourse too.

So if you really want your partner to achieve multiple orgasms, treating her to manual stimulation is going to improve your chances. Oral stimulation is a close second.

Penetration, on the other hand, is probably not a good bet, since many women can’t orgasm from penetration at all.

2. Foreplay is essential

The idea is that you get her so turned on that one orgasm just isn’t enough to satisfy her. And that means that you need good foreplay technique.

You need to really build that sexual tension, and that begins even before you see her.

Text messages during the day to tell her how excited you are to see her, great dinner conversation, maybe a massage – all before you get naked.

The more turned on she is before her first orgasm, the more likely it is that she’ll have a second (and maybe even a third).

image of a couple kissing

3. After the first orgasm

So, she’s all turned on, and you’ve given her that first orgasm. Now stop. Remove your hand/tongue from her clitoris and turn your attention elsewhere.

Maybe suck on her nipples, maybe kiss and gently bite her neck. Run your hands down her body. Don’t directly stimulate her, but keep her aroused.

The idea is that whilst you’re not directly stimulating her (her clitoris is sensitive after that first orgasm), you’re keeping her engine purring.

Now is not the time to grab a glass of water, go to the toilet, or anything else unrelated. If you break her concentration then you’re undoing all your hard work.

4. Going in for round two

After a minute or two of not giving her direct stimulation, it’s time to head back down south. With either your fingers or your tongue, begin stimulating around her clitoris, not directly on it.

With each circle around the area you make get a little closer to the clitoris until you actually touch it.

If she winces or complains when you touch her clitoris then go back to making circles around it before moving in again.

Once you can touch her clitoris without causing her discomfort, you can stimulate her in the way you normally would to bring her to orgasm.

And that’s literally it. Once she’s fully enjoying the clitoral stimulation again, just keep going until she hits that second orgasm.

Potential blocks to multiple orgasms

She’s too sensitive after round one

After orgasm, the clitoris is extremely sensitive and your partner may not want to be touched there again so soon. If you keep trying to touch her clitoris, and she keeps pushing you away, you should stop.

If you’ve spent a couple of minutes playing with her breasts, and then tried to go in for round two several times, but she’s still too sensitive, just back down.

You can, however, try going for penetration if she’s up for it. Penetration generally doesn’t stimulate the clitoris directly, so she might be more comfortable with this.

There’s not enough lubrication

Lubrication, or a lack of, can become an issue. So it’s usually a good idea to keep a bottle of lube on the bedside table.

The more lubricated she is, the easier and more comfortable it will be for her to orgasm.

She’s had enough already!

Sometimes once is all it takes to be happy. A great orgasm can also be exhausting, and at that point another one might be just too much work.

Not all women want multiple orgasms, and even if they do, not all women want them every time.

It’s important that you’re sensitive to what your partner wants. So if she tells you no, be glad you gave her such an amazing orgasm the first time around that she can’t handle another yet!

Your thoughts

What works for you? Manual, oral, sex or all of the above? Let me known in the comments below!


  1. I’m into multiple orgasms, and require A LOT, once I’m stimulated enough. The most I had back to back to back were 36… or so my lover (now ex) told me at the time. She said she counted them. I have to believe her, as I was kind of busy! Am into multiples but that’s the most I ever had continually – one right after the other…. until I had to stop her, although she wanted to keep going, but I thought I was going to die – but what a way to go!!! lol

    • I can go into multiple, but ones that are continually going for what seems like 30 mins. I could have more, but I get worn out. I am a middle aged woman..

  2. Great article. I’m in a new relationship with a woman that knows I just worship the ground she walks on. We’ve been moving towards all out sex in baby steps. First just very hot kissing and hugging. Then rubbing each other erotically over our clothes. I confessed to wanting to lick her like a lollipop, and everywhere. So I will have a chance to deliver very soon. From past experience, diverting my tongue to her anus between orgasms seemed to work well. Their clits get so sensitive they can’t stand it, so we must keep this in mind. I had a girlfriend accuse me of trying to give her a heart attack from clit sucking. That might have been a good time to divert away. The lips again is always a nice option. My girl is in for it. The first time I’m making it ALL about sweet M. Then there’s around the world. Licking and penetrating her with tongue, up her belly to the top of her head, down her back, in her butt, up to her vagina, to her clit, and up again a few times. What fun for us both.

    • Hi Etien
      Glad to hear you liked the article. It sounds like you have a good idea of what works already. I reckon your new partner is in for a treat!

  3. I can usually give my g/f two O’s. The first is a minor one by giving her oral and paying a lot of attention to the clit. The second is much more intense and involves manually playing with her clit while telling her a sex story that she can get involved in.
    After the second O she is finished. Then she takes care of me!

  4. I love going down on women as long as they want. I finally met my match. My current girlfriend never stops me. She could take it even if I probably go one hour non-stop eating her. Can’t believe it but it’s true.
    This is my 2nd time to have a partner who does multiple O. I thought I was a good match to the 1st. Not with this 2nd one and feel challenged to do it longer the next time.
    After having read your article, I guess I will have to try multiple techniques.
    Gasping for breath…..

  5. It has never taken me 18-24 minutes to climax. Perhaps you are referring to intercourse as opposed to self-stimulation? Kinsey reported that many women could bring themselves to orgasm in less than 4 minutes with intercourse orgasms taking longer.

    • Hi there
      Yes, you might be right. Many people naturally become quite the expert at bringing themselves to orgasm when alone, if they want to. Not everyone, of course, but it’s not unreasonable to think some women, and men, can come quicker alone than with sex.


  7. Great article and tips! Always wondered why my girl didn’t like me to continue after the big O. I always thought I was being a gent by carrying on. Maybe next time I’ll give her a break before treating her to more…

      • I find this depends on the woman, so, if I can tell she had the first orgasm, I’ll lighten the pressure and ask if she’s too sensitive. I had one that couldn’t be touched for a minute or so, so, I’d move to her thighs and slowly come back and read her body, but I also had one woman that was perfectly fine with me staying engaged, said she wasn’t too sensitive, so, I kept going. I’d say always read body language, if it seems they are trying to crawl away, probably need to give them a rest :-).

        • Hi JD
          You’re absolutely right! I think my advice about giving some time is probably suited to the majority, and a good rule of thumb if you’re not sure what to do. But if you think your partner is good to keep going, then sure, why not!

  8. Thanks for this enlightening article, really appreciate it. I’ve been trying really hard to give my lady more Os recently, but probably didn’t give them a good break. I just carry on with oral, which usually results in them stopping me. Now I know why!

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