Jamaican Stone – Is The Strength Worth The Danger?

photo of 3 pieces of jamaican stone

Jamaican Stone is one of the more unusual ways to boost your sexual stamina that I’ve tried.

And not only is it supposed to help men last longer, but it’s often advertised as giving stronger erections too.

As with so many things in life though, the phrase ‘too good to be true’ might have to apply in this case.

It’s now banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is because someone died from eating it, and the ingredients have been found by researchers to be potentially dangerous.

Having said that, it’s still a popular product in some communities, with many guys saying it works very well – as long as you use it carefully.

So in this Jamaican Stone review, you’ll find all the important information you need to know if you’re thinking about trying it.

What is it?

Jamaican Stone is sold as a natural sexual performance enhancer. It’s said to be harvested from the tree sap of a tree native to Jamaica and some other Caribbean Islands.

It’s then molded into the stone from which you can see in the image above. The standard size is between 0.5 and 1 inches.

It’s also known as Jamaican Black Stone due to the color of the finished product, although it’s possible to find it in other forms, such as drops or gels.

Strangely, nobody seems to know the name of the tree it comes from. It doesn’t say on the packet, and no supplier website mentions the name.

And here’s the worrying part – after it caused a death, it was reported that some versions contain toad venom from the Bufo genus.

Apparently, both the toad venom and the tree sap contain chemicals known as bufadienolides, which can disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart. So no matter where it comes from, it doesn’t exactly seem the safest option.

How to use Jamaican stone

  • Apply a couple of drops of water onto one surface of the stone.
  • Rub the water on the stone in a circular motion until it turns into a milky colored liquid.
  • Gently rub that liquid onto the sensitive parts of your penis. Concentrate on the head as this has the most sensitive nerve endings.
  • You’ll need to test exactly how long you need to wait before having sex. It could be anything from 10 to 30 minutes, so some experimenting is needed.
  • Before you have sex wash off any excess liquid with some mild soap.
  • Dry the stone and store it. It can last for several months if you care for it properly.

My experience

There have been no official studies or scientific research done on the effectiveness of Jamaica stone for premature ejaculation, so I was a little in the dark when testing it.

I ordered it online and it arrived a week later in an unmarked packet. I followed the instructions above, though didn’t get it quite right the first time.

A common problem with desensitizing products is working out how much you need. Apply more than you need to, and you risk numbing yourself too much; too little and it won’t work.

I had an unpleasantly hot sensation which took around 15 minutes to subside after washing it off thoroughly. And it probably took another 30 minutes for the tingling sensation to go away completely.

The second time, I was more careful and just rubbed a couple of small drops on. This time there was still a hot tingling sensation, which again took a while to subside, but it was more tolerable.

It seems to take about 10 minutes to have a noticeable effect, but 20 to be at the maximum desensitizing potential.

The numbing effect was definitely effective, and there’s no doubt that using Jamaican Stone allowed me to have sex for longer. However, it wasn’t as long as the 4 hours some sellers claim.

Did it have the other effect of giving me a stronger, harder erection? Well, no not really – at least not as far as I could tell. Maybe that part is a marketing gimmick, or maybe it just didn’t work on this occasion.

The numbing did last for several hours, which was a record in comparison to all other delay products I’ve tried, which wear off in around an hour on average.

Possible issues and side effects

  • The main side effect is the burning sensation if you put too much on.
  • Even when you get the amount right, you still have to put up with a hot tingling sensation.
  • It’s not a good idea to use Jamaican Stone during oral sex because the taste is strong and unpleasant.
  • The numbing sensation is strong, so could reduce the pleasure of sex.
  • The risk of serious harm – see the following section.

Death reported in the news

jamaican black stone

In 2008, many US news outlets, such as time.com, reported that the New York health department was warning people not to use Jamaican Stone. This was apparently because a man died after eating it.

The warning also reported that similar versions were behind poisonings and deaths in the 1990s. Obviously, it’s not meant to be eaten, but they do further warn that even applying it to the skin can be harmful.

Maybe that explains the burning sensation I experienced.

Update – some clarity regarding the ingredients

In 2017, Spanish researchers undertook a rigorous scientific analysis of Jamaican Stone to identify the exact ingredients.

They concluded that it has toxic ingredients and described it as a ‘dangerous aphrodisiac’. You can read their full research article here.

Problems buying online

Following all the comments from readers asking where they can get it, I decided to do some research into the online sellers.

I encountered one problem after another, mainly with security warnings about the websites and payment systems with low review ratings.

So I’d be very cautious about buying it online if I were you.


There are alternatives which don’t present the same problems as Jamaican Stone.

So if you’re interested in trying a desensitizing product, I recommend taking a look at my overview of different desentizing sprays.

348 thoughts on “Jamaican Stone – Is The Strength Worth The Danger?”

  1. Btw china brush and jamaica stone..which makes you last longer i.e 30 minutes and above.

    1. Hi 4tizo

      I think the only possible way of knowing that is by trying both. You may find one doesn’t work for you, in which case the answer is simple. Guys seem to react differently to these products a lot, so it’s up to you to experiment. But in terms of what they claim, Jamaican stone claims to last longer. But who knows…


  2. I had I terrible experience with it..I use the stone but failed to follow the instructions…I didn’t wash it off..after some time I felt serious burns.I later washed it but when when I woke up from bed I found a painful cut on my penis.

    1. Hi Jonson

      Sorry to hear that – it sounds very painful! Did it heal eventually? It definitely highlights the importance of following the instructions for this, or any other delay product.

      Wishing you well if this was a recent incident…

  3. I’m confused… why Steve got me hooked to his name and not his comments lolz

  4. Alex Oz II

    Prof. Ethan Green, thanks for your helpful review that got me well informed and so educated just now. U are the first person making me hear of the Jamaican Stone for the first time in my entire twenty five years of living.
    Am very glad and I love just everything about your review.
    I would try it pretty soon and also give my share of experience to you.
    Thanks thanks and keep the good work.

    1. Hi Alex Oz II

      Thank you for the comment, and for the compliments. I’m very happy you found the review useful. It would be great to hear from you once you’ve tried it, so please do come back and tell me, and other readers if it worked well or not.

  5. Hi Ethan

    i stumbled onto your blog after looking online for “herbal, natural” delay sprays.

    I found a jamaican stone that comes in spray form, but after your review I may ‘delay’ :) using it .

    But I found this delay spray called Optimale delay spray by Doc Johnson (not a plug, I promise). It says on the site that its ‘naturally derived’

    Have you tried this? Is it better than Stud delay spray?

    Any info would be helpful


    1. Hi Harvey,

      Thanks for your comment, and I understand wanting to think twice about Jamaican Stone.

      I think the Doc Johnson Optimale spray is a new one. I can’t see any reviews for it on any of the major sex product websites even though it’s listed on a few.
      Interestingly on their website they don’t list the ingredients. But on the Adam And Eve website they do, which are: Lidocaine, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Ethoxydiglycol, Idopropnyl Butylcarbamate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, Water (Aqua).
      Lidocaine is not something which is naturally derived, and is in the majority of delay sprays, so I think they are alluding to one or two of the other ingredients. It seems a bit of a marketing thing to me. I might give it a go at some point, but there are so many new ones popping up all the time, to be honest I can’t face trying them all!!

      1. Hi Ethan and Harvey,

        I stumbled on this article looking for more info on the Jamaican Stone after a client told me about it (I’m a saleswoman and buyer for an erotic boutique in Montreal, Canada). For the OptiMale spray I can tell you Lidocaine is the active ingredient, same as with the Stud 100, if the concentration is more than 9.6% (the concentration of the Stud 100) then yes in theory it should work faster and last longer, if not then probably not. Don’t be fooled by marketing schemes, every brand of sexual enhancement products will tell you what they think you want to hear to make you buy their product over that of the competition (and there is a LOT of competition). I’ve learned this in my many years doing this job, forget what they tell you (besides what it’s for of course) and focus on what makes the product work. Lidocaine is a numbing agent which absorbs into the blood stream, this allows it to be more effective and last for longer periods, compared to a Benzocaine based product (same stuff they use in Orajel). A few things to be mindful of with Lidocaine based products: if you have any issues that revolve around the heart or the blood, do not use it. You must wash it off after 15mins max to avoid numbing your partner. And finally, if you are trying to get pregnant, if your partner is pregnant, or nursing, do not use it! Even after washing, the product has entered your skin and blood stream, washing will only remove the product from the surface and avoid transferring numbness, but it can still absorb into her blood stream through contact.
        Good luck guys, hope my info helped you, be safe and have fun :) I just wish I could find more info on the ingredients in Jamaican Stone :/ would be good to know if its been banned by Health Canada as well as the FDA as mentioned in your article.
        Sammy G

        1. Hi Sammy

          Thanks for you comment, and the useful information about Lidocaine, which is of course the main ingredient in a huge number of desensitizing products. (Just for the record of anyone reading though, Jamaican Stone doesn’t contain Lidocaine).

          You’re right of course about marketing, and it’s the case for most products whether in the sexuality industry or any other!

          I can’t help you on the Canadian question I’m afraid, but if you do find out, please pop back and let us know if you have a minute.


  6. SirTapout


    I’ve used the stone for years with no ill effects, with the exception of using too much or not washing it completely off. I mainly use it when a “thrashing” is called for. But everyone’s body reacts differently to different products, so what some can tolerate, others can’t.

    The store I used to get it from changed ownership and it is no longer available locally so I’ve been trying to find a reputable vendor online or within a not too distant drive.

    I hope that you get a chance to test it again with better results. And as for the erection, no, it will not be physically longer or larger. Personally, depending on who I’m with and the state of arousal generally dictates the amount of swelling that takes place. I’ve gone 4-6 hours easily without climaxing which is great for making sure your partner is satisfied.

    Again, hopefully you will get another chance to use it with better test results.

    1. Hi SirTapout,

      Thanks for your comment – it’s good to hear from someone who has had a positive experience. It’s interesting that you found it helps delay climax, but isn’t so effective on the longer or larger erection front. I think your comment about it depending on the person is very true, and something I try to remember when writing reviews.
      I will try it again possibly in the future, but don’t have any plans to just yet!

  7. Hello, pls I will like to know this from u. My question is does the use of Jamaican stone affect ur semens negatively. Am asking this because I got married not long ago and am using it, and it works perfectly but my fear is that it may affect my semen and maybe I may not be able to produce babies?

    1. Hi Ben,

      I haven’t heard of it having a negative effect on semen, though I don’t know how many tests have been done on the long-term safety of using it. But as far as I’m aware, you should be ok.


  8. powerstone

    the stone is the best performance enhancer ever. I’ve been using it for years the thing is it’s for the living not the dead so dont expect resurrection …

    1. Hi Powerstone,

      Thanks for the comment. Can I ask, if you’ve been using it happily for years, what brought you along to read a review of it? I’m always curious when people do that. Was there something in particular you wanted to know about?


  9. Hegir Takarima

    I tried using Jamaican stone and followed diligently the instructions on how to use it. I noticed a warm-like tingling sensation at the head (glans penis) where i applied it but at the same time a ‘redness’ at the exact area where it was put on, and that’s even after I washed it off, just less than 3 minutes after applying it. The redness gradually disappeared after 2-3 days, but now (it’s already 3 weeks since then) there’a dark discoloration and wrinkling at the exact spot where it was applied. BTW, I only used it once and never again, I threw away the ‘stone’ after that incident. What happened? Is this discoloration on the glans penis that has not disappeared for 3 weeks now a cause for concern? Thanks.

    1. Hi Hegir Takarima

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your story. I am sorry to hear that it is an unpleasant story though. To be perfectly honest, I really don’t know how much of a concern it should be that there is discoloration and wrinkling as you describe it. I imagine it’s possible that it could improve naturally with time, but then again I am just guessing from what I have read on other websites and my own experience.
      Personally, if it was me, I would get it checked out by a doctor just to be absolutely sure that there is no permanent damage, and of course to get some advice on something which might help it return to normal.
      I hope it does get better, and please come back and let me and other readers know what happened. That would be really useful.
      Thanks and all the best

  10. strap benz

    Hi I heard that its the best delay product out there ..how do u get it quicky?

    1. Hi ‘strap benz’
      There are many online sellers, so just search for one in your country, or that ships to your country. Where exactly did you hear that it’s the best delay product?

  11. Hello lovely people, pls am writing from Ghana, I have use the Jamaican stone lot of occasion and it work perfect for about a year back and it got finish, but recently I got a new one which I was using and just last week I used it and went in to flatline. Pls asking should I stop using it or even as am in the flatline I can still use it. I will be getting married very soon and I don’t even know what to do know.
    Pls advise me on it pls.

    1. Hi Ben
      Thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear you’ve had problems with Jamaican Stone. Can you clarify what you mean by ‘flatline’ please?

  12. Thanks for these review guys really appreciate it. Wanting to try it for a while now just wanted some good feedback. Just one question though to Ethan Green, seeing it’s your article, and don’t get me wrong I really do appreciate the article. Is your verdict still to stay away from Jamaican Stone? Seeing now that the crucial issue was on how it is being used and not the product it self. Mark you, that even LongLove condoms can give you a horrible experience.

    1. Hi BG

      Thanks for your comment. As it goes, I’ve received a few emails following this article, mostly from people who I either know, or suspect, are Jamaican Stone sellers and understandably aren’t very happy with my article. I am still planning to update the article with some of the better and more trustworthy information I’ve received, but just haven’t had the time unfortunately. The main gist seems to be that – as you point out – incorrect use or bad luck causes more problems rather than it being dangerous per se.
      I don’t really want to say you should go ahead and try it, as my personal experience wasn’t that great. But I think if you really want to give it a go, then it’s your responsibility to make sure you follow the instructions carefully, and perhaps start with a very small amount and go from there.
      If you do try it, then it would be great if you came back and let me, and other readers, know how you got on.

      1. Hi Ethan,
        I used black stone few years back and I was very pleased with the result. And recently after read ur article I purchase again. Amazon didn’t deliver to Singapore so I purchase from eBay. Few websites are selling from Malaysia and Indonesia and I am very scared to purchase from them as they famous in sell fake things and cheating. So I purchase from eBay and i am very disapointed. First time I used for 15 mins and it’s didn’t work. 2nd time I apply n wash after 30 mins but result is still same. Big disapointed. I don’t know it’s fake stone or real. Not sure where to get real one .

        1. Hi Shaz,

          Thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear you had a bad experience this time around. I think there are a couple of sellers following this thread, so if they read this maybe they can advise you where to order from to get an original stone sent to Singapore. I will publish the name of a seller if I believe they are legit, but not the link.

  13. Thanks for the detailed review. I’ve been thinking about trying jamaican stone but wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure after reading your article and the other comments lol! but I’m glad to find a good discussion about it anyway.

    1. Hi Ben

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you found the article useful, even if it hasn’t clarified anything for you! But it’s good at any rate to hear different views on something which can be controversial. You’ve also reminded me that I need to look further into Jamaican Stone, so thank to you also:-)

  14. If any readers are interested, Steve has sent me some follow-up information which is very interesting. But it’s going to take some time to work out what on earth is going on in the Jamaican Stone world and report back accurately.

  15. Hi, just an update on the Jamaican stone, I have purchased the stone from two very good sellers over the years and found a new seller on Ebay that’s called (edit out) and they also have a website called (edit out) the stone I got from them was not Jamaican Stone at all but stone that came from Malaysia and been sold as Jamaican Stone. There are a lot of stones out there from different countries and been sold as Jamaican Stone as this it the best stone of them all on the market, if the stones are from other countries like Malaysia or Asia they contain toad vermin which is a poison that the toad lets off when under threat. So if you are thinking of buying this product there are two reputable seller I have purchased from that has the real Jamaican stone in the U.K and they are jamaicanstone.com and jamaican-stone-drops.com these two websites sell the real product and have been around for years which says a lot. I’m not plugging these website or been paid by them, I’m just letting you know where to get the real Jamaican stones in the U.K and not the fake ones.

    1. Hi Steve

      To be honest I’m not sure that you aren’t plugging them! I removed the names of the website and ebay seller you claim are not selling the authentic product. If you can provide some evidence – perhaps by email or here on the comments – then I will consider replacing the names to warn other guys. But I don’t want to publish this until I can see for myself that they are not reputable sellers.

      I think it’s helpful that you are advising guys that they need to be careful where they get Jamaican Stone from if they are thinking of buying it. And I do agree that the two sellers you mention are reputable, at least in terms of authenticity. I just don’t know about the two you say are not. So assuming you’re keeping an eye on these comments, please feel free to back up your claims further.



  16. The ladies man

    I’ve tried this – the first time I did it wrong, only had it on for five to seven minutes, washed it off and lasted for four hours. And the last time I tried it on I did it correct and didn’t come because of the situation, but my ex loved it – first time I didn’t come with her. Bro it felt amazing to tell her “you sure you can’t take no more?” lol.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience of Jamaican Stone. I’m glad you’ve obviously found something which works well for you – that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. And I can well imagine how happy you were to be able to ask her that!

  17. I agree with Steve. It is the best male enhancement product I have ever used…

  18. Hi just read your report on the Jamaican stone and the information you have put is incorrect. The most off putting part of your report is the burning effect, so i will clear this matter up for you and all other readers.

    If you get the burning effect it is simply because you have used too much or you have left it on too long so even if you have wash it off THOROUGHLY the burning effect will remain for a matter of time.
    Once you have applied the right amount and washed it off you will not get the burning effect.

    You can also have oral sex with this product because you should have washed of any residue of the stone in the beginning.

    When using the Jamaican Stone its best to start of with very little and leave for the max time of 20 minutes and see how the penis head feels, if it is still not numb enough simply apply a little more then wash off again after 5 mins and so on until you get the numbness you desire.

    The Jamaican stone is a great product once you know what you are doing with it.
    Even after sex you can still feel the product working so its great if you want to have sex more than once or if you have the stamina to go for 4 hrs this product will outlast the user.

    This product does give a harder stronger erection when used.
    I hope this clears up the most of putting comments in your report which is the burning effect.

    1. Hi Steve

      Thank for taking the time to comment and add your own view on Jamaican Stone. However, the information I have put is not incorrect because it is about my personal experience with it.

      If you notice I do admit that I used too much at first, which is what I think you are really trying to say. And I also go on to say that the burning sensation exists if you put too much on. Though in my experience there was still a tingling even when I used less.

      It’s clear that you’ve had good results from using it and are keen to promote it, and it’s good to hear that from someone. I’m sure other readers will appreciate the balance that your view brings to the article.


    2. Hi steve I had used the jamaican stone follows the instruction that step by step the product mentioned.
      A well my penis getting red and numbness, wait for the time and as result…it does not erect and strong for my couple penetration it is embarrassing for me. I have tried for 3 hours and nothing happens.
      What can I do?
      What is your recommendation?
      Does sexual stone work under stimulation or without it?
      I have 45 year old.
      Please let me know.

      1. Hi George,

        Thanks for your comment. It may be that Jamaican Stone just isn’t quite right for you. If you can’t get an erection with it, and your penis is red, then that doesn’t sound right. Perhaps you put too much on, even if you did try to follow the instructions. Maybe try a different delay product.

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