The Penis Enlargement Bible Review

penis enlargement bible ebook The Penis Enlargement Bible would probably win the top prize for most bizarrely named sex product.

It might also win a prize for being the most complex, and potentially risky, approach to penis enlargement, as I’ll be explaining in this review.

When you read the contents and first few pages you realize the author, John Collins, has decided to take on a whole world of men’s sexual issues – not just penis growth.

There are sections on improving premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation volume and penis deformities. He claims the method will improve your overall health too, even hinting that it can help you with aging.

All in less than 100 pages!

The method

The method seems to consist of two core principles. First, you need to increase the number of biochemicals in your body which promote the natural growth similar to when you were in puberty.

Secondly, there are natural stretching exercises you can do which will then directly encourage penis growth.

In theory, the method sounds great. However, when you see all the different supplements you need to take, the alarm bells start ringing.

In fact, he even warns that the hormones you’re trying to increase can have side effects such as baldness, prostate enlargement, and premature ejaculation.

You’re told which supplements and food are needed to stop those problems from occurring, but it’s still rather worrying and an unexpected complication.

On the plus side, the penis exercise section itself is very thorough, with lots of easy to understand exercises. There are exercises for warming up and down, followed by 4 or 5 of both stretching and jelqing exercises.

Then there are 3 advanced stretching and 4 advanced jelqing exercises. And once those are explained, there’s a progressive 10+ week training program laid out for you.

After the program, there are sections on which Chinese herbs and supplements can improve your sexual functioning. And finally, reference tables explaining which supplements and food to take for the program, and exactly how much you can safely take.


  • If you’re a fan of supplements, it has a thorough guide to them.
  • The stretching exercises are well explained and easy to follow.
  • The supplements have the potential to increase your sexual performance in various different ways.


  • There are serious risks that come with some of the supplements recommended in the guide.
  • You’re not told about the supplements until after paying for the guide. So you might not be able to find them all in your region.
  • The concept of taking more supplements to negate the effects of the first round of supplements is off-putting to me.


The concept behind the Penis Enlargement Bible appears very clever. I tried some of the supplements for just a week to see what would happen, and did notice an increase in my erection strength.

No difference to penis size, but that would take longer than a week.

I tried the stretching exercises in this guide as part of a 3 month experiment I did to test the exercises from this guide and a couple of others. But I had no noticeable gains in penis size at the end of that time.

Perhaps if you follow this guide to the letter, taking the supplements too, you might have more luck. To be honest, I just didn’t feel comfortable messing with my hormone levels. So, unfortunately, I can’t comment on how effective the complete program might be in the long run.


Penis enlargement is understandably something that many guys are interested in, but there’s little evidence to support the effectiveness of the various suggested methods.

There are, however, some simple ways to make your penis appear bigger to yourself and others. To find out more about those, you might find like to read my overview of penis enlargement methods.

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