Penis Enlargement Guide Reviews: Why I Don’t Recommend Them

Penis Enlargement Guides

There are several penis enlargement guides advertised online – usually with enticingly exaggerated claims that you’ll be able to add several inches to your size.

They always make it sound so easy. Just do some stretching exercises in the comfort of your own home and gain an inch or two in a few months.

However, I decided to spend several months practicing the stretching and jelqing techniques repeated in all of the guides – and had no success.

I’ve also investigated the supplements that some guides include as an essential part of the system, and don’t feel I can recommend them based on safety concerns.

What evidence is there stretching and jelqing works?

I’ve tried to find scientific evidence that stretching and jelqing increases penis size, but there just isn’t much.

I imagine it might be in part because of funding and ethics issues, and also because getting volunteers might be difficult.

Some men on forums say the techniques worked for them. But there are just as many saying they didn’t work. And as I said, my own experience has also been that the techniques don’t work.

Men’s Health published an interesting article about Jelqing. They quote a urologist as saying:

The fundamental flaw with jelqing is a poor understanding of penile anatomy by its proponents

Jesse N. Mills, MD via. Men’s Health

Do you really need to increase your size?

Before going ahead with one of these guides, I recommend taking a look at my page about penis size.

You’ll find simple ideas for making your penis appear bigger. And information about penis size in general which is helpful to check out.

Despite the obvious negativity, I still think it’s useful to publish these reviews. I have some specific warnings about them worth bearing in mind.

Penis Advantage

penis advantage book cover

Update: despite being first on my list, the guide is no longer available. It’s not clear if it was by the owner or the ebook site where it was sold. Below is the original review.

If you’re going to get a guide to stretching, Penis Advantage is one that at the very least doesn’t require supplements.

Some guides surprise you with the need to take supplements alongside the exercises. This one doesn’t though, and everything you need is right there as soon as you access the program.

It contains at least three times as many exercises as the other guides I’ve read, with clear videos using a fake penis showing you how to do them properly.

There’s a clear week by week program to follow, with instructions for doing the exercises safely, which I think is important considering the reputation for potential injury these kind of exercises have.

My main criticisms are that the website looks dated, and the author didn’t reply to my emails. So although the guide is quite comprehensive, it seems there’s no longer a support option.

Overall, if you’re interested in trying to increase your penis size naturally, this guide provides a wide range of exercises, with attention to safety, and there are no additional supplementation surprises.

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The Penis Enlargement Remedy

penis enlargement remedy book cover

The Penis Enlargement Remedy is a guide which I wanted to like. It looks good, is well presented and the theory behind it sounds interesting.

However, I wasn’t impressed to discover the method revolves around a principle that will only work if you buy some recommended supplements.

Essentially, the concept is that you take supplements which encourage cellular growth. And then practise the stretching exercises to hopefully get the growth happening exactly where you want it – in your penis.

If you’re the kind of guy that goes to the gym, then comes back and takes one or two supplements to boost your performance, maybe this will be nothing new to you.

But if you’re looking for purely natural techniques, you might be put off by the experimental approach this guide offers.

I did some research into the techniques, and although the theory seems plausible, there’s no evidence that it will definitely get your penis growing. That doesn’t mean it won’t, just that there’s no scientific backing to the specifics of this method.

On the plus side, I tried the exercises and found them easy to follow and they didn’t do me any harm in the time I tried them.

Finally, if you do decide to hunt down the website where it’s sold, be prepared to watch a very evaggerated sales video. It opens with the line “my wide held a gun to my penis”.

Enough said.

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3. The Penis Enlargement Bible

penis enlargement bible book cover

Yes, the name is ridiculous – let’s get that out of the way first!

The Penis Enlargement Bible takes the idea of using supplements to a whole new level, though not a level I’d personally want to be on.

Like the Penis Enlargement Remedy, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind taking pills and supplements as long as it gets you results, this guide might appeal to you.

Personally, I struggled to understand why the author thinks it’s reasonable to sell you a book, only to hit you with the need to buy a range of supplements once you’ve already handed over your hard-earned cash.

And not only that, but you’re then warned some of the supplements can cause hair loss and premature ejaculation. So to avoid that, you need to take even more supplements.

It’s cases like this that make me happy that, as a reviewer, I can share the hidden pitfalls behind some products.

The positives, to be fair, are that the stretching exercises are well explained and you get a thorough program to follow. And if you have an interest in Chinese herbs, there’s an interesting section about the many different sexual performance enhancers.

On balance though, I don’t recommend this guide unless you’re willing to take some risks with the side effects of heavy supplementation.

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  1. Paul Hamilton

    If you’ve always wanted to extend your manhood, but afraid of surgery, or can’t stand the discomfort of penis accessories – you can try other options such as oils, creams, and pills. Pills, for one, are a fairly convenient enhancer for men.

    1. Hi Paul
      I know pills are the easy solution for many problems. If there was one which actually worked well and was safe, I’d recommend it. But there just isn’t…

  2. Hi Ethan, so basically you don’t advise any pills at all for penis growth? Not one?

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