9 Intense Sex Games for Couples

image of a game of strip poker with cards, wine and clothes on the floor

Are you slowly getting a little bored with your sex life? Ever wondered what else your partner might be up for?

Introducing sex games into the bedroom is an awesome way to spice things up, especially when sex has become a little predictable.

And intimate games can, of course, be enjoyed with a new partner too – as long as they aren’t too shy to get involved!

Whether this is the first time you’re thinking of playing some sex games, or you’ve tried a few and are looking for a bit of inspiration, you should find something new and exciting below.

couple playing an intimate game

Sex games for beginners

If you’ve never played any sex games before, don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of trying something new. A sex game doesn’t have to be difficult or scary.

In fact, there are a ton of games that require little to no preparation at all. Here are my personal recommendations for beginners:

1. Warmer and colder

This is an excellent beginner’s game since it requires no equipment, little discussion, and it’s very simple. It’s funny, a bit sexy, and you can work your way up to the more difficult stuff later.

All you need to do is think of a part of your body, and your partner has to guess what you’re thinking of.

The twist? They aren’t allowed to use words, but can only guess by kissing different body parts until they get it right. You can direct them only with the words ‘warmer’ and ‘colder’. Once they get it right, it’s your turn.

kissing game

2. Strip poker…or strip something!

Strip poker is arguably the king of card-based sex games, especially if you both like poker to start with.

However, it’s not everyone’s favorite game (and who wants to concentrate on remembering the hands when there’s nakedness going on?).

So why not play strip something else – snap, go fish, backgammon, whatever your fave game is. You can make up the strip rules yourself, as well as any forfeits.

Strip poker (or snap, or whatever) isn’t exactly the hottest of sex games, I get it. But it’s a good way to start associating sex with games.

And since it’s such a cliché, most people won’t object to giving it a go. So once you’ve played a bit, it’ll be easier to transition to lesser-known sex games.

3. 30 seconds

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more daring, but still pretty simple, a game I love is 30 seconds. Get yourself a timer, set it for 30 seconds, and lie back.

Your partner has 30 seconds to tease and pleasure you however they wish. You’re not allowed to speak or otherwise give direction. When your 30 seconds is up, you switch places.

Obviously, you’re (probably) not going to get off in 30 seconds, and that’s kind of the point. This game focuses heavily on foreplay, and that’s a good thing. The longer you spend on foreplay during sex normally, the better.

If you’re anything like me though, you’ll only be able to go through three or four rounds of this game before ignoring the timer altogether!

Intermediate level sex games

Tried out the beginner games and ready for more? Or maybe you’re feeling confident and want to start out with something a little more risqué.

The following intermediate games usually require that you know each other a little better…

4. No sex

Wait, the very first game requires no sex at all? Not quite. The point of this game is to try and get your partner to initiate sex, and it’s their job to try and get you to initiate.

You tease, tease, tease until the other person just can’t take it anymore and jumps you, at which point they lose and you win. Except you both win really, since the steady building of desire nearly always results in fantastic sex!

Again, we’re focusing on the foreplay here, and again, anything that promotes longer foreplay is awesome!

Foreplay means more aroused, and more aroused can mean more frequent and more intense orgasms.

How long to play the game for? Well, how long can you hold out for?

5. Light as a feather

photo of an erotic feather
All you’ll need here is a seductive feather, ideally bought from a sex shop and not from the garden – no matter how well you wash it!

Now you need to try and make your partner orgasm using the feather alone. No hands, no tongue and certainly no penis. A good tip is to avoid the genitals for as long as possible and make them beg for it.

This game forces you to go really slow and build up to a climax. It also allows you to find new erogenous zones and new techniques that your partner is going to love.

Don’t worry if you can’t make them reach orgasm with just a feather. You can always add the previous game into the mix to see how long they’re willing to lie there being teased before they snatch the feather and plant a passionate kiss on you.

6. 7 minutes to lift off

image of a sexy woman with clock

The idea behind this one is simple: set a timer for seven minutes, grab you partner, and get busy. You’ve got until the timer beeps to orgasm.

Don’t quite get there? No worries, except you have to take at least a ten minute break before you can try again.

Oh, and you get extra points if you do it in the closet or other enclosed space to make this as much like horny, fumbling youthful sex as possible.

Sex doesn’t always have to be long, and sometimes it’s better when it’s not. This game is all about speed – a hot, dirty and very passionate quickie.

There’s no punishment for not quite getting there, but that enforced ten minute rest period can seem like an eternity.

Advanced sex games

Ready for something a bit more challenging? These games might be better suited to couples that have been together for a while.

7. The amazing race

I have to be honest here and say that this is my favorite sex game of all time. You simply lie side by side and masturbate.

Whoever comes first is the winner and gets to choose him or herself a sexy treat for next time.

I love this game for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it takes the taboo away from mutual masturbation. And frankly, sometimes masturbation is just better than sex – and quicker too!

Plus, it opens up the door to bringing new ideas into the bedroom. If I win, I get to suggest something I want for next time.

So I can tell you that I really want you to spank me or dress up as Superman, or whatever else my heart desires.

8. Let’s pretend

Role play can be a hugely exciting addition to your sex life, but it’s not always so natural to get into it. You’ll need an initial discussion here about what you both want, expect, and what the limits are.

Once you have that discussion, pretending to be something you’re not is hotter than you’d believe. Student and teacher, virgin and seductress, married woman and pool boy, whatever your deepest fantasies are.

A big advantage of role play is that it lets you do things that your normal ‘character’ wouldn’t do. And if you’re trying to bring a bit of oomph back to your sex life, this is a good thing.

Perhaps you don’t normally allow your partner to take control in your normal sex life. But once you’re playing the part of a naive virgin, for example, you might find it takes you to new places that you really enjoy.

And to make it as realistic as possible, do some sexy shopping together. You might be surprised what you can find in a decent online sex shop these days.

photo of a sexy woman holding handcuffs ready for a sex game

9. Fantasy bowl

This is the toughest of them all, since it requires great communication and a lot of trust.

Grab yourself a bowl and some slips of paper and pens. Each of you gets to write down their top fantasies on a slip of paper and put it in the bowl.

Ready for sexy times? Pick a paper out of the bowl and go for it!

This is the ultimate way to bring fantasy into the bedroom. However, you’ll both need to be very open-minded and willing to try things that you might not have considered, or that you might not like.

On the other hand, you could well discover a fantasy or fetish that you never knew you had.

Your games & ideas

Do you have any sex games of your own to add to the list? Or any suggestions for variations or improvements to the games above? Leave a comment below with your ideas!

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