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Sex guides written to help men understand and overcome sex problems and have more satisfying love lives.

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Penis Advantage Review

If you’re interested in trying to increase your penis size naturally, the eBook “Penis Advantage” is one of the better guides to stretching techniques. It’s the only penis...

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The Penis Enlargement Bible Review

“The Penis Enlargement Bible” would probably win the top prize for most bizarrely named sex product. It might also win a prize for being the most complex, and potentially risky, approach...

lasting longer ebook

Lasting Longer Review

Lasting longer was one of the first premature ejaculation self-help manuals, written by the sex therapist Dr Sy Silverberg. At first glance there there’s nothing fancy about the book, with its...

ejaculation master ebook

Ejaculation Master Review

As a premature ejaculation guide, the Ejaculation Master has some good sections, but I ultimately found to be lacking in accuracy. A line from their website illustrates why I wasn’t too...

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Ejaculation By Command Review

Ejaculation by Command is an excellent guide to premature ejaculation which teaches you to last longer during sex using only natural techniques. It gives you all the background information you need...