Tenga Egg Review

tenga eggThe Tenga egg is probably the most unusual men’s sex toy we’ve seen, especially since it doesn’t even look remotely like one.

Despite some raised eyebrows on initial inspection, it actually turned out to be surprisingly good. And that’s important since it’s technically a disposable sex toy. So for $12, it would have to be pretty special for me to recommend it.

In this review, I’ll be taking a peek inside the little Tenga egg to see exactly how it grows into a sex toy, and how it compares to normal realistic sleeves.

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A master class in packing skills

If there was a competition for packing skills, the clever designers at the innovative Japanese sex toy company Tenga would win hands down. It’s truly amazing how much they managed to squeeze into the egg.

Opening it up reveals the super stretchy skin you’ll be using, and inside that a disposable hollow tube containing a pack of Tenga lube and the instructions.

close up photo of the tenga egg

The skin

The skin is a relatively thin and very soft material (TPE) that you slide over the top of your penis, forming a silky sleeve between your hand and your penis.

It’s kind of like putting a large condom on, but much quicker and softer. In the photo below you can see it rolled onto a finger to give an idea of just how stretchy it is.

Even on its own the skin feels great – it’s similar to the classic Tenga Flip-Hole, but it felt even softer because it’s so much more pliable.

image of the tenga egg skin stretched over a finger

A little lube

As per the instructions, I applied the lube to the inside of the sleeve and onto my penis. The Tenga lube isn’t my favorite, as it sometimes gets a bit messy and stringy, but this cooling lube was pretty good.

The good thing about Tenga lube is that it has a way of lasting a very long time before going sticky or drying. So with a disposable toy, there’s more than enough lube in the pack.

Great feeling

When it’s not stretched, the skin looks small – way smaller than the average penis size. But once you slide it on, it stretches all the way down to the base of your penis as you stroke. And it feels fantastic, which I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting.

The combination of ribs on the skin, super soft and stretchy material and slippery lube make it very pleasurable. And I like the fact that you can of course use your hand pressure to change the sensations – something you can’t normally do with standard sex toys.

Although the skin slides over your penis, you still control it by the movement of your hand. Only now your hand has been upgraded to something much more intense and stimulating.

Intensely tingly

The combination of the tingling sensation of the menthol infused lube and intensity of the contours and skin create an extremely sensitive experience. If anything, it’s a little too intense at times. So I imagine if you have a problem with ejaculation control, it’s going to be over very quickly.

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Remember the classic ‘bursting out of the chest’ scene in the Aliens films? That’s the best way I can describe the weird image you’ll see every time your penis head pushes into the end of the sleeve. It’s kind of funny at first, but also a bit odd.

Tenga toys do have a habit of being a bit slurpy, and the Egg is no exception. So depending on just how fast you use it, be prepared for the sound of a sloppy blowjob along with the Alien effect.

I found I had to adjust my finger position sometimes, as the whole thing is quite slippery. It’s not really a major issue, but does mean you can’t just go for it without thinking much.

Really one use only?

It’s supposed to be one use only, but it seemed like it would be easy to clean and was undamaged after I tried it. So I turned it inside out, cleaned it with a sex toy spray, left it to air dry and added some Fleshlight renewing powder (basically corn starch) to see what would happen.

And the next day it was fine to use again. I don’t know if there’s some hygiene factor that Tenga feel is important to make it a disposable sex toy, or if they’d just like you to buy more.

But in my opinion, you could easily get a few uses out of it if you care for it properly, which is what some online adult stores also suggest.


If it really were just one use, for $12 I’d probably say don’t bother – spend a bit more and get a sex toy that will last longer. But if you look after it, I think the compact size, novelty factor and unique experience compared to typical vagina shaped sleeves make it worth considering.

It might also be a good one for larger men who find standard sex toys don’t fit them completely. The Egg can stretch to 12 inches, so you should feel a more complete range of sensations.

Finally, if you’re looking for a sexy present for someone, it’s a nicely packaged toy that provides both a surprise when they work out what it does, and a pleasurable experience once they give it a go.

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