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Hi there! I’m Ethan Green, the creator of this website and writer of most of the articles here. Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I might be able to help improve your love life.

I was born in England, studied psychology in London and then worked in mental health for the best part of a decade.

The advice I give on this site doesn’t come so much from my education or work experience though; it’s based much more on the embarrassing failures and joyous successes of my own love life.

I think personal experience is very important when trying to help others. And when it comes to issues in the bedroom (or wherever else you choose!), there’s no substitute for someone who’s been through those good and bad moments of “what on earth just happened?”

In the beginning

Although it’s since evolved, I initially created Rising Master because of my struggle with premature ejaculation.

It took me a long time to deal with it – partly because I buried my head in the sand for years, but also because it was difficult to find reliable information or something that actually helped.

I’ve now learned a lot about the problem and experimented with a wide range of treatment options. So I think I have a very good understanding of what’s needed to develop good sexual stamina, as well as what’s best avoided.

So if that’s the reason you found this website, hopefully my experience and advice will help you find a safe, effective and lasting solution.

Later on

Although premature ejaculation was the catalyst for Rising Master, I’ve picked up one or two other problems along the way, as well as learning a thing or two about the fairer sex.

I’ve had testicular cancer (I’m all clear now), problems getting an erection, sexual performance anxiety and one or two knocks to my self-confidence because of life’s unexpected curve balls. Considering this unexpected assault on my manhood, fortunately I think I’ve done a good job of dealing with these issues.

Most guys will experience ups and downs during their sexual career, and rarely will anyone perform perfectly every time they have sex. So if you do end up having difficulties at some point, I might be able to point you in the right direction for dealing with them.

And if you’re simply looking for tips to help you become a better lover, I’ll be glad to impart my experience and knowledge in the hope that it’s useful to you.

Thanks to some friends

Although I wrote most of the articles here, I’m lucky enough to have trustworthy friends who help out with some of the topics. I’ve also asked a couple of them to test out some of the products I’ve reviewed to get a second opinion.

Perhaps most important of all are the sex advice articles, written by Karen. Like most women, she has experience of being with guys who are struggling either with specific issues or who just need some clear advice about pleasing women.

When writing her articles, Karen also spoke openly with her friends to get their thoughts. So you really are getting a great insight into the views of women.

Some of it might make you feel like you have a lot to work on. Perhaps not. But don’t miss the opportunity to find out what women really think, feel and want in bed.

A great sex life awaits you

All that remains is to wish you the very best in your journey towards a better love life. Whether you’ve come here looking for advice about a specific problem, or are looking for ways to better satisfy your partner, I hope you find something that helps.

Best wishes,

Reader comments

I’d like to say a big thanks to all the readers who took the time to write such kind and positive comments. They really do help motivate me to keep this website alive and ticking. Here are some of my favorites which, well, just made me feel good!


This is by far the best sex education website I’ve ever come across. Thanks for creating such an educative website.


Thanks for sharing all of these ideas for free, and for all the other helpful articles you’ve written. I’ve read several of your articles now, and am really impressed with the quality and the fact that you try to help guys out so much in the comments. Keep up the good work man!


I have had this problem with every girl and it has been great to read all of your stories and gain a bit of experience for the future, i feel much better knowing I’m not on my own.


I am 29 years old and I have found that I just can’t last very long. For a while now I thought something was wrong with me. But thankfully after seeing your article I have found that I am not alone in this. Thank you for this information and tips/tricks in sexually bettering myself!


So I just want to say thank you for creating this whole forum. It has helped me a tremendous amount just reading all of the articles and life stories. That I now know that this is a beatable problem and I can get back to my glory days. I really appreciate the help that you have giving everyone out here in the world. Thank you for your time and knowledge to help other men get over there issues.


Just discovered this site today.. Great site indeed and great job you’re doing..Ethan. Really helping out. From comments and your diligent responses have already enlightened me on the drugs to try and those not to try.
Thanks and keep it up.


Really great article and website. I think your article and all the comments and replies here are incredibly helpful for a lot a lot of people.Thank you so much for doing this!


The article was very informative and I’m looking forward to trying out a few of the techniques you mentioned. I’m sure this has helped out a lot of guys as it has helped me. Thanks a lot


Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

C L:

WOW!!!! What a night my wife and I just had!! Thanks for the advice, ( like paying attention to other zones ) she went wild. We have been together for some time and I’ve never seen her like that. Your advice and my eagerness to please turned her into an animal. All I can think to say is ,” Thank you” . And WOW!!!


This is the best article ever on PE really…i wish all the guys read this page. Internet is full of bad articles on PE with copy-paste work but this one is magic. Pretty sure the guy has successfully dealt with the problem personally and that is the beauty of it.


Hi I read your review a few weeks ago and decided to try it and just want to say that I found it helps a lot! So me and my girlfriend are both really happy about it:-)


I just read this article and have read the comments, and I want to compliment you on your kindness and open-mindedness with the people asking, keep up the great work!


Great article! I appreciate you sharing your views about these treatments. I have tried a few different things in the past but have some new ideas now. Thanks again:-)


Great stuff! thanks for the article…I’d like to think I’m pretty alright under the covers, but I feel as though these tips will really make a difference and make a good night into a great one! thank you


Thank you very much for this advice. I have had this problem with my boyfriend but, we already practice a lot lot of these techniques. I also will take the advice of having more sex because we only do it about once or twice a week. Thank you again


Thank you. I’ve spent hours looking for good information on PE and finally something concrete and not a total sales pitch! Bless you!


Hey Ethan, So i just read this and to be honest, thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo on the article.


This is such a useful article and so much clearer than anything I’ve seen before on reverse kegels.


Thanks for the honest review.


Great article, yeah reverse kegels are very confusing..but your article is the best from my point of view…


Thanks for taking out time to help out with this issue. I am very grateful to you.


I learned a lot following threads on the net and applying everything (trial and error) that seemed reasonable and good for me, so I wanted to thank you personally for adding another valuable piece to the mosaic for all of those who are still searching and learning…


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Thanks for the guides they are very in depth and helpful in an area that is rather confusing.


I have been really avoiding the ol “bird’s & the bee’s” talk with my son, and I am actually glad to have stumbled across this article… I know very well that kids are learning things way earlier than us parents want to admit, and I am glad that at least the information contained herein is very informative…it’s great to see young people have a place to go to get some answers to the questions they have, without the embarrassing conversation with a parent!


Hey your website was very helpful thank you!


Hey, Ethan, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me and everybody who reads this article out. You’re a nice guy. Thanks again.


Stumbled upon your website over a year back. Just recently been reading the information again. Your information on reverse kegels is excellent…This web site deserves kudos. Thanks and blessings to you, Ethan.


First of all thank you very much for posting this article and continuing to offer advice to all the men that have been tragically impacted by this embarrassing issue!


I really appreciate the article. This is one of the most helpful articles I’ve read about the Stop and Start method.


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This article is so rich and educative. I have various articles and they are like ‘bits’ but yours is whole. Thumbsup. Positions, kegel, breathing, etc are all superb. It’s working for me and helping me to last longer.


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I really appreciate this article because I am nearing an age where I possibly might be wanting to be able to control my orgasms. This article has also taught me a lot about average sizes and what to do and what not to do.


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