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Stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed

Whether you suffer from severe premature ejaculation, or just want to improve your sexual stamina, you’ll find plenty of advice about the different ways to stop premature ejaculation.

And if you want something that will help right away, you can check out the two most popular reviews:

My recommended sexual stamina guides

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Deal with erection problems

If you have problems with getting or maintaining erections, there are two articles you might find particularly useful.

In my recent review of Viagra, I describe in detail what happened when I took it. And I also discuss some of the reasons you might experience erectile dysfunction with a new partner.

Penis size worries

Many guys worry about the size of their penis, and understandably want ways to increase it if they aren’t happy. This is a controversial topic though because of concerns around safety and effectiveness.

So if this is something that’s important to you, you might find my overview of the different approaches to enlargement helpful. You’ll also find advice about what’s considered normal and how you can make it look bigger.

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New ways to satisfy your partner in bed

Sometimes the best person to give a guy some advice about his technique in bed is a woman. Here you’ll find some useful and eye-opening articles written by a woman with guys in mind.

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