The 10 Best Delay Sprays

image of the delays sprays I used in this review on my living room table

If you have difficulty controlling when you ejaculate during sex, delay sprays can be a great way to increase your lasting time.

I personally had good results from using them back when I was really struggling with premature ejaculation. I liked the fact that you can get them discreetly without a prescription, and that they work without much effort on your part.

These are some of the main reasons why I think it’s a good idea to try one:

  • It can help you last longer by reducing the physical sensitivity during sex.
  • It’s an easy and immediate way to stop premature ejaculation.
  • You can apply it quickly and subtly just before having sex.
  • It can improve your confidence when having sex.

It’s important to understand that even the best delay spray isn’t a permanent cure for premature ejaculation. I’ll talk about more long-term options at the end of this review.

But if you want something that can help you right away, this is an easy and effective option to consider.

1) Promescent

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10%

Application: metered pump spray

promescent delay sprayIn my experience, Promescent is the best delay spray currently available; it ticks every box in terms of effectiveness, reliability and lack of side effects. It’s also one of very few that are approved by the FDA.

At a time in my life when I was struggling a lot with premature ejaculation, I found it enabled me to last between 10 and 20 minutes on average. This was a notable improvement from the usual 1 to 5 minutes.

It has a unique design in that the spray is absorbed quickly by the skin to numb the sensitivity, but doesn’t reduce your erection strength or stop you enjoying sex.

This absorption action also means it doesn’t transfer to your partner like many others do, and can be applied just 10 minutes before having sex. It can also be used with oral sex, and with or without a condom.

Importantly, I experienced no side effects like tingling, which is sometimes an issue with numbing sprays. So considering the improved control that it gave me and the lack of side effects, this is a delay spray that I highly recommend trying at least once.

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2) Stud 100

Ingredients: Lidocaine 9.6%

Application: Metered pump spray

image of stud 100 sprayThe best low-price delay spray I’ve found is Stud 100. It helped me last several minutes longer, was easy to use, and like Promescent has a metered pump so you can apply the same amount each time.

The main problem is that it’s somewhat unpredictable. Nearly all of the lidocaine sprays I’ve tried have a similar problem of getting the dose right. So they either appear to do nothing or numb you too much until you find the exact quantity that works for you.

On the plus side it’s fast acting, gave me no side effects like tingling and it didn’t transfer to my partner. And like Promescent it’s FDA approved and can be used with oral sex.

I do think Promescent is a better product on the whole, but considering the low price, Stud 100 is one of the better delay sprays to try.

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3) Super Dragon 6000

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10% & vitamin E

Application: Spray bottle

Super dragon 6000 is a good desensitizing spray, with the main plus points being that it’s strong and fast-acting. It also has a very cool name, which makes it more acceptable to use!

The strength comes from the fact that 10% is the highest percentage of lidocaine permitted in over the counter desensitizing sprays.

It’s also one of the best delay spray in terms of how soon before sex you can apply it – literally just 5 minutes if you can’t wait. However, they do say you should wait 20 minutes and spray again for the best results.

It does seem to work effectively, helping me last at least 10 minutes longer during testing. On the downside, like other lidocaine sprays you may find it too strong until you get the dose right. It’s also not advised to use it if engaging in oral sex.

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4) Viga 50000

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10% & vitamin E

Application: Spray bottle

image of viga 50000 delay sprayIt seems there’s a competition in the delay spray world to see who can come up with the coolest name and large number combo. Viga 50000 might not win the name part, but it definitely gets top spot for ridiculously large number.

As well as going one up on Super Dragon in the zeros department, it also has exactly the same ingredients as far as I can tell.

The lidocaine definitely does the trick – 1 spray and you’ll probably start to feel numb, but with some sensation still during sex. 2 or more sprays and you won’t feel much at all, resulting either in erection problems or the longest sex session you ever had.

There is a faint smell, as is the case with most desensitizing sprays, but it’s not that strong. It takes action fast, so you’ll be ready to go after just 5 to 10 minutes as long as you wash it off after spraying.

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5) Shibari Triton

Ingredients: Lidocaine 10%

Application: Spray bottle

shibari triton desensitizing sprayAs you’ve probably worked out by now, I do like the names they come up with for delay sprays, and Shibari Triton is probably my favorite.

As well as sounding like a ninja robot, Shibari is actually the Japanese art of rope bondage. You learn something new every day!

Like many delay sprays, it contains the familiar 10% lidocaine mix. And considering it’s pretty much a clone of other lidocaine sprays, it also has same problem of being a bit hit or miss.

The instructions tell you to apply 3 sprays, but in my experience just 2 was enough to numb me. I did find it helped me last longer, but I also noticed a bit of a tingling feeling.

That’s not uncommon with lidocaine sprays, and you’ll probably get it with most sprays if you put too much on to be fair.

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6) Adam And Eve Marathon Delay Spray

Ingredients: Benzocaine

Application: Spray can

adam and eve delay sprayAdam & Eve Marathon delay spray is the only spray on the list which uses benzocaine instead of Lidocaine, which is useful if you have an allergy to Lidocaine.

The good points are that it’s strong and fast acting. And unlike the problems I’ve had using some benzocaine creams, the spray makes it a little easier to get the right amount.

They say it works in 5 minutes, but I found a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes was more realistic. Once on, it definitely helps delay ejaculation with the strong benzocaine formula.

On the negative side I don’t know why they market it as a product which gives stronger erections and delays orgasm. There’s nothing I can see in the ingredients which would give you stronger erections.

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7) Doc Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream

Ingredients: 7.5% Benzocaine

Application: Cream

doc johnson delay creamDoc Johnson have created various versions of delay sprays and creams over the years, with Power Plus being the most commonly found one.

The cream is quite a strong benzocaine mix, and being a cream you need to be careful to work out how much to apply each time.

That’s why I generally prefer desensitizing sprays because once you know how many sprays you need, you just repeat it. But with creams like this, a little too much and you’ll be numbed more than walking naked on Antarctica.

If you do get the amount right, then you should find it numbs you well, and that you last much longer. And because it’s strong, it’s particularly useful for guys with severe premature ejaculation.

But the downside is that you can easily put too much on and then either kill the pleasure of sex, or worse still, lose your erection.

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8) Tauro Extra Power Delay Spray For Men

Ingredients: Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Hedera Helix Extract and Chamomilla Recutita Extract

Application: Spray can

tauro delay sprayTauro is probably the second best delay spray I’ve found if you don’t like using pharmaceutical anesthetics and are keen to try something more natural.

I’m not entirely sure where they got the idea for throwing together those particular ingredients, but it does seem to work reasonably well.

I found it helped me last a few minutes extra though was quite unpredictable, was easy to use, wasn’t messy and didn’t bring about any tingling at all.

On the downside you need to apply it 30-45 minutes before sex. So it’s not exactly a good spur of the moment product to discreetly apply.

It’s also quite expensive, so I’m hesitant to recommend it unless you want to avoid lidocaine or benzocaine and don’t mind the wait time.

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9) Jamaican Stone

Ingredients: sap from a Caribbean tree.

Application: Apply water to the stone and rub the resulting liquid in with a finger.

Jamaican StoneJamaican Stone is an unusual and potentially dangerous product. However, it’s still very popular in some countries because if you get it right it can be very effective.

If you don’t get the amount right, however, you could be in for some problems. I found it can result in an unpleasant burning sensation which can take hours to subside.

The FDA have banned it after a man died from eating it (don’t ask me why he did that). And some rumors online suggest that other people have had serious problems using it.

It’s marketed as also helping you have better erections. I didn’t find it did when I tried it, but then again, lots of guys have said in comments in the review that it works well.

Note that I don’t recommend where to buy it from because I just don’t think it’s a safe product, especially when their are others which work well and aren’t so risky.

Note: I choose note to recommend any particular website to buy this from. However, if you search online you’ll find several that sell it.

Jamaican Stone review


10) China Brush

Ingredients: Chinese herbs – cinnamon, Korean ginseng, gallstone, aloe vera and clove.

Application: a liquid solution with a brush to apply it with.

China BrushChina Brush is promoted as being an ancient, all-natural formula that men in Asia have been using for years.

It’s definitely effective, and should extend your love making by more than just a couple of minutes. However, there are two slightly annoying problems.

Firstly, you need to apply it a long time before sex – between 45 and 60 minutes. Secondly, it sometimes produces a tingling sensation which can be quite strong. Once you wash it off it’s not so bad, but until then you have to put up with it.

Overall, China Brush can be great, but the length of time you need to wait makes it unusable in the throws of passion.

I’ve also moved it to the bottom of my top 10 list, not because it isn’t as good as the rest, but because it’s difficult to find the authentic product.

The only reliable online seller I know is Lovehoney. They have separate US, UK and EU sites, but they don’t all always have it. You’d have to check each one to see if it’s in stock.

China Brush review

Recap of the top 3

Here’s a quick recap of my top 3 with links to the full review so you can find out more:

  1. Promescent
  2. Stud 100
  3. Super Dragon

A long-term solution

As I mentioned at the start, although delay sprays can work wonders, they unfortunately can’t cure you. That’s why I also recommend learning to control yourself naturally as well as trying a spray in the short term.

There are plenty of techniques to develop lasting control, and although it can take a bit of time to master them, it’s well worth the effort.

To find out more about this, you might like to check out my view of the best sexual stamina guides.