Jellybean Gold Review: Better Erections & Libido?

photo of the jellybean gold pills I tried

Jellybean Gold is one of an increasing number of male sexual enhancement products. It promises to help your sexual performance by giving you better erections, and increasing your libido.

It’s an interesting one due to the extensive list of ingredients, with a combination of Chinese medicine and Amazonian plants that I haven’t seen before.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll know that I’ve had erection problems in the past few years. So I’m always on the lookout for different ways to deal with that issue.

We also like to test and research products to help readers decide if it’s right for them. With so much controversy in the male enhancement market, and a lack of detailed information, I think it’s important to provide solid information.

So if you are thinking of trying it, hopefully you’ll find what you need in this review.

What is Jellybean Gold?

It’s marketed as a supplement designed to improve sexual performance. At the time of writing, here are some of the claims made on, which is where it’s mainly sold and I got mine from:

Bigger, Thicker, Harder Erections – Rock Solid Longer Lasting Erections. Maximum Energy and performance! One pill delivers IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Top Selling Erection Pill – Fast Acting Formula – Long Lasting Effect. Intensify Pleasure, Sexual Performance – Boost Libido to Maximum Levels

In addition, the box states that it contains ingredients clinically proven to increase testosterone levels in men. So in a nutshell, it looks like the main goals are to give you better erections and increased libido.

It comes in a box with a blister pack of 12 capsules.

Who makes it?

I couldn’t find any information about the company that makes Jellybean Gold. There’s nothing on the box, and no information leaflet included.

On Amazon, the merchant selling it also lists a few other sex related products. But there’s no information about the merchant to be found online either.

So I have no idea who makes it, where it’s manufactured, where the ingredients are sourced, or nobody to contact if you have questions about it.

Unfortunately, this lack of clarity seems to be a growing trend in the male sexual enhancement market. But in the name of experimentation, I still gave it a go!

My experience trying it

I took one capsule with a large glass of water, as instructed. It’s quite a large capsule, so a lot of water helps it go down.

Around 45 minutes later, I noticed a warm tingling sensation in my groin, which I put down to increased blood circulation, based on the ingredients I’d looked into (see below).

I found I was able to get an erection very easily, with minimal stimulation from my partner. It was a good, strong erection too.

We had a fun session, with me maintaining a good erection throughout, and I was definitely feeling hornier than usual. So I was initially quite impressed.

However, about an hour later (now nearly 2 hours after taking it), I noticed a flushed feeling in my face and a mild headache. It’s not a feeling I’ve experienced before, but felt like a combination of the embarrassed red face and the feeling after a heavy gym session.

But that wasn’t the end of the physical side effects: another half an hour later, and I suddenly developed a blocked, stuffy nose. It was like one of my cat allergy attacks, leaving me breathing through my mouth instead. The flushed face and headache were still there too.

The rest of the day was spent in a strange state of having these lingering side effects, whilst admittedly feeling unusually horny!

After about 4 hours, the flushed face disappeared. 7 hours and the stuffed nose cleared up. And I still had a very mild headache when I went to bed that night, only clearing up the next morning.

But during that time, my partner and I had sex 4 times due to me having a higher libido than usual; on a typical day, we might go once or twice, but rarely 4 times nowadays.

And even the next day I felt a little more up for sex than usual, resulting in a further 3 sessions.

So, all in all, I felt that the Jellybean Gold increased my arousal, time between sexual activity, and seemed to help me get and maintain repeatedly good erections.

I wasn’t happy about the side effects though, and probably won’t take it again because of them. But I can imagine if you don’t get any side effects, this would be a tempting product to try more than once.

What do others have to say about it?

Jellybean Gold has a whopping 1000+ reviews on amazon, averaging out at 3.7 stars from 5 at the time of writing this review.

Skimming through them, it seems that there are 3 main views:

  • It works well
  • It does nothing
  • It works well, but gives similar side effects to mine

Strangely, there aren’t many other sex bloggers that have covered it. The only reviews that I found don’t state that they’ve tried it personally.


close up photo of jellybean gold capsules

I opened up a capsule to find a white powder that didn’t have any particular taste when I dabbed it on my tongue.

I’m always keen to find out exactly what goes into the products I test. So I decided to do a little digging around to see which ingredients might be doing what.

Here’s a brief summary of what I found out:


Used extensively in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac, to increase testosterone, and to help with erectile dysfunction. There’s actually plenty of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Ginseng in treating sexual dysfunction.

However, it’s also known to cause side effects and not be advisable for some people to take. Have a look at the Ginseng page if you’re unsure if it’s safe for you.

Deer antler

Deer antler is also reported to increase testosterone, increase blood circulation (thereby helping with erectile dysfunction), and is used by some as an aphrodisiac.

There isn’t much research available about it, but a 2003 study I found reported no difference between men taking it and men with a placebo.

Lock Yang ( Cynomorium stem)

Used in Chinese and Korean medicine to help with erectile dysfunction. There’s limited information about it other than on Chinese medicine and other herbal remedy websites.

Chinese wolfberry (Goji berry)

Used in Chinese medicine to increase sexual desire. I couldn’t find any research backing this up, but there are plenty of anecdotal stories, and articles discussing how it’s thought to increase Human Growth Hormone, leading to bigger erections.

Perhaps this is a berry to eat naturally rather than in capsule form though!

Schisandra Chinensis

Used widely in Chinese medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Muira Puama

A plant that grows in the Amazon jungle, known in Brazil as ‘potency wood’. It’s reported to work as an aphrodisiac, and to help with erection strength and sexual stamina.

Saw Palmetto

A palm tree that grows in the U.S. It’s used by some men to help with prostate swelling and enlargement (BHP), hence the warning on the pack not to take JellyBean without consulting your doctor if you do have prostate problems.

It’s also used by some to help with low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, with a couple of studies backing this up.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Apparently used by the Mayans and Aztecs as an aphrodisiac. Also thought to increase sexual functioning with increased blood flow in the genitals.

A study in 2009 on rats found that it increased the likelihood of having sex more than once, and reduced the time between sexual activity.


An Amazon tree bark used widely as an aphrodisiac by ancient cultures, and by some people living in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru today.

Guarana seed

Again from the jungles of South America, Guarana contains more caffeine than coffee, which is why it’s used in many energy drinks and supplements. It’s used by some to enhance sexual activity, but there’s no research evidence that it works as such.

Grape seed extract

Sometimes marketed as increasing testosterone, but there’s no evidence for it. It’s also suggested that it can help with erection problems by increasing Nitric Oxide production, which therefore increases blood flow.

Who shouldn’t take Jellybean Gold

photo of the jellybean gold instructions on the back of the box

The box comes with some safety warnings, advising that the following groups of people avoid it:

  • People under 18
  • Women who are pregnant, nursing or intending to become pregnant (even though it’s meant for men!)
  • If you have heart issues, such as hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol
  • If you have ‘any other medical issues such as prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. ‘
  • If you’re ‘on any other medications such as MAOI’s or nitrates.’

The last two points are a little confusing. Is it just people who have similar medical issues or medications to those listed? Or is it people with any medical issues or taking medication of any kind, and those are just some examples?

Considering the ambiguity, it’s probably best to ask your own doctor if you do have any health problems or take medication. The safety warnings do go on to say ‘Consult with your physician or healthcare provider to using the product.’

Further safety advice & how to use Jellybean Gold

In addition to the warnings above, you’re also told to only take one tablet every 72 hours. And to take it with a large glass of water around 40 minutes before sexual activity.

Considering the headaches that some men experience when taking it, the water makes sense. I found I drank a lot of water during the 24 hours after taking it in an attempt to reduce the headache I had.


There’s no doubt in my mind that Jellybean Gold is more than just a placebo. It definitely had observable physical effects when I took it, both in terms of improving my erection quality and apparently increasing my libido.

However, there were also some side effects that were more than a little annoying – a stuffed nose, headache and flushed face that stayed with me for many hours.

I’m not a fan of companies that have no information about them at all, especially when it comes to sexual enhancement products like these. At best it means it’s impossible to find out more about the quantities and safety of the ingredients. And at worst, you just don’t know what the ingredients really are.

So all I can say is that in my experience it could help if you have erection or libido problems. But you’ll have to make your own mind up as to whether the potential side effects and lack of transparency outweigh the benefits.

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