K-Y Duration Spray And Gel Review

k-y duration

K-Y Duration, designed to help men with premature ejaculation, is one of the very few delay products that’s made by an established brand.

Many of the delay sprays I’ve bought online over the years have no information about who makes them, and not a lot about the ingredients or safety either.

So it’s a welcome change that the makers of that old classic, K-Y jelly, have entered the premature ejaculation market with their own efforts to help men last longer.

A strong spray and a mild gel version

I bought both the spray and gel version from amazon.com and tested them with my partner. We found the spray was quite strong and worked well with the right dosage. The gel only offered a mild numbing though, so wasn’t nearly as effective.

Rather than writing two separate reviews, I’ll cover both versions in this article. That way, you can see the main differences between them, and the different effects they had for us personally.

Note: the initial packaging seems quite large, but the actual bottles are small, pocket-sized containers.

photo of the k-y duration spray and gel bottles


K-Y Duration spray

  • Lidocaine USP 9.6% (Approximately 10mg per spray)
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • Fragrance
  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Stearic acid

K-Y Duration gel

  • Benzocaine USP 7%
  • Carbomer homopolymer type B
  • Polyethylene glycol

Are they safe to use?

As an over the counter product, K-Y Duration isn’t required to undergo safety tests. However, the company states that they use ingredients passed as safe by the FDA for use during sex. That’s the same situation as other brands like Promescent, Stud 100 and Dynamo.

There are also some useful safety instructions:

  • If your partner is pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a doctor before using
  • Ask a doctor before using the lidocaine spray if you’ve had liver or kidney problems
  • Don’t use if allergic to the ingredients
  • Don’t inhale
  • Don’t use on broken or inflamed skin
  • Don’t apply more than 20 sprays in 24 hours
  • Speak to a doctor or pharmacist first if taking any prescribed drugs
  • If burning, itching or a rash appears, discontinue use

Both bottles also have a child safety lock to prevent any accidents.

Can you use a condom with K-Y Duration?

  • The spray – no
  • The gel – yes as long as it’s a latex condom

How to use K-Y Duration

One of the point I liked about K-Y Duration is that they provide some clear instructions – not something you often find with delay sprays!

Here’s what the instructions tell you:

Spray version

  • Apply 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse
  • Hold bottle upright 2 to 3 inches from the penis
  • Apply 3 or more sprays, not to exceed 10, to the head and shaft of the penis before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor.
  • Rub in as required, and then wipe off any excess with a soft, damp cloth prior to intercourse.
  • Wash product off after intercourse.

Note: they tell you to experiment with the number of sprays required. Personally, I found 3 was too much, and that it was only necessary to rub it into the penis head.

photo of k-y spray held in the hand

Gel version

  • Apply 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse
  • Hold product with slight clearance from the penis and tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle
  • Pump the gel and apply a small amount to the penis head and shaft before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor
  • Rub in as required. Wipe off any excess with a soft, damp cloth before intercourse
  • Allow product to dry
  • Wash product off after intercourse

In this case, I found more was needed for it to work. 3 pumps of gel didn’t do much, and I needed more to feel much effect. So again, you need to work out how much you personally require.

My experience

K-Y Duration spray

As always,  I did a test spray on my forearm first. No problems there, so I applied 3 sprays as per the instructions. I kind of knew it would be too much, but wanted to follow the instructions at least to start with.

And I was right. 10 minutes later, I was totally numb, and getting an erection was virtually impossible with the lack of sensitivity. So I washed it off, and waited until the next day to try again.

The following day, I used just 1 spray and rubbed it into the penis head only. It again numbed me, but not so much this time, and I was able to get an erection with some encouragement from my partner.

I’d given it a good wash so we could test it with oral sex. She could smell that very faint lidocaine smell, and whatever the fragrance is they use, but it was very light. And there was no numbing transference to her mouth during oral, which is an important point.

During sex, I could feel enough pleasure, especially on the shaft where I didn’t use the spray, to enjoy the feeling. The numbing took the sensitivity out of the tip and frenulum, which is where I most need it.

I felt like I had more control with the numbing, and definitely lasted considerably longer than with no desensitizing. Just to be sure, I tried it a couple more times this week, and it worked the same every time.

So all in all, it seemed very similar to the other decent lidocaine sprays I’ve used in the past.


  • Strong
  • Fast-acting (5-15 mins before sex)
  • Easy to use with a measured spray pump
  • Fine for oral
  • No sticky residue


  • Can’t use a condom
  • Has the usual faint lidocaine smell
  • Too much spray will mean erection problems

K-Y duration gel

I’m not usually a fan of gels, as sprays are usually more reliable in terms of applying the same dosage each time. Especially this kind of spray bottle with a metered pump.

But this gel at least comes out with a pump action rather than a tube – so that helps measure the dosage. I also liked that it seems to absorb pretty well when rubbed in, without leaving too much residue.

I tried 1 ‘blob’ of gel first, and after 15 minutes nothing happened. So I added another 3, which seemed to add a little extra numbing. It still didn’t feel like enough though, so I doubled the amount to 6.

Even with 6 squeeze worths of the gel, the numbing effect felt very light – especially compared to the spray. And really, I don’t think it made much difference to my lasting time.

The good thing is that you can use a condom with the gel, and we tried that the next day. But again, it’s hard to know whether the condom, the gel or both made the main difference. But there was some increase in lasting time.

We also tested it with oral, and the smell was even lighter than the spray. Benzocaine seems to have less of a chemical smell than lidocaine in our experience, so that’s one plus in its favor.


  • Fast-acting (5 to 15 mins before sex)
  • Less smell than lidocaine
  • Can use a condom


  • Very light effect when I used it
  • The gel isn’t so easy to repeat the same dosage – only a minor point though really
  • Slightly more residue than the spray


K-Y Duration spray worked well, but the gel didn’t – and that about sums it up really!

As I mentioned earlier, I think the spray is very similar to other good lidocaine products. K-Y have made an effort to ensure the mixture absorbs well, and doesn’t leave a messy residue or smell too strong.

It’s a shame you can’t use it with a condom though, which is where you’d need the gel instead. And then, if you’re similar to me, the effect of the benzocaine might not be strong enough to numb you well.

If you don’t have a preference for lidocaine or benzocaine, it might be worth trying both if you don’t mind spending the money. Otherwise, I’d recommend the spray unless you really don’t want a strong numbing effect.

Where to buy

I’ve seen K-Y Duration in some pharmacies in the United States. You can also get it on all the usual big name websites that sell over the counter medical products. And there are plenty of customer reviews to check out where it’s sold on amazon.com.

6 thoughts on “K-Y Duration Spray And Gel Review”

  1. Stan Roberts

    Personally, I think you are dead-on in that Duration spray is superior to Duration gel. But I think the spray is nothing but a knock off of stud 100. Look at the ingredients of both products, identical. As a life long sufferer of P.E. I have tried all products including SSRI’s. They work but I hate the side effects, out of the OTC products Promescent is in a class by itself. It is not cheap but this is an area I don’t pinch pennies. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Stan
      Thanks for your comment, and for backing up my thoughts on the spray/gel issue. To be honest, many of these lidocaine sprays are very similar – not just K-Y and Stud 100! I also agree that promescent is a good one.

  2. Nice article, thank you Ethan. Keep up the great work with your delay spray reviews – they are always appreciated as I think they are by far the best writeups about these products that I’ve seen!

    1. Hi Hamish
      Thanks for the very kind words. There aren’t any interesting ones left to review right now, but I’ll definitely keep my eye open for more.

  3. Nice review. But why can’t you use a condom with the spray if it’s the same ingredient as other sprays you say you can use a condom with like promescent and stud?

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