How To Use Delay Sprays – Your Questions Answered

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Have you recently bought a delay spray or are thinking of trying one? If so, you might have a few questions about using it correctly.

This is probably one of the most common topics readers ask me about, so in this article I’ll hopefully cover all the questions I’m regularly asked.

And if you’re more interested in general information about them, you might prefer to read my article about the pros and cons of desensitizing sprays.

Not all sprays are the same

I think it’s important to start off by saying that not all delay sprays and creams work the same way. Many are quite similar, but there are often very important differences.

That’s why it’s important to check the instructions they come with, and the manufacturer’s website. There is, of course, a small problem with that in some cases: not all sprays have a dedicated website with instructions.

Unfortunately, you’ll find lots of generic lidocaine sprays for sale online that have limited instructions. That’s why in my opinion it’s better to stick with the brands which have a dedicated team behind them, rather than a generic product with a cool name, but no support.

A standard way to apply a delay spray

photo of three delay sprays

If the spray you’ve bought doesn’t have clear instructions, you have three choices: either try and find instructions, leave it and find a different product, or experiment by following the standard instructions other products give.

You’ll see below that I’ve tied to answer the key questions based on both my personal experience, combined with the information provided by four of the biggest delay spray companies – Promescent, Stud 100, Super dragon 6000 and Adam & Eve.

Most lidocaine and benzocaine sprays will work in a similar way to the four I’ll refer to in this article. However, it’s important to stress that if you follow these instructions for a different product, or one with different ingredients altogether, you do so at your own risk.

1. Start slow

My preference is to start with just 1 spray, so you can check if your skin will tolerate the ingredients. Most people tolerate them fine, but in my opinion if you’re going to spray your penis, it’s worth being cautious.

And if you find that just one or two sprays works for you, the product will last longer and you’ll save money.

This is the advice the four companies give about the number of sprays:

  • Promescent: apply 3 sprays or more, but no more than 10.
  • Stud 100: apply 3 to 5 sprays.
  • Super dragon: apply 2 sprays.
  • Adam & Eve: apply 2 to 5 sprays.

Ideally, you should be able to find the minimum number of sprays that works best for you, and then repeat that number when you next need to. Some guys may need 1, others 5 – you just won’t know until you try the product.

2. Target the right area

You can get conflicting advice on where exactly to spray. I think the best thing is to experiment and spray on the most sensitive parts of your penis, not to just cover it all. If you do, there’s a higher chance you’ll numb yourself too much. That can result in erection loss, or just not enjoying the sex as much.

Here’s what the main companies say:

  • Promescent: the underside of the penis head, and some on the underside of the shaft.
  • Stud 100: the head and shaft of the penis.
  • Super dragon: the head.
  • Adam & Eve: the head and shaft.

Once you’ve sprayed it, gently rub it in until it appears to be absorbed. This shouldn’t take more than 10-20 seconds to achieve, though maybe longer if you rub it into the shaft as well as the head.

And again, with some experimentation, you should be able to find which part of your penis needs targeting, and which you can leave alone.

3. Flaccid or erect?

It doesn’t matter if you apply it when flaccid or erect. It will work equally well, so it’s up to you to decide what works best for you and your partner.

4. How long before sex to spray?

Again, different sprays have different timings. None of them allow you to have sex immediately after spraying though. There’s always a waiting time to make sure it’s absorbed and is working, and also so it doesn’t transfer to your partner.

  • Promescent: 5-10 minutes.
  • Stud 100: 5-10 minutes.
  • Super dragon: 5 minutes.
  • Adam & Eve: 5 minutes.

So you can see that 5-10 minutes is a pretty safe bet if you’re using a lidocaine or benzocaine spray.

5. Do I need to wash it off before sex?

This is probably one of the main areas of confusion, since the companies rarely tell you exactly what they mean by wash off the excess. With a cloth, water, soapy water, straight away, just before sex?

Promescent is unique in that the spray has an absorption technology meaning you don’t need to wipe it off before sex. However, they do recommend wiping it off with a damp cloth before oral sex.

For all the others, here’s what you need to do:

  • Spray and rub it in.
  • Wipe off any excess with a damp cloth or tissue. Even if you can’t see any excess, you might want to give it a wipe anyway.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Wait for the time the instructions recommend. It’s a good time to give your partner some attention while you leave your penis alone for a while.
  • Wash again, if you like, before sex to ensure that there’s no transference.

The washing bit is confusing as no company is totally clear about what to do. Personally, I think it’s good to experiment. I find a quick wipe after rubbing in helps remove any serious excess.

Then a wash or even a shower once the time for absorption has elapsed can help ensure there’s no transference to your partner. The good sprays definitely still work even after a lengthy hot shower in my experience, so there’s no need to worry about the effect not being there.

6. Wash your hands

Very few companies mention this, but those that do say it’s important. You should wash your hands after applying it to make sure you don’t transfer it to your partner, or get it in other sensitive areas such as the eyes.

7. How long will the delay spray last?

This very much depends on the person and the spray. But in my experience, most of them keep you numb for at least an hour.

8. Can you choose to have unprotected sex or use a condom?

This again depends on the spray, so it’s important to check with the manufacturer.

  • Promescent: both are ok.
  • Stud 100: both are ok, use latex condoms.
  • Super dragon: both are ok.
  • Adam & Eve: both are ok – use latex condoms.

9. Can you have oral sex?

Once again, some say yes and others that it’s best to avoid it. The reasons usually being a bad taste or the risk of transference to your partner.

  • Promescent: yes, as long as you wash it off before.
  • Stud 100: yes, but wait up to 15 minutes first.
  • Super dragon: no because the taste might be unpleasant.
  • Adam & Eve: can’t find information about this.

10. Can you use it if you’re trying to get pregnant, or already are pregnant?

Most sprays advise against using them if you’re trying to get pregnant, or if your partner already is pregnant. Here’s a helpful quote from the Promescent website:

lidocaine has not been proven to be safe to use in pregnancy. We recommend to err on the side of caution

The Stud 100 website also says not to use it if your partner is pregnant.

11. How often can you use a spray?

There’s no clear answer to this question, as it will depend on the exact type and quantity of numbing ingredient. Some sprays have instructions about this, but many don’t.

Here are two examples:

  • Promescent: no more than 20 sprays in 24 hours.
  • Fortacin: no more than 9 sprays in 24 hours, with 4 hours between each use.

12. Can you use a delay spray and viagra type drugs together?

As far as I’m aware, there are no safety concerns directly related to mixing desensitizing sprays and medication like viagra. So as long as it’s safe for you to use each one individually, it should be fine to combine them too.

13. Preventing wastage of the spray

A clever trick I got from a reader is to first spray into a small glass. Then you can dip your finger into the liquid formed and rub it into the area you want to on your penis. This can help prevent wastage by the spray missing some of the penis.

The alternative is to spray from close up – 2 to 3 cm away should be fine.

14. What about delay creams?

Although sprays are the most common form of desensitizing product, there are some in cream form. Personally, I’m not a fan of creams, as you can never be sure if you’re using the same amount each time. However, with creams you can follow the same standard guidelines above.

Your thoughts & questions

Do you have any experience with using delay sprays or creams, and have any advice to offer other readers about the best way to use them? Or do you have any questions I haven’t answered here?

And if you found the article helpful, I’d really appreciate a quick comment to let me know.

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406 thoughts on “How To Use Delay Sprays – Your Questions Answered”

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Johnson
      That would be great, but it’s not designed to do that. So, no is the answer.
      By the way, as far as I am aware, there are no sprays or creams that will make your penis permanently bigger. So don’t waste your money on websites that tell you they have a ‘miracle’ penis enlargement product.

  1. Is it OK to wear boxers and have my foreskin over the head while waiting for the spray to kick in? Or will that remove it from the head?

  2. Is it ok to suck while you use delay spray without washing it off or wash it off after 10 —15 mnutes spraying before do suck or sex?

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Kyle
      I personally would make sure at the minimum I’d wipe off the excess with whatever you have available even if you don’t go for the whole washing routine.

  3. Hi,

    If after spraying Promescent, I proceed to use condom, but the only condom I have is delay condom like Durex Perfoma, Is that okay to use ?

    Because Promescent is lidocain ingredient, while most delay condom has benzocaine 5%.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Brian

      I think it’s probably overkill, and potentially going to numb you too much. I haven’t seen any advice about whether it’s safe to mix the two ingredients this way, but regardless, my concern would be too much numbing. I’d just use the delay condom, or wait until you have a normal condom.

  4. Promescent, if i apply this lets say an hour before sex and applying it flacced, would it still be effective and is this even recommended?

    1. Ethan Green

      Hey CJ
      It depends – I find they usually stay working an hour after applying them (including promescent) but I know some men say it fades sooner. I’d say give it a go on your own as an experiment, but I think you could probably expect some effect will still be present.

  5. Can a spray that has been applied be used with an oral flavored anything to help with taste?

    1. Ethan Green

      Yes it can. But if you’re worried, I’d just rub it in really well, then wash thoroughly if possible. That usually gets rid of any lingering smell.

  6. Hi
    Am I supposed to spray the Dragon delay spray on the canal of the shaft or just by the side of the shaft. Because the last time I tried I never worked.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Ike
      Usually all over the shaft, or just around the frenulum might be enough. Some men try the whole shaft, but I don’t myself. It might have been that it just doesn’t work for you, or you didn’t use enough.

  7. Hello, I want to know the difference between dragon delay spray and super dragon delay spray for men

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Eric
      There are a couple that use Dragon in the name. I think it’s people just making copies of popular products and using a similar name. Super Dragon 6000 is the original.

  8. Kendrick Armani

    I used the dragon spray but I couldn’t last for more than 3 minutes. What do you think is the problem here?

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Kendrick
      Not all men have PE because of physical sensitivity, so it could be that reason. But it could also be the way you used it, or perhaps the spray just wasn’t very good quality.

      1. Kendrick Armani

        My bad I think I didn’t rub it around the tip after spraying, I only sprayed and left it like that.
        Could that be the reason ?

        1. Ethan Green

          Yes, it’s possible. Personally, I think it’s best to start with a very small amount when using these products.

    1. Ethan Green

      I’m not sure to be honest. The manufacturers regularly change the brand name, and others copy other brands and just change the name slightly. The world of online desensitizing sprays isn’t exactly well regulated in my opinion. Well, basically it isn’t regulated! That’s why I usually recommend sticking with well-known brands and leaving the random ones that pop up online with no company information or website behind them.

  9. What happens if the delay spray is expired? Does that mean it won’t be as strong?

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Kay
      To be honest, I’m not sure! I imagine it’s most likely to mean it will be less effective. But I guess the ingredients used and materials in the bottle might also have a safety shelf life?

  10. Hello I want to know what is the difference of stud 100 and stud 5000 ?

    Thank you

    1. Ethan Green

      Stud 100 is the original, Stud 5000 came along years later and in my opinion is just a kind of copycat.

        1. Ethan Green

          I don’t know, to be totally honest. I imagine it depends which STD and meds you’re taking for it. I’d check with your doctor to be sure.

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