Benzocaine Condoms Review

Benzocaine condoms are theoretically an easy temporary solution for premature ejaculation. All you do is put one on and hopefully have sex for longer than usual.

They work by dulling the stimulation of the nerve endings on the tip of your penis. When I first heard about them I was pretty excited since I’ve always had issues coping with the physical sensitivity of sex. The concept made a lot of sense to me as I knew that even normal condoms helped a little.

So I decided to test the 3 most popular brands to get a feel for how well they work or not. In this review I’ll explain the pros and cons of using benzocaine condoms, as well as my thoughts on those 3 specific condoms.


  • They’re relatively easy to use. You just put the condom on, and then spread the numbing gel over your penis.
  • There’s a low risk of transference to your partner.
  • They can be used discreetly.
  • Benzocaine is safe for most people at the concentration that you find in these condoms.


  • You may find that the benzocaine reduces your pleasure during sex.
  • You may find it difficult to keep an erection once the benzocaine kicks in.
  • Some guys may feel some tingling or itching. However, I don’t know of any reported serious side effects from these condoms.
  • It can be difficult to massage the lumps of benzocaine onto the right places once you’ve put the condom on.

Overall, delay condoms may be a useful addition to your toolbox of ways to improve your stamina in the bedroom. However, they aren’t without potential problems as you can see. So now you have a better idea of the pros and cons of using them, let’s take a look at the 3 main types.

Durex Performax

durex-performaxDurex was the first company to manufacture a high quality benzocaine condom. Durex Performax contains 5% benzocaine, which is definitely enough to numb your penis effectively.

The benzocaine is heat activated, so it only spreads when you put it on. Before you put it on you’ll see little lumps at the end of the condom, which will then melt with your body heat and some massaging.

This then allows you to massage the gel over the most sensitive parts of your penis after you put the condom on.

They are odorless, which is always a bonus with a condom. And the smooth outside means that it won’t irritate your partner as much as some other brands may do.

You know with Durex that you’re getting a reliable brand of condom. So the other reasons for wearing a condom – avoiding pregnancy and any sexually transmitted infections will also be covered.

Durex Performax Intense

durex performax intense condomsIn many ways the Durex Performax Intense is very similar to the original Durex Performax, but it does have two improvements:

  • It has a ribbed and dotted feature on the outside of the condom. This is intended to increase the stimulation for your partner.
  • It has a pleasant scent rather than the previous odorless version.

When I tried the Durex Performax Intense I found that the increase in lasting time was the same as with the Performax model. Both versions have identical quantities of 5% benzocaine, so this was no surprise.

My partner could feel the extra design features of the dots and ribbing, and though it was subtle, did enjoy it. So the idea is that the condom works in two ways: it makes you last longer, and reduces how long she lasts for.

This is generally a good idea, though I’m not sure that a delay condom alone can accomplish much balancing of arousal levels.

I didn’t think the scent was particularly special, but it’s better than it smelling bad when you get it out of the packet.

So overall, I found it was pretty much the same as the previous model. If you and your partner partner enjoy ribbed condoms then that would be the only reason to choose this over the normal Performax.

Trojan Pleasures Extended

trojan extended pleasures benzocaine condomsTrojan is the only other major company creating benzocaine condoms, with their Trojan Pleasures condom.

There were two main differences that I found between the Trojan and Durex versions:

  • Trojan only has 4% benzocaine, compared to the 5% in the Durex condoms. So that’s technically 20% less desensitizing gel.
  • The Trojan felt considerably thicker than the Durex. This then covers premature ejaculation from another angle since thicker condoms also help reduce sensitivity.

Like the Durex Performax, the Trojan Extended Pleasures condoms are odorless. And Trojan is also a reliable brand, so you know you’re getting solid protection from accidental pregnancy or contracting any sexually transmitted infections.

It’s not all good news though, as I found that they were a bit too good at the job. Even though the percentage of benzocaine is lower than in the Durex condoms, the additional thickness seemed to add even more lasting power.

That might sound great, but it came at the expense of pleasure for both the man and the woman. These condoms may make you last longer then, but with the risk of reducing both enjoyment and erection strength.

My feeling then is that the Trojan benzocaine condoms are only better than Durex for guys who have the most severe premature ejaculation.


Benzocaine condoms can definitely be useful in the battle against premature ejaculation. You do run the risk though of having erection problems due to the combination of numbing from the anesthetic and the layer of latex on top.

If you want to try them, go for it. But don’t be too disappointed if you find they cause other problems or reduce your sensitivity a bit too much.

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As well as benzocaine condoms, you also have the option of trying one of the many delay sprays available.

I  also recommend learning arousal and ejaculation control using natural techniques. This is the only way to stop premature ejaculation on a permanent basis.

To find out more about this approach, there are some good sexual stamina guides which provide a clear and effective training program to follow.