Jamaican Stone – Is The Strength Worth The Danger?

jamaican stoneJamaican Stone is one of the more unusual ways to boost your sexual stamina that I’ve tried. And not only is it supposed to help guys last longer, but it’s often advertised as giving stronger erections too.

As with so many things in life though, the phrase ‘too good to be true’ may unfortunately apply in this case.

It’s banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), partly because someone died from it, and also because the ingredients are now known to be potentially dangerous.

Having said that, it’s still a popular product in some communities, with many guys saying it works very well – as long as you use it carefully.

So in this Jamaican Stone review, you’ll find all the important information you need to know if you’re thinking about trying it.

What is it?

Jamaican Stone is sold as a natural sexual performance enhancer. It’s said to be harvested from the tree sap of a tree native to Jamaica and some other Caribbean Islands.

It’s then molded into the stone form which you can see in the image above. The standard size is between 0.5 and 1 inches. It’s also known as Jamaican Black Stone due to the color of the finished product, although it’s possible to find it in other forms, such as drops or gels.

Strangely, nobody seems to know the name of the tree it comes from. It doesn’t say on the packet, and no supplier website mentions the name. And here’s the scary part – after it caused a death, it was reported that some versions contain toad venom from the Bufo genus.

Apparently, both the toad venom and the tree sap contain chemicals known as bufadienolides, which can disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart. So no matter where it comes from, it doesn’t exactly seem the safest option.

How to use Jamaican stone

image showing someone using black stone1. First apply a couple of drops of water onto one surface of the stone.

2. Rub the water on the stone in a circular motion until it turns into a milky colored liquid. This should take no more than a minute.

3. Gently rub that liquid onto the sensitive parts of your penis. Concentrate on the head as this has the most sensitive nerve endings.

4. You’ll need to test exactly how long you need to wait before having sex. It could be anything from 10 to 30 minutes, so some experimenting is needed.

5. Before you have sex wash off any excess liquid with some mild soap.

6. Dry the stone and store it. It can last for several months if you care for it properly.

My experience

There have been no official studies or scientific research done on the effectiveness of Jamaica stone for premature ejaculation, so I was a little in the dark when testing it. But in the name of experimentation, that didn’t put me off.

I ordered it online and it arrived a week later in an unmarked packet. I followed the instructions above, though didn’t get it quite right the first time.

The main problem with desensitizing products in general is working out how much you need. Apply more than you need to, and you risk numbing yourself too much; too little and it won’t work.

I had an unpleasantly hot sensation which took around 15 minutes to subside after washing it off thoroughly. And it probably took another 30 minutes for the tingling sensation to go away completely.

The second time, I was more careful and just rubbed a couple of small drops on. This time there was still a hot tingling sensation, which again took a while to subside, but it was more tolerable.

It seems to take about 10 minutes to have a noticeable effect, but 20 to be at the maximum desensitizing potential.

The numbing effect was definitely effective, and there’s no doubt that using Jamaican Stone allowed me to have sex for longer. However, it wasn’t as long as the 4 hours some sellers claim.

Did it have the other effect of giving me a stronger, harder erection? Well, no not really – at least not as far as I could tell. Maybe that part is a marketing gimmick, or maybe it just didn’t work on this occasion.

The numbing did last for several hours, which was a record in comparison to all other delay products I’ve tried, which wear off in around an hour on average.

Possible issues and side effects

  • The main side effect is the burning sensation if you put too much on.
  • Even when you get the amount right, you still have to put up with a hot tingling sensation.
  • It’s not a good idea to use Jamaican Stone during oral sex because the taste is strong and unpleasant.
  • The numbing sensation is strong, so could reduce the pleasure of sex.
  • The risk of serious harm – see the following section.

Death reported in the news

jamaican black stoneIn 2008, many US news outlets, such as time.com, reported that the New York health department was warning people not to use Jamaican Stone. This was apparently because a man died after eating it.

The warning also reported that similar versions were behind poisonings and deaths in the 1990s. Obviously it’s not meant to be eaten, but they do further warn that even applying it to the skin can be harmful.

Maybe that explains the burning sensation I experienced.

Update – some clarity regarding the ingredients

In 2017, Spanish researchers undertook a rigorous scientific analysis of Jamaican Stone to identify the exact ingredients. They concluded that it has toxic ingredients and described it as a ‘dangerous aphrodisiac’. You can read their full research article here.


There are alternatives which don’t present the same potential risk as Jamaican Stone. So if you’re interested in trying a desensitizing product, I highly recommend taking a look at my overview of different desentizing sprays.

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  • hi i am using this jamica stone but i used only one drop of this i having lot of burning sensation to my head of penis and where it will touch it that’s also getting burning sensation. how can i reduce this sensation immediately.

    • Hi Mouttou
      Sorry to hear you’ve had that reaction to it. Presumably by now you’ve managed to find a way to reduce the burning. But if not, I’d get some doctor’s advice. I also wouldn’t recommend taking it again if you’ve had that reaction to it with just one drop.

  • Bought a small stone in a sex shop in Amsterdam about 8 years ago. Works wonders. The stone is now about a quarter of its original size. I use a very small quantity of hot water in a glass and put the stone in for about 30 seconds. I then rub the stone on the head of my penis for another 30 seconds. If I wash off after 5 minutes with soap and water it works great. If I leave it on for 15 minutes it is really hard to cum… takes forever.

    • Hi Ray
      Thanks for your comment. It’s always interesting to hear people’s stories. I think the idea is to rub it on with your hand, not directly on. That might help reduce the extra numbing!

    • Hi Sami
      I’m not sure – search online for a distributor who sends it there. I can’t reccommend any personally though, sorry!

      • Hi James
        To be honest, I can’t really vouch for the legitimacy of any particular seller. Though I do know this company has been around for some time, and seems quite popular with people as others have also written to me about them. Beyond that I can’t tell you. If you decide to use them, then let me know if it works!

  • hi ethan.

    i am from malaysia, the borneo side of it not the peninsular, here we have a product similar to that black jamaican, it basically do what the black jamaican can do, and also the same side effect. we call it GAMBIR SARAWAK. but it is much safer than black jamaican, and it helps with the erection, when i use it last night, i had sex an hour with my wife,i am happy i was able to make love to her that long.

    today, we will do it again, and i will try up to 2 hours this time.

    • Hi Calelthan
      Thanks for that idea. I don’t think Gambir Sarawak has the best reputation ever, but if it works well for you, that’s all that matters.

      • Hi im 28 years old im going to get marry I have problems erection very soon it good to use Jamaican store are gambir sarawak but in gambir sarawak website it is telling good to use gambir Sarawak then Jamaican store

        • Hi Pasha
          I haven’t personally used Gambir Sarawak, so I can’t help much I’m afraid. However, I’d suggest looking for reviews rather than only trusting what the seller’s website says.

  • Hi Ethan,
    When I was in my 30’s my friends and self used it and no one complained about it other than the burning sensation and everybody said that they lasted much longer. The same for myself.

    But whilst in Holland I saw it being advertised for sale, but they had sold out of it. The owner of the store said that it can cause cancer and therefore I have never used it again.

    My friends and self only stopped using as we could not purchase it any more, I have been to Jamaica several times in the last two years and can not get it.

    Finally can you email me and tell me Where did you get yours from?

    • Hi Dunz
      That’s curious about the owner stopping selling it because of the risk of cancer!
      I haven’t bought it for some time now, and when I did I ordered it online from a wholesalers. My advice would be to google it and check out the top few sites selling it and make a judgment call yourself on how trustworthy they seem.

  • hi there,
    i bought it from Panama,right now. but im still not clear to use this black stone properly and correct amount to apply. one more things is to apply on the penis or penis head?
    Dear Ethan, could u reply to me clearly?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Paing

      Ok, so do this:
      1) put a little water on the stone and rub it lightly with your fingers until a kind of film/residue appears.
      2) take that residue and rub it onto the head of your penis (not inside the opening though).
      3) After 5-10 minutes wash it off, wash your hands well also with soap.
      4) If you feel a hot sensation, you know it’s working and can start having sex.

      Hope that helps

    • Hi gago
      I’m not sure. You wold have to search online for a distributor either in your country, or abroad and ask them directly if they send to your country.


  • Hiya readers, I need advice on this because I was given a Jamaican stone by a friend and apparently it is illegal to have it in your possession according to the Army because it contains bufetaine. Is it Illegal in the United Kingdom. Army trying to charge me for it.

    • Hi Prof Liquid

      Sorry to hear you’re in such trouble! As far as I’m aware, Jamaican Stone isn’t illegal in the UK. But bufotenin is a class A drug. So presumably if you have some as part of another product, it might be considered illegal. To be honest though, I’ve not heard of any cases like yours. Perhaps one of the other readers following these comments will be able to shed more light on it.

  • Hello Ethan,
    I found your review while looking to find out if Jamaican stone is poisonous. Your review is very informative thank you for it. I have tried it and it made me last for hours. All I needed was some energy drink to keep me firing. Jamaican Stone and other similar products don’t keep you hard or bigger like sellers say. They only reduce over-sensitivity so you don’t come quickly. The rest is in the mind, how turned on you are and how sexy your partner might be, etc. As long as you have something to keep you turned on, you can ride on for a while.
    Let’s also note that we react to things differently, hence our different experiences. Fortunately, I’m Black, so even if my penis turns red, I can’t tell. It gives some uncomfortable feeling, though. Especially if you keep it on for too long. It remains one of the best numbing agent I’ve ever used. I also feel its effects after 24hrs sometimes.

    • Hi Kallu

      Thanks for your comment, and it’s always good to hear from people who’ve had good experiences as well as bad. Thanks for adding the info. about it not helping with all the things sellers say it does. That’s my belief as well – that really, it’s a numbing agent and no more. And you’re absolutely right about people having different experiences. That’s one reason why finding a good desensitizing product needs a bit of trial and error – albeit carefully!

  • hi i used this Jamaican black stone for the first and last time and wont use it again. after i have used this thing my heart rhythm changed crazy. i thought i was going to die because my heart was pumping too fast. after 24 hrs i still feel something wrong with me. i cum still late and dont feel the same as before. i want to know when this thing completely over with me. when how long will it take to loose its sensation?

    • Hi Veli

      It could be that you had an allergic reaction to it. I know it’s a while since you posted this comment, but I would suggest not using it again. And perhaps speak to your doctor if you’re still not feeling right, though hopefully you will have long since recovered.

  • I was just wondering what the name of the companies that Steve mentioned that sell fake Jamaican Stone were?

    I just ordered some online, and after paying, realised that they are based in Malaysia!

    Tried contacting them to find out if it is the stone with the toad venom that they supply, but no answer as of yet.

    I’ve ordered from jamaicanblackstone.com

    Who are Malaysian based.. 🙁

    Have I just wasted my money?

    • Hi Jay

      I really couldn’t tell you I’m afraid. Without knowing first hand, I don’t want to publish comments claiming companies are fake with no evidence.If anyone has some evidence about specific companies they are welcome to write a comment, but I can’t promise I’ll publish it. My advice would be to wait a while longer and see if they reply. Or give them a phone call and ask them directly? And if you really want to be safe, you can try finding a supplier local to you that you feel you can trust.
      Sorry I couldn’t help more.

      All the best

  • After applying the Jamaican stone correctly, what is the extra amount of time one could wait before engaging in sex? What if one doesn’t have sex for about 12-24 hours after the correct application of the Jamaican stone?

    • Hi Shatta,

      Thanks for your comment. Firstly, Jamaican Stone will not work after 24-48 hour of applying it. I think if you wait 2-3 hours, you may even be pushing the limits of how long it will work for. Normally it’s best to apply it just before you are going to have sex.

  • Ethan I would like to know if It is safe to use the Jamaican stone if my wife is pregnant. I was reading thru the comments but didn’t see the topic come up

    • Hi ogm
      My standard advice for ALL delay products is not to use them with a pregnant woman unless wearing a condom. In the absence of extensive medical advice, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • i used the stone about 8 years back when a friend shared it with me and i can testify its just the best you can ever get for longer erection. Are the ones sold online genuine? I need to get it back again. I am in the US now.

    • Hi Slicky,

      Thanks for your comment. So you found it helped you have an erection for longer? Interesting. I imagine that like most things online these days, some are real and some are fake. If you google it, you’ll find some of the main distributors.

    • I have real Authentic Jamaican Black Stone always available, I don’t have a website or sell commercially. Just have a few friends that always asking for me to bring it back from yard so I do bring back a bit most times, if it’s okay with Ethan I let it be know how I can be contacted.

    I have taken the liberty of putting your spanish comment into google translate, since most readers are English speakers. I will publish that immediately below, and your original Spanish version underneath.

    We recall once our fifth grade teacher told us that “the difference between the remedy and poison is the dose.” This is because for our body everything in excess is bad (food, water, heat, cold, medicine, even sex), the same principles apply here. We say YES to some extent, overuse of Jamaican stone can cause severe burning sensation in the penis and cause the skin to peel or irritate. Therefore it is important to regularly remind our customers that start in this world, FOREVER must start with a low dose (3-4 drops and 15-20 minutes) for each application is more than enough, we should not apply too much liquid and not leave it for a while, of course this if the first time, follow all the instructions and see how it goes, as particular cases there are people that high amounts of Jamaican stone apply and the leave taking effect by More than 1 hour, which may result in a higher benefit for a person, but dramatically bad for others. If after several uses we realize that there is no allergic skin reaction, can proceed with the increase in dose to the level that works optimally for you.

    For all these stone would say Jamaica is a safe product that has been used for centuries as long as DO NOT APPLY TO OTHER DIFFERENT BODY of the glans penis. In fact, we know that the stone has been used traditional, ironically, to improve healing after burns, to treat pain caused by snakebite, to treat toothache, these being practiced today in some Asian countries .

    Recordamos una vez que nuestro profesor de quinto grado nos dijo que “la diferencia entre el remedio y el veneno es la dosis”. Esto ya que para nuestro cuerpo todo en exceso es malo (comida, agua, calor, frio, medicina, incluso el sexo), los mismos principios se aplican aquí. Debemos decir que SI hasta cierto punto, el uso excesivo de piedra jamaicana puede causar severa sensación de ardor en el pene y causar que la piel se pele o irrite. Por esto es importante que le recordemos regularmente a nuestros clientes que se inician en este mundo, SIEMPRE debemos iniciar con una dosis baja (3 a 4 gotas y de 15 a 20 minutos) para cada aplicación es más que suficiente, no debemos aplicar demasiada cantidad de líquido y tampoco dejarla por mucho tiempo, claro esta esto si es la primera vez, recomendamos seguir las instrucciones y ver cómo nos va, ya que para casos particulares existen personas que se aplican altas cantidades de piedra jamaiquina y se la dejan haciendo efecto por más de 1 hora, lo cual puede resultar en un alto beneficio para unas persona, pero dramáticamente malo para otras. Si después de varios usos nos damos cuenta de que no hay ninguna reacción alérgica en la piel, pueden proceder con el aumento de la dosis hasta el nivel en el que trabaja de manera óptima para su caso.

    Por todo lo anterior diría que la piedra de Jamaica es un producto seguro que se ha utilizado durante siglos, siempre y cuando NO SE TRAQUE O APLIQUE EN OTRO ORGANO DIFERENTE DEL GLANDE DEL PENE. De hecho, sabemos que la piedra se ha utilizado tradicional, irónicamente, para mejorar la cicatrización después de quemaduras, para tratar el dolor causado por la mordedura de serpiente, para tratar el dolor de muelas, siendo estos practicados en la actualidad en algunos países Asiaticos.

    • Hi Jslatam

      Thanks for your comment. I think you give good advice there about starting with a low dose, and first ensuring that you don’t have a bad reaction to the product. In fact, that’s good advice for any delay product which is applied directly to the skin I think.

      I’ve never heard of Jamaican stone being used to help burns though. Can you provide a link to a site with some evidence of that?

      Many thanks

    • Hi Nikhil,

      I’m glad you found something which helped then. Good news. Just be careful how you use it.
      All the best

    • Hi Erzip,
      I think you’ll need to do an online search for distributors in the UK. I don’t know of any particular shop which sells it.

  • i have one piece from a jamaican that used to be my co-worker. I kept it for more than 1 year until i got the chance to try it.
    i used only one time and it worked from the first shot.
    there is a small burning/numb sensation but nothing that is going to kill you 🙂
    extended size of penis or longer erection – i did not noticed… the purpose of the stone is to kill temporary the nervs/sensation in penis head (the most sensitive part of our tool) that makes you cum later… as you do not feel too much the excitation
    that’s it.
    do not forget to wash it off 5-10 minutes after applying… better wash it 2 times to make sure…
    if you forget to do-it… you are in biiig trouble as the numb sensation is transmitted to your partner as well… and than… you have to work like hell to make her cum!! hahaha

    • Hi friendxx,

      Thanks for your comment, and for the important advice about how to properly use Jamaican stone. It’t good to have those messages reinforced by a reader.
      You’re absolutely right about it being very important to wash off properly, both for your sake and your partner’s!
      All the best

    • Hi,
      You should search online for a retailer who distributes in, or to, qatar. We only do reviews here, so you’ll have to do that research using a search engine like google.
      All the best

    • Do you feel any sensation while having sex when using the Jamaican stone?

      By the way, I used Optimale twice so far, but it didnt work so far.

        • Hi Ethan

          Thanks for your reply

          I think I will go ahead and order Promescent

          Just to let you know your amazon link for Promescent doesnt work

          I went to the Promoscent website and I tried to order for Canada but it had a glitch and kept telling me to choose a shipping option when I clearly had

          And their contact number says its not in use.

          From what I have read online, I think Promescent could be an improvement for me

          • Hi there,

            Thanks for your comment. Ive just checked and it seems it’s no longer being sold on amazon, which is why the link didn’t work. Thanks for letting me know! I guess their site was just temporarily down. I’m sure you’ve tried again though in the time it’s taken me to reply to your comment!

  • Hi I just used stone I guess I used it for but long period of time. Burn part painful and suffering from last 3 hours :(.
    Any suggestions in order to stop this burning thingy 🙁

    • Hi Sean,

      Sorry to hear you’re in pain! By the time you read this reply (sorry I couldn’t reply sooner!, you will hopefully have recovered. Washing it off with warm water and soap is the best thing you can do. But unfortunately if you burn yourself with these kind of products, sometimes you do just have to wait for it to stop, even if you wash yourself thoroughly.
      I hope you’re ok now.

      • Bro plz i use this product on the cap and the inside of the cap by mistake and the body of my penis due to 1st time and cos i don’t really know anything about it and it burning me and taking forever for my penis to erect plz what can i do.

        • Hi Daniel
          I imagine by the time you read this response (sorry it took so long) you’ll be fine again. If you had a burning sensation, I’s leave it and find something else. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk if you once had a bad reaction, even if it’s from using too much.

    • Hi Rey,

      Hopefully not. You should follow the instructions, making sure you wash it off well after it has absorbed in.

  • Hi,

    I’m writing from England, when i used to live in Jamaica, stone is what man love and ladies hate, man sing praise to it for all night action, I’ve never use stone itself but i use a condon called LONG LOVE, this condon meant to have a small amount of liquid stone in the tip, I have a mild burning sensation and tingle but i did last for over 4 hours.

    how I’m in a serious relationship and about to get married i cannot use a condom with my lady, and tho i already have a very high sex drive a rarely last over a hour with her, so I was back at it again! my experience is if the black stone is as good as the liquid stone in the long love condom i would recommend it to my grand dad. after all the race is not for the swift!!

    • Hi Jermome

      Thanks for your comment, and it’s great that you found something which worked for you. But if you say you rarely last an hour, it sounds like you are still lasting a very long time! Maybe you don’t really need any extra help…


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