Climax For Men Desensitizing Spray Review

photo of the climax spray bottle and packagingClimax for men is a lidocaine based desensitizing spray, intended to help men delay ejaculation during sex.

I’ve tested so many of these generic lidocaine sprays now, that I can confidently say it’s very similar to most that have 10% lidocaine in a metered spray bottle.

However, there are a couple of points I discovered about it that are worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking of trying it yourself.

So in this review, I’ll be describing my experience using it, as well as looking at the key information I think you might need to know about how it works.

Who makes it?

The spray is made by an Indian pharmaceutical company called MidasCare. That explains why even though I bought it on the UK Amazon site, it was sent from India (wrapped in a crazy amount of packaging tape).

I took a look at their website, and it seems that they specialize in aerosol products like inhalers and a handful of other health products. So it seems they decided to use their experience in aerosols to try their luck in the lucrative premature ejaculation market.


The active ingredient of Climax for men is 10% lidocaine. That’s a very typical ingredient of desensitizing sprays, with many others containing the same.

There don’t appear to be any additional ingredients, other than the aerosol and propellant listed on the packaging.

How to use Climax spray

photo of me holding a can of climax sprayUnfortunately, like many sprays the instructions are very sparse. This is all the information leaflet offers:

For desired effect, spray Climax a few minutes earlier. Shake container before use. Hold can upright, 5 cms away. Spray 3-4 times by pressing the spray button till the entire area is covered.

Presumably a few minutes earlier is 5 to 10 minutes like most sprays. And I’m not sure what they mean by the entire area. Is that the head, the shaft or both?

There’s nothing about washing it off before use either, which I would definitely do. So considering the lack of instructions, if you’re going to use it, this is what I’d do:

  1. Make a test spray on your arm, and leave for 5 mins to see how your skin reacts to it.
  2. Shake it and spray just 1 spray on your penis head and frenulum the first time.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and then wash gently with warm water, a shower or with a wet cloth. Also wash your hands.
  4. Enjoy some sexy fun time…
  5. Decide if you need more sprays next time and/or if you need to spray the entire penis.

My experience using Climax

I decided to ignore the 3 to 4 spray recommendation, knowing from experience that it would be way too much. So I just used 1 spray to start with.

I was pleased to see it was a metered pump. That means you can get the same dose each time, which is preferably to continuous sprays or creams. However, it does shoot out very fast, so perhaps the dose would be more than I expected.

I also noticed there was only a faint chemical spray, which is better than the strong smell some have. It did seem a little more greasy than others I’ve tried though.

It takes action very quickly, and after 5 minutes I noticed I was already numb. In fact, for just 1 spray I felt very numb on my penis head where I’d sprayed it.

As is often the case with lidocaine sprays, there was a warm tingling sensation which lasted for about an hour before slowly wearing off. It wasn’t a burning feeling like some give, but there was a constant sensation.

I gave myself a quick wash to remove any residue. Then invited my partner to the bedroom, who I’d already warned that it was testing time again!

We got down to some foreplay to see how the numbing was, and found that it had a similar effect to most other sprays – exactly what I’d imagine. Though I do think it was a little too numb considering I’d only used 1 spray.

We tested it with oral, with my partner saying it had a faint chemical taste, but like the smell, wasn’t too bad.

We then moved on to sex, and it definitely reduced the stimulation significantly. I think if I’d sprayed the shaft as well, their would have been very limited sensation for me.

And so it did exactly what it’s supposed to do – desensitize and numb me. I didn’t time the sex, but it definitely gave me the ability to last longer by a good amount of time.



  • Gives a powerful numbing action.
  • Works very fast – 5 minutes before sex is enough.
  • The metered pump makes it easier to apply the same amount each time.
  • Lasts around 2 hours.
  • Low price.


  • As with all sprays, it’s not a permanent cure to PE.
  • The 3 to 4 recommended sprays might numb too much. It’s strong, so even 1 spray can reduce the sensation significantly.
  • It has a faint chemical spray and taste.
  • It applies a slightly greasy layer on the skin.
  • Has a tingling sensation that last for a long time.
  • Lack of instructions or safety information.


If you’re after a strong desensitizing spray, then Climax will definitely provide that. I found just 1 spray was more than enough to work and helped reduce the intensity of the physical stimulation of sex.

However, I think there’s also the potential to reduce too much sensation, and with it the pleasure. It would be a case of trying it out yourself and seeing if you can get the balance right.

I was unimpressed by the lack of instructions, and the careless ambiguity of some of the few instructions they do provide. But like so many of these generic lidocaine sprays, the manufacturer clearly doesn’t specialize in premature ejaculation. Otherwise they would have put more thought into the user experience.

Still, for the low price, it’s one that might be worth trying if you’re keen to try different sprays to find one that works best for you. But personally, I’d probably pass on it and stick with one of the more well-known products.


I recommend checking out my views on different delay sprays to find out what else is available. And if you’re interested in how to best use these type of sprays, have a look at my instructions for best using desensitizing sprays.

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