Ejaculation Trainer Review – How It Helped Me Last Longer

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The Ejaculation Trainer is one of the guides I personally used to improve my lasting time during sex. It teaches you how to build your sexual stamina using only natural techniques.

I was able to consistently last longer than 10 minutes after just a few weeks of practicing the techniques, and years later I still have great control thanks to the same methods.

It might not be for men who want an instant fix or who prefer the relative simplicity of taking medication, so this is one for those who are willing to put some time into learning the methods.


There are many supposed solutions to help guys overcome premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, most of them either don’t work as well as you’d hope or only help temporarily.

Even though some desensitizing products are very good, none of them can provide permanent results. You end up spending money every time you have sex, dealing with side effects and the numbing often reduces your pleasure.

The Ejaculation Trainer is different in that it uses natural training techniques to teach you control on a permanent basis.

No matter how long you currently last for during sex, you can benefit from the course. Whether you have severe PE and last less than a minute, or last 5 minutes but want to improve that time, the information and techniques will help you.

The author, Matt Gordon, writes in a way that’s like having a friendly conversation. He’s personally experienced premature ejaculation, and from that developed this scientific, yet simple and accessible method to learn self-control.

He teaches you all the background information to premature ejaculation that will then make the techniques even more effective.

For example, when you understand the concept of the different stages of arousal, you’ll recognize your own arousal level more easily and then be able to control it.

Matt discusses many quick techniques which will instantly help you last longer. Some you may have heard before, but many more you probably won’t have. But the heart of the book is about learning permanent control.

He teaches you how to reprogram your brain, your body, and your ejaculatory response so that you’ll eventually last longer without even needing to think about it.

The effectiveness of the course

When faced with such a serious problem as premature ejaculation, you need to be sure that whatever help you seek has an excellent success rate.

It needs to get to the heart of the problem, hit it from every angle, and be proven to work effectively.

If you take the time to look through the Ejaculation Trainer website you’ll find an impressive number of stories from guys who’ve had success with the course. It’s been used by thousands of men, many of which have left written and audio testimonials.

Guys get the results they’re looking for because the course is so complete and thorough. As I said earlier, most other products only work temporarily by numbing you.

But premature ejaculation involves much more than just a sensitivity issue, and it can’t be fixed using simple ‘tricks’.

The Ejaculation Trainer is successful because it teaches you the following:

  • Specific techniques to use in bed immediately.
  • Detailed background information about premature ejaculation.
  • Hormonal control.
  • Physical control.
  • Mental control.
  • Knowledge and control over your arousal levels.
  • Control over your ejaculatory reflex.

The training techniques which will give you such a rounded level of control is what makes the course more advanced than any other solution.

If you put the effort in to follow the training program, then you should develop natural and ongoing self-control.

Ease of use

The Ejaculation Trainer is over 100 pages long, but still easy to read and use. Many of the chapters have training exercises within them, so you don’t need to read the whole book before you get started.

You can take it at your own pace, and spend however long you want on the chapters and exercises which you need to. You don’t need to do any extra research as it’s written with clear instructions.

My experience

When I first read through the Ejaculation Trainer I remember being surprised by how little I really knew about my own body and mind in relation to self-control during sex.

I had no idea about arousal levels at all or that they could be controlled. I’d never heard that you can get an erection in 2 different ways, and one way is more likely to make you last longer.

And I didn’t know where the real point of no return was, or why I’d previously been unable to recognize it.

I was single when I first started on the course, and during the first few weeks, I did notice some improvements to my ejaculation control with the exercises you’re given to do on your own.

But it was only around the 2 month mark when I finally got to put it to the test with a new partner. And it turned out that it had made a big difference.

Before the program, I would last on average 1 to 5 minutes during sex. But with my new partner, after 2 months of practicing the techniques I was able to last for over 10 minutes most times, sometimes longer.

And over the following weeks and months, that time continued to improve.

I also tried to put into action some of the tips in the book which are meant to help you last longer straight away and found them very helpful.

Even though it was a while before I actually got to use some of them with a partner, I found they helped me stay calm and keep control when practicing the solo exercises.

And knowing what I know now, I think that they would have probably helped me last a bit longer from the outset.


Although the quick tips definitely helped, I’m not convinced they are enough on their own to help every man with premature ejaculation to last 10 to 30 minutes right away.

So although the author claims you might be able to last that long from the outset, I think it’s important to remember that these type of ejaculation control guides can take a little while to really pay off.

Maybe you could see that kind of leap if you can last a few minutes already. But if you have severe premature ejaculation, I think you’ll need to put some effort into practicing the techniques as I did.


If you want to cure premature ejaculation naturally, giving the Ejaculation Trainer a go will definitely be worth it if your experience is anything like mine.

Considering the results I had, and the fact that long after writing this review (I’ve since updated it) I’m still able to control my arousal levels, I do recommend trying it out yourself.

There’s a little bit of hype with the claim of how long you can last for straight away. But that shouldn’t distract from the key fact that this is a serious book which has the potential to help you overcome a serious problem.