Ejaculation By Command Review

ejaculation by command ebook


Ejaculation by Command is an excellent self-help guide that teaches men natural techniques to last longer during sex.

It’s a particularly good option if you’re just starting to learn about premature ejaculation, as it has clear explanations and effective techniques to develop your arousal control. And if you’ve already tried some techniques in the past, it will give you new insights as to how they can be more effective.

Like all these guides, it requires some effort on your part to see the best results. If you stick with it though, it has the potential to help you control your ejaculation response better and last significantly longer during sex.


  • Clear and easy to understand guide to tackling premature ejaculation.
  • Well written and not too long.
  • Natural techniques rather than medication.
  • Has a section full of tips that can help straight away.
  • No hidden costs like supplements or accessories for the techniques to work.
  • Audio version included.


  • More expensive than a physical book.
  • Lots of sales pitches to buy other guides.
  • Takes some time to practice the techniques to get the best results.
  • Won’t work for all men as a permanent cure.

How does it help?

Ejaculation By Command teaches several ejaculation control techniques, including the classic start and stop method.

It describes how you can practice alone to understand and control your arousal levels. This is important for developing control, so it’s great that it’s explained in such detail.

It then builds up to include partner work as well, telling you exactly which positions you should practice with. And it breaks down the techniques in a clear step-by-step guide.

For me, this is the most impressive part of the Ejaculation by Command course. The partner work is described in depth, and if you practice it regularly it can help you improve your stamina on the job, so to speak.

It also explains how you should focus on your partner rather than yourself. It has good advice about foreplay and oral sex, which can help raise your partner’s arousal levels and perhaps give them an orgasm before you have penetrative sex.

There’s an excellent section on correct breathing techniques, which is very thorough and easy to understand. And there’s a useful explanation of why distraction techniques are often ineffective. Instead, you learn how to focus your mind on the right kind of body sensations.

Towards the end, there’s an interesting section on which food you can eat to improve your endurance – something most other books don’t include.

All in all, I think the author – Lloyd Lester – does a good job of looking at the problem from different angles and giving you different options for dealing with it.

The extras

The emergency tactics mini-book is full of tips you can put to use straight away. It has a couple of unique ideas, such as the one about the tongue on the roof of the mouth, which was new to me.

The quick start guide is a useful and practical addition. It summarizes the training exercises in the main book if you don’t want to read it all in one go, and you can also easily use it for reference later on.

Following from this there’s an audio companion as well, so you can download and listen to the whole book if you find that an easier way to learn. Conveniently, you can download the entire book or just individual sections.

There are also several other sex guides thrown in for good measure, though I didn’t personally spend much time on any of these, seeing them as an unnecessary distraction.

Are the techniques safe?

The techniques in Ejaculation by Command are safe to do. There are no extreme methods and he doesn’t advise buying any pills or supplements. They are all natural techniques that don’t involve doing anything bizarre or risky.

My experience

I had already done some work on my endurance in the bedroom before I read Ejaculation By Command, so I wasn’t completely new to some of the ideas. However, the way the guide presented them gave me some fresh ideas, as well as some motivation to keep trying the methods on a regular basis.

My lasting time previous to working on the techniques was usually just a few minutes during sex, depending on how much foreplay we had and how aroused I was feeling on any particular day.

I practiced the techniques in the guide for a month, and by the end was easily able to last ten minutes or longer most times I had sex.

One of the keys for me was to spend more time on better foreplay, which made it easier to cope with the start of sex because my partner would feel more lubricated and less tight, which makes it easier to cope with the sensation.

Learning to focus on different bodily sensations and breathe better throughout sex was also helpful. But most of all, having a clearer understanding of the point of no return and my own arousal levels during sex was critical to my success I think.

It helps a lot to understand where you are on your own arousal scale, so that you can learn to surf your arousal levels, and not get too carried away with movements or positions that are likely to make you ejaculate. I think Lloyd’s explanation of arousal levels is excellent, and his guide goes a long way to helping you understand how to control your arousal better.

For me then, the guide was effective and one I recommend trying to, especially if you’d like to learn to control your arousal level better during sex and have a trick or two up your sleeve for when you’re getting too excited and approaching the point of no return.


My main criticism is that there’s some exaggerated advertising about it being possible to last for a very long time from the outset.

I think that while some men might have that kind of lucky outcome, the vast majority will have to put some time and effort into making the techniques work.

How long is impossible to say: it could be weeks or it could be months, but it’s unlikely to be just one day.

Having said that, I put the effort into these techniques and had good results with them. So as far as I’m concerned, it was worth my time.


Ejaculation by Command is a solid choice of ejaculation control guide, whether you’re currently single or in a relationship.

It contains effective techniques you can practice alone, and also a range of ways you can work with your current partner to improve your control.

The quick start guide is excellent as it summarizes the whole book for easy reference. And you get the emergency tactics book with ideas that don’t need practice, just key adjustments to the way you have sex.