Penis Pump Review: How It Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

photo of the penis pump used in this reviewA penis pump can be an effective solution for many men with erectile dysfunction. It works by creating a negative vacuum in the tube, drawing blood into your penis and giving you a good enough erection for sex.

Some men also use a penis pump in the hope that it will increase their penis size. And while it can appear larger at first, there’s less evidence for the long-term gains.

In the last few years, I’ve experienced erectile dysfunction on many frustrating occasions during sex. I’ve now tested various treatments, from viagra to herbal remedies. And although they usually work well, I’m not so keen on the side effects.

So I decided to try something different, and in this penis pump review will be talking about my experience using one.

I’ve also investigated what the scientific research and medical community have to say about using vacuum constriction devices (as they prefer to call them). I’ll be discussing that later in the article to help you decide if it’s the right option for you or not.

Choosing the penis pump

Penis pumps range from basic versions with hand pumps to more complex hydraulic and electronic pumps with pressure gauges.

Some medical sources recommend using a medical grade pump or the best one you can afford, ideally with a pressure gauge. However, these can be very expensive – I’ve seen them go up to $199 in the U.S. and £220 in the U.K. for example.

So I wanted to see if you can still get good results from a basic pump if you use it carefully. I decided on the basics textured penis pump from as it has plenty of positive reviews and was under $25.

Packaging, discretion and what you get

photo of the penis pump in its packagingThis is the kind of thing that you probably want to arrive in an unmarked and discreet package! Love Honey are good for that, always using reliably sealed, thick brown boxes, with no clue as to the contents.

The pump itself was sealed in a plastic packaging, which is an important hygiene point.

The pump was already put together, so was good to go out of the box. And there’s an enclosed leaflet with clear instructions and safety advice.

It didn’t come with a constriction ring to help keep your erection, or with lubricant which is necessary to form a seal.

Personally, I chose not to use a constriction ring anyway, and already had lubricant of my own. But these are two extras to bear in mind if you buy a pump.

My experience

I’m going to explain exactly what it’s like to use the penis pump, as I think it’s useful to know what it feels like, and how to use it safely. Skip to the next section if you’d prefer not to read these details.

After reading the instructions carefully, I applied some lubricant to the opening of the pump, and inserted my penis into the cylindrical chamber. I pushed the pump to my body to make sure the seal was airtight, and then gave the hand pump a very slow first squeeze.

Interestingly, nothing happens when you squeeze the pump; it’s when you release it that you feel some movement. And as I slowly released my grip on the pump, I both felt and saw my penis start to enlarge inside the tube.

It’s a strange sensation, and you definitely feel the pressure from the vacuum even on that first squeeze. I was surprised that it had such a visible effect on the first pump.

I decided to take a minute to check the quick release air valve worked properly, just in case. It does work well, releasing the feeling of pressure quickly, which was reassuring.

I then continued with a second and third squeeze, making sure I was very slow with every squeeze and release. After just 5 pumps I was fully erect, which was sooner than I’d expected. So even though it’s advisable to pump slowly, it gets you erect quickly because just a few pumps does the trick.

I then turned the release air valve a little and twisted the cylinder to remove it, which was easy enough. I checked for discoloration, but didn’t find anything unusual. My feeling is that discoloration is more likely if you pump too quickly, too much or too often.

The important thing is that I had a full erection, which stayed even after I stopped pumping. I was then able to make love to my partner in the same way as I would when getting an erection naturally, so I was happy about that.

My ongoing tests

I decided to use the penis pump almost daily for a month to see what effect it would have. I was interested to see if it’s reliable or sometimes doesn’t work. And if the risk of pain or other problems increases with usage, and if it can increase your size or not.

Here are the main points arising (forgive the pun…) from my month long test:

  • It worked every time, regardless of my libido, physical or mental state.
  • If you pump too fast, it’s definitely uncomfortable.
  • My erection only had a slightly purplish color on the couple of occasions when I pumped more than necessary.
  • I personally found my erection stayed for long enough to have sex. But I also tried a constriction ring, and it does seem to help keep your erection harder for longer.
  • It’s possible to give yourself a very engorged erection, making your penis appear bigger temporarily.
  • I didn’t notice any permanent flaccid size increase after a month.

So on the whole, I I found the penis pump to be an effective and reliable way to get a good erection when you need one.


The main issue is that you do need to be very careful when using a penis pump. It’s uncomfortable, and a little worrying, if you go pump too fast or too much in one session.

You do get used to the odd feeling of the blood quickly filling your penis, but to avoid pain or discoloration, you really can’t overdo it.

I found the pump can temporarily give you bigger erections by engorging it more. But I remain very skeptical of claims that it can add inches to your size. That’s more of a criticism of exaggerated advertising than the pump itself though.

Another key issue is how and when you’re actually going to use the pump. Do you involve your partner in helping you cope with erectile dysfunction? Or do you sneak off to the bathroom, reappearing 5 minutes later with a ‘spontaneous’ erection?

I think it’s fine to use it in your own time, and if you have an understanding partner. My partner thinks it’s quite funny and finds it fascinating to watch! But if you’re with someone new, it’s perhaps not as convenient or subtle as a quick pill like viagra.

How to use a penis pump safely

The specific pump you buy should have detailed instructions for correct usage and safety advice. If it doesn’t, I recommend sending it back.

Based on my own experience, medical websites and research (see below), here are some key safety points to keep in mind:

  • If you’re using the pump following cancer treatment / surgery, make sure you get guidance from your doctor on correct usage for you personally.
  • If you use a constriction ring, apply it after you gain an erection. Don’t keep the ring on for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Only use a penis pump that has a quick pressure release valve.
  • Shaving pubic hair can help create a better seal.
  • Make sure you apply lubricant to your penis and the opening of the tube.
  • Push the tube against your body to create a tight seal.
  • Make sure you only put your penis inside the tube, and not your testicles.
  • Pump slowly, and wait until your penis stops growing after each squeeze before continuing.
  • Only pump until you have an erection. As soon as you do, release the tube.

Research and medical opinion of penis pumps

How effective are penis pumps?

A review of erectile dysfunction treatments in the U.S. looked at different research studies, finding:

  • A penis pump produced a good enough erection for sex in over 90% of men.
  • 69% of men continued using it for at least 2 years, with only 31% stopping.
  • In a group of 100 men, 68% said they were satisfied with the pump.

According to the British National Health Service website, a penis pump will work for most men with erectile dysfunction. They say:

Vacuum pumps encourage blood to flow to the penis, causing an erection. They work for most men and can be used if medicine isn’t suitable.

The British Society for Sexual Medicine also suggest that the cause doesn’t matter:

VCDs are highly effective in inducing erections regardless of the cause of the ED.

And researchers in 2013 found strong evidence that a penis pump helps after radical prostatectomy surgery, saying:

There is convincing evidence that vacuum erection devices are successful in the treatment of ED following RP, especially when used in combination with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors,

Risk of side effects

As long as they are used safely, penis pumps are generally regarded as having a low risk of side effects, especially compared to some drug treatments.

According to the British Society of Sexual Medicine:

As compared to drug treatments for ED, a major advantage of the VCD is that it has a low risk of systemic side-effects and therefore the potential to be used in a greater number of patients…The VCD can be used to ensure multiple erections on a daily basis.

However, studies have shown that some men do experience some side effects during pumping. The U.S. study (above) found the following statistics:

  • 20% to 40% of men experienced some pain during the suction process.
  • 25% to 39% experienced petechiae (small purple spots caused by minor bleeding).
  • 6% to 20% experienced some bruising.

Despite, those concerning statistics, it was the same study that reported the 90% satisfaction rate!

Safety warnings

Organisations such as the FDA recommend not using a penis pump if any of the following conditions or situations apply to you:

  • If you have a bleeding disorder, sickle cell disease or severe Peyronie’s disease
  • If you take aspirin or blood thinners
  • Impaired pain perception
  • Reduced hand strength (and are unable to easily remove the pump or use the safety valve).
  • A history of prolonged or painful erections.

Can it improve penis size?

Some men say on forums and blogs that pumping increased their penis size, and manufactures often claim they can too. However, there isn’t much scientific evidence to back this up.

The Mayoclinic believe that a penis pump can only make it look bigger in the short-term, and remind users to be careful:

A vacuum pump can make a penis look larger temporarily. But using one too often or too long can damage elastic tissue in the penis, leading to less firm erections.

And an Italian review of multiple penis enlargement studies found that 6 months of pumping gave no significant improvement. However, men did report psychological satisfaction due to the temporary increases.



  • Effective and reliable way to get an erection for sex
  • Cheaper than ongoing drug treatments like viagra or cialis.
  • Avoids taking any medication
  • No systemic side effects (affecting the rest of the body)
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Easy and quick to use


  • Both you and your partner have to accept using the pump
  • It can feel like a mechanical process to go through before sex
  • It’s less subtle than drug treatments
  • It can be uncomfortable to use when pumping
  • Risk of minor discoloration or bruising
  • Only causes temporary penis enlargement


There’s no denying that the penis pump did its job during the month I used it. And research showed it helped over 90% of men get a good enough erection during sex.

Although it can give you a bigger erection when you use it, there’s no evidence that it leads to permanent size increase though.

It’s important to remember that a penis pump can cause discomfort and discoloration in some cases, especially if used incorrectly. So I highly recommend using it slowly and making sure there’s a quick pressure release valve.

Having taken strong medicines like viagra, cialis, and generic versions, it was great not to have any of the unpleasant side effects like headaches, a stuffed nose and flushing in the face.

I’m sure I’ll use the penis pump again with my partner; she finds it amusing, and we’ve gotten past the initial awkwardness. But equally, I can see why a subtle pill might be more appealing to some men, especially with a new partner.

Where to buy

Personally, I plan on getting an upgraded pump to see what the difference is. But in doing this review, I showed how even a basic pump can work if you’re on a budget – as long as you use it carefully.

You can buy them from most online adult stores, and they usually stock similar ones.

I recommend, as they have a wide range of both budget and more advanced penis pumps.

Alternatively, you can find them at and also


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