The squeeze technique was one of the first self-help techniques to help men with premature ejaculation.

It was created by the famous sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson decades ago, and is still sometimes recommended as a treatment option.

My view is that it’s quite tricky to do though, kind of uncomfortable, and there are probably better techniques to try.

Having said that, I’ll still talk through some step by step instructions in case you’re interested in trying it.

Key points

1. Do you need a professional to show you how?

Some websites recommend that you ask a professional sex therapist to show you how to do the technique because it’s quite difficult to get right.

But let’s face it, who’s actually going to ask for that kind of help, especially in the modern era of the internet?

I think it’s possible to understand the technique with some clear instructions, but I wanted to mention this point in case you’ve read it elsewhere.

2. You should practice it with your partner

It’s been found that if you try the squeeze technique yourself, it’s usually less effective. This is due to the awkward thumb and finger positioning needed to do it correctly.

You can try to change the positioning of your fingers and thumb to adapt the technique to do it solo, but it requires some double-jointed wrist and finger yoga.

Personally, I find it pretty uncomfortable to do alone.

Part one – the technique with an erection

squeeze technique picture

Assuming you’re practicing the technique with your partner, ask them to start masturbating you.

As soon as you get a full erection, she has to stop and put her fingers in the correct position to squeeze your penis as follows:

She should place her thumb on the frenulum, which is the string-like piece of skin connecting the head of the penis to the foreskin.

The first and second fingers are placed on the opposite side, i.e. the front side of the penis that you see when you look down at it.

They are placed either side of the coronal ridge, which is the ridge of the tip of the penis a few centimeters from the very top, but with the fingers still next to each other either side of the ridge.

Your partner squeezes your penis with her fingers in that position for about 4 seconds. She needs to squeeze quite hard, and probably won’t naturally apply the right strength through fear of hurting you.

If that’s the case, you may need to guide her by putting your hand over her fingers and showing her how hard she can squeeze without hurting you.

You may lose between 10 and 30 percent of your erection strength because of the squeeze, which is completely normal. Your partner should then wait 15-30 seconds after releasing the squeeze before starting to stimulate your penis again.

As soon as you get a full erection again, you can repeat the technique. This pattern can be repeated 4-5 times in the first session. When you’ve done this a few times, you can then move on to try it to achieve ejaculation control.

Part two – practicing ejaculation control

In this stage, your partner should masturbate you to the point of nearing orgasm, and then use the squeeze technique as described above.

The key is to make sure you do it at the right time, something which isn’t easy to pinpoint.

If you find that you instantly feel like ejaculating when she starts again after each rest, you probably left it too close to the point of ejaculation. So in future try to stop and do the squeeze a little earlier.

It’s a bit of an art-form getting the timing right, so you’ll have to experiment a little and probably be prepared for a few timing mishaps at first.

The idea is that the technique will buy you time each time you do it and rest, not that you end up painfully hovering around the point of ejaculation.

You can repeat this process either 4 or 5 times or for a period of 15-20 minutes – whichever comes first. Remember to allow an enjoyable ejaculation and orgasm at the end of the session.

After practicing this technique over 3-4 different days, you can move on and try it with oral sex. Finally, after 3-4 days of practicing during oral sex you can attempt ejaculation control with full penetrative sex.

When having full sex, it’s recommended that you use the squeeze technique 2-3 times first during foreplay before having sex and continuing to withdraw and use the technique.

How often should you practice it?

The squeeze technique takes dedication on both you and your partner’s part. It may be then that you only practice the technique once or twice per week whilst continuing to have normal sex on other days.

It’s important to still have a natural sexual relationship whilst practicing this and other techniques. But do continue to practice the technique every week over the coming months.

With a little luck and perseverance, you’ll see results even in your normal sexual encounters with your partner.

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