The Benefits And Side Effects Of Delay Creams & Sprays

image of several different delay sprays and creamsDelay creams and sprays are a temporary solution for premature ejaculation that appeal to many guys.

They can be especially useful if your problem is caused by physical sensitivity rather than factors like anxiety or a lack of arousal control.

Despite being an immediate and effective solution in many cases, it’s important to bear in mind that they aren’t always the perfect solution. And they can sometimes lead to side effects or practical issues which need to be dealt with.

So in this article you’ll find out more about the pros and cons of using a delay cream, hopefully helping you work out if it’s the right option for you or not.

If you’ve already got your heart set on trying one, you may find it useful to check out my list of the best delay creams.

The benefits of delay creams & sprays

1. An easy option which requires minimal effort

Using a delay cream is perhaps the quickest and easiest approach to dealing with premature ejaculation. All you need to do is apply it before you have sex and away you go.

2. You apply it just before you have sex

A delay cream only needs to be applied each time you have sex. So if you don’t have sex often, you don’t need to worry about continually taking something just in case. This is in stark contrast to some other treatments such as anti-depressants, which would need to be taken every day.

3. The ingredients are usually safe

The ingredients used are typically Benzocaine and Lidocaine, topical anesthetics which are generally thought to be safe for most people. Durex condoms, Promescent, Super Dragon 6000, Doc Johnson, Rock hard and Stud 100, for example, all use either of those.

Some people may have adverse reactions to a topical anesthetic cream, but it’s quite rare and most people tolerate the ingredients well.

4. Available without a prescription

Most delay creams can be bought over the counter, without the need for a prescription. The only exception I can think of is EMLA cream, which wasn’t designed for PE anyway.

5. The numbing is usually effective

The most important question when considering a delay cream is of course whether it actually works of not. Most of them do work, and sometimes very well.

However, the numbing action is sometimes a little too strong and causes other problems, as you’ll see in the next section.

Possible issues and side effects

1. Loss of erection

Following on from the last point, unfortunately one of the common side effects of delay creams is too much numbing. If the cream is too strong, or you put too much on, you may end up with reduced sensation.

This can sometimes also result in difficult getting or maintaining an erection. You then have to wash off what you can, and wait for the anesthetic to wear off before trying again. Not an ideal situation in the throws of passion.

2. Loss of pleasure

Another common problem with desensitizing creams is that you effectively have a trade-off. You should last longer in bed, but you might enjoy the sensation less.

It could be argued that you have less pleasure, but have it for longer so it’s a good trade. And you also get pleasure in knowing that you’re satisfying your partner, which is no-doubt important.

But the problem can also result in weaker orgasms, or not being able to ejaculate at all. This is obviously not ideal in the long-run as you’ll soon grow frustrated by it.

3. Transference to your partner

Any numbing cream has the potential to ruin the enjoyment for your partner as well if it transfers to her. There are always instructions telling you how long to wait after applying it to avoid this. Usually no less than 10 minutes and no more than 30 minutes.

But sometimes transference still happens for various reasons, such as getting the timing wrong. An even bigger problem is transference during oral sex. For this reason it’s often advised to apply the cream and then wear a condom.

4. Having to apply it before having sex

Imagine the scenario: you’ve just been on a date with the woman of your dreams and you take her back to your place. You’re ripping each others clothes off right inside the front door.

In the steamy heat of the moment, it wouldn’t really seem appropriate to ask “do you mind if I pop into the bathroom to apply some delay cream? Oh, and can we wait 20 minutes before we go any further?”

Even if you’re cunning about it and sneak into the toilet, apply it and then engage in extended foreplay to kill time, it’s still potentially an issue.

If you have an understanding partner who you talk openly with, then it’s probably not such a problem. But for those of you who are single, dating and a bit shy it’s something to consider.

5. Not a cure – the long-term cost

Desensitizing products can’t cure premature ejaculation. So if you choose to use them on an on-going basis, you’re potentially heading for a sex mortgage.

If you have the money, you might feel that it’s worth the cost. And even if you don’t have all the money in the world, the chances are you’ll still find enough for the upkeep of your sex life. But at the end of the day, the cost will add up if you have an active life between the sheets.


It’s a personal choice whether to use a delay cream or not; only you can decide whether it’s a good option. And you won’t know of course until you experiment to find one which suits you, the right dosage and the right timing.

As you can see from the list of potential side effects, they can potentially cause you more harm than good. If you’re still not sure whether this is the right approach, you might find it useful to read my article assessing whether desensitizing sprays or natural techniques are better.

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  • Hello Ethan. Should Promescent be “taken” only on a “hard Penis” or it can be “taken” even on a “dormant penis”? That is, before “love making”?
    Is it advisable to “take” Promescent with Cialis? Since I suffer as well from Erectile Dysfunction.

    • Hi Jonathan
      You can apply it to a flaccid or erect penis – it doesn’t matter. I don’t know of any known problems with combining the two.

  • Hi,Today first time I have used Viga 50000 delay spray.But after using it my penis did not strong, So I could not perform my work.I have tried with my hand, but it also did not work.May be I have spraied more than twice,that’s may be the main reason.Is there any solution???

    • Hi Rokon
      You could try spraying just a small amount. But this does happen to some guys, so if you keep finding you can’t get an erection, either try a different spray or a different technique.

  • Hi sir i spray many shot of viga spray but my gf not agree to go 4 sex and all day spray still on my penis but after that my penis not erect at all please tell me what is the problem its 2 weeks ago happened

    • Hi John
      Do you mean you can’t get an erection since the day you used the spray? If that’s the case, it’s probably a good idea to speak to your doctor about it to make sure everything is ok.

    • Hi there
      It depends on the particular spray – they all have different timings, though the standard seems to be around 10-15 minutes before.

    • Hi
      I think it’s better not to because there are no studies showing the effect of the ingredients on pregnancy. If you do decide to, I’d definitelyt use a condom.

    • Hi Joe
      First you need to check the particular product is ok for oral sex. Then make sure you wash it off properly before using it. She might find there is a faint smell or taste, yes. Again, it depends on the product, your body and the washing.

    • Hi Neru
      Some can and some can’t, so you have to check beforehand. But personally, I think it’s probably better to avoid oral sex with delay sprays generally.

  • i have a question about lidocaine
    i made sex with my wife last two days ago but i didnt use condom after spray lidocaine on the glande of my penis…so i want to know if the lidocaine get problems to my wife because i used with out condom ?…and we are trying for baby. It effects on baby.

    • Hi Prem
      From what I’ve read, I don’t think it will do any great harm. But it’s best to avoid doing this again just to be safe.

  • Can i use condom after using the spray. Means suppose i apply apray on my penish but i want to wear condom to safe from pregnacy i can use condom or not with sparay

    • Hi om
      It depends which spray – some you can, and some you can’t. You’d need to check the spray you’re intending to use.

  • Just bought some spray to delay. Never used any cream or spray before. Not knowing that the spray says do not use with condoms. That’s what I use for safe sex. Why dose it say that and will happen if I do spray and wear a condom.

    • Hi Terry
      Some sprays say not to use a condom, others say it’s fine. I’m not sure what will happen if you use one to be honest – it depends in part on the actual condom. So if you want to use one, you’d need to research which ones can be used with condoms. I know, for example, that promescent is fine to use with a condom.

  • I used the cream a couple of times and it worked perfectly but now it doesn’t .I don’t feel the tinkling sensation anymore and don’t last long .
    Can someone advice why ??

    • Hi Larry
      I don’t know why it would work at first, but then not later. Have you tried a different type of cream or spray as well?

  • I have been using delay condoms for a while and am feeling like they might be affecting my erection. i used erection pills in combo and the erections were good and stayed hard even after ejaculation making for very good long sex. but i have been getting occasional sores at the base of the penis and a tingling sensation deep within the penis. I am suspecting my penis may have been injesting the chemicals through continued thrusting. I am going to stop using the delay condoms now. Erection pills may help in maintaining an erection after ejaculation allowing me to satisfy her… or possibly give me a secondary erection quicker after the first round allowing me to finish her off.

    • Hi there
      Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, I have to say I’m not a massive fan of delay condoms because of their erection-killing potential. I find you need to be seriously horny and healthy to stay erect with them. Your theory sounds good to me – I think going for a second round is always a great idea, so if you can do that sooner, perfect. In the meantime, just get to work with some oral sex to keep your partner happy while you wait to recover!

    • No its just stop the prejaculation I am using in routine it’s results so good in 1 hour I am constantly enjoying sex ride with girl I remember she’s 3 times cums & myself just 1 Time cums after finishing 1 hour drive

    • Hi asamoah
      Yes, but I don’t know what the effect of the prolonged hot water and soap exposure will be. I’ve never tried it in the bath to see what happens and if it just wears off.

  • Well, i prefer the natural… When u deal with premature ejaculation from the grass root, u stand a better chance at sex than some one applying whatever delay creams. Ur partner might even be dissapointed with ur in-ability to satisfy her naturally.
    I will advice guys to do whatever training to gain the natural delay than using other things… Money only matters when you are still dating, but when you finally marry her, sex also speak far beyoud voices.

    • Hi Johnson
      Thanks for your comment. I agree that it’s great if it can be tackled naturally. Delay creams can be useful, but in the long-run it’s far better to work on your stamina rather than always relying on a product.

  • please I have used dragon spray for quite some time now and has given me an infection. there are some kind of tiny tiny flesh in my penis which looks like rashes but is not and it bleeds anytime I try to have sex. what should I do

    • Hi Charles
      Sorry to hear you have that problem. First of all, don’t use that spray or any others. Secondly, you should probably speak to your doctor asap. Alternatively, pop into a walk-in sexual health/STD testing clinic and see if they can tell you what it is.

  • There is no such thing as problem PE and paying for therapist, a biggest ripoff scheme. When you have a partner and regular sex after three months you can control it in your head b/c you are used to the sensation. If you didn’t have sex for a while, you will definitely come off quickly. The cream will help to slow it down. try it three times and you will have control of PE naturally.

    • Hi there
      I’m not sure I agree with everything you say. However, it’s true that regular sex does help most guys get used to the sensation. But unfortunately, that’s just not the case for everyone. Some people do have a serious problems with premature ejaculation. It can have different causes, so although a cream might work for you or others, it won’t necessarily help everyone.

    • Hi Elorm
      There are several different products that can help with that. At the moment I haven’t written about them, though I am planning on to at some point. If you search online though, you’ll find plenty of ideas. The only one I have written about, which you might find interesting, is viagra.

    • Hi Raju
      I think they can be useful for some guys, but yes, if you can deal with the problem naturally, it’s better in the long run.

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