Super Dooz 34000 Spray Review (Dragon’s Delay Spray)

photo of my super dooz 340000 spraySuper Dooz 34000 is a delay spray for men, designed to help with premature ejaculation by desensitizing the penis.

It’s a confusing product due to the mystery surrounding the name, the company that makes it, and how to actually use it properly.

So if you’re thinking of trying it, in this review you’ll find some background information, my experience of testing it and some recommendations for proper usage.

The different names

There’s some confusion about the name because of what’s written on the box and spray. For some unknown reason, the package and bottle have different names and images on either side:

  • Dragon’s Delay Spray
  • Super Dooz 34000 Spray

And then on forums, comments on this site, and websites likes Amazon, more combinations of the name have been created, like Dragon spray and Dooz.

image of both sides of a pack of dragon's delay spray

Different sides of the Dragon spray box show different names!

Who makes it?

The company that makes it appears to be called Super Dooz. However, they don’t have a website and there’s no information that comes with the spray. So the only reference I can find is the listed seller name on Amazon and other re-seller websites.

The bottle says ‘Germany’ in big letters, and also has ‘H.S. David GMBH’ written on it. The only thing I could find about that are a couple of connections to other products like Shark Power spray.

On Amazon, the listing says it’s made by the people behind the more established delay spray – Super Dragon 6000. But I could never find much about them either!

So who really makes it, and what kind of standards do they have to adhere to? I have no idea, which is one reason I suggest using it with caution.

To be fair though, I advise the same about all desensitizing products. And it’s quite common for sprays to appear on Amazon from time to time with nothing about the company behind them.

What it does mean though is that you’re kind of on your own if you have any problems with it.


The ingredients appear to be the same as Super Dragon 6000, so it might just be a re-branding of that spray.

There’s 10% lidocaine, which is a standard ingredient and quantity for delay sprays. And then there’s the mysterious 1% vitamin E.

The bottle says the following about that:

The first spray with vitamin E nourishes and activates the cells. This new spray contains natural vitamin E which is very easily absorbed. Local application stimulates the cells energy stores. Vitamin E renews cells activity.

Does the vitamin E actually do anything useful or noticeable though? If it does, there’s nothing I could tell when I used it.

How to use it

There’s no instruction leaflet, which isn’t very helpful. And the only instructions are literally just 6 words on the package:

Spray twice – wait for 5 minutes

Talk about keeping things simple!

So I recommend using it in the same way you would other sprays with lidocaine, and ones that have better instructions such as promescent and stud 100.

I also recommend doing a test spray on your arm first to make sure your skin won’t react badly to the ingredients. Wait 10 minutes, and then use the spray on your penis if your arm is fine.

It’s a good idea to start with just one spray on the penis head. I discovered it’s not a metered spray, and the aerosol can sprays it out fast. So you need to be careful to only spray it very lightly and quickly or you’ll end up with far too much numbing.

Then wait 5 minutes, give yourself a quick wipe with a damp cloth or warm running water to remove any excess, and you’re good to go.

My experience using it

The first positive is that there’s no discernible smell. My partner also added that she couldn’t smell or taste anything when she gave me oral sex, so that’s a plus.

The first time I used it, I probably applied too much because so much sprays out. I wanted to use just 1 spray first time, but ended up with more like the equivalent of 3.

Still, I rubbed it into the penis head and frenulum in particular, which is the most sensitive part for me. There was a noticeable warm tingling sensation, which is normal for me to feel with lidocaine sprays. It wasn’t too strong though, so I wasn’t that concerned by it.

5 minutes later and I gave myself a quick wash with warm water and jumped into bed with my partner. She’s great with testing new products, finding it both interesting and fun. So she was more than happy to let me lie back and accept the challenge of getting me hard when using a desensitizing spray.

It definitely works, that much is for sure. When she was manually stimulating me, I couldn’t feel much at all on the head, only on the shaft, and so struggled to get an erection.

She then moved on to oral, and even though I couldn’t feel much physically on the head, I could feel the warmth. And the pleasure of receiving a blowjob helped get me fully hard.

After some extended foreplay, we moved onto sex and the spray definitely helped me last longer by reducing the stimulation. For me, it’s always the penis head that I find gets too stimulated, but I didn’t feel much there apart from the warmth.

Not spraying the shaft is a trick I’ve learned which allows you to still feel plenty of pleasure during sex, so we both had an enjoyable experience.

I didn’t time myself, as I don’t bother these days when testing new products. I’ve tested enough of them now to know from feeling and experience how good they are or not!

But if I had to guess, I’d say I could last many minutes longer with the Dragon’s Delay Spray.

And as with most lidocaine sprays, it lasted strongly for about an hour, before slowly reducing in effect until 3 hours later there was no numbing left.



  • It provides a strong desensitizing action.
  • It takes effect very quickly, working in just 5 minutes.
  • No smell.
  • Can be used with oral sex and has no noticeable taste.
  • One bottle gives 100-200 sprays, which is a good amount.
  • It’s low price.


  • It’s not a permanent solution to premature ejaculation – you need to use it each time you have sex.
  • No metered pump, so it’s hard to get the right dose.
  • To much will mean a lot of numbing and potentially erection problems.
  • No information about the manufacturer.
  • No instruction leaflet or information about safety.


Dragon’s Delay Spray, or Super Dooz 34000 – whatever it’s called and who makes it remains a mystery. As does the reason why the instructions consist of no more than 6 words!

It does work, which is obviously the main thing, and works very fast. It helped me last longer during sex, we could use it with oral and there was no transference to my partner at all.

My main concern is around the application. The fact that it’s an aerosol spray rather than a pump is kind of a deal breaker for me personally, as you have to guess how much to put on.

You can spray it into your hand or a glass and then dab it onto your penis if you want to. But with other sprays that have metered pumps, and a visible company behind them, I’d rather stick with them.

Still, if you want an inexpensive spray that numbs effectively, it will do the job.

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