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china brush featured imageChina Brush, also known by the tongue-twister name of Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution, is an unusual desensitizing product to help men delay ejaculation.

The main appeal is that it contains natural ingredients, instead of the usual pharmaceutical anesthetics like Lidocaine or Benzocaine.

The good news is that it helped me last much longer during sex. The bad news is that despite the pleasing improvement in time, I discovered 2 major problems with it which I’ll be discussing later in this China Brush review.

What I was also very interested in was the ingredients; there’s always something that feels mysterious about Chinese medicine and herbs – to me at least.

So I wanted to know exactly how and why China Brush works. To find out I did some research into each of the 8 main ingredients to find out exactly what I was putting on my most delicate parts.

I’ll share these findings briefly below and then discuss in more detail what I found good and bad about China Brush. If you’re not interested in my obsessive compulsive dissection of the ingredients, scroll down a bit to find out more about how it works.

China Brush Ingredients

Please note that I didn’t waltz into a Chinese herbal remedy shop with a beaming smile and ask for a breakdown of these ingredients. This is simply a summary of some basic online research.

1. Fructus Cindii

This is a dried fruit of the Cnidium plant. It’s used in Chinese medicine to help guys with impotence. It has nothing to do with holding back ejaculation, but does seem like it could add some strength to your erection.

2. Cortex Cinnamomi – Cinnamon bark

Cortex Cinnamomi is listed on the World Health Organisation website, described as being used according to ‘folklore’ to treat impotence. But they also add the caveat that there’s no clinical data to support this or any other purported benefit.

According to Chinese medicine websites it’s a potent aid for those who have a low sex drive; it helps build strong internal and physical sexual energy. So again, nothing about delaying ejaculation, and more about being a natural Viagra.

3. Flos Caryophylli – also known as Ding Xiang and Clove

Flos caryophylli is the dried flower of the Clove tree. In one experiment involving rats it was found to significantly increase sexual libido. It’s also apparently used to numb tooth pain by rubbing it in. Perhaps the creators of China Brush have decided that it would also numb other body parts.

4. Rhizoma Alpiniae – a kind of ginger

This root is very similar to the type of ginger used in cooking. I couldn’t find anything to suggest a use for it in China Brush. Its medicinal properties seem mainly around stomach problems.

It does have an anti-inflammatory use, so maybe with all the action the first 3 plants might lead to, that would be useful!

5. Rhizoma Atractylodis – also known as Cāng zhú

Cāng zhú is a dried Rhizome which again doesn’t appear to have any obvious connection to premature ejaculation. It’s widely used in Chinese medicine, but not apparently for any sexual reasons.

It’s used to improve fatigue and night vision though. So perhaps again the creators of Kwang Tze Solution were being, well, creative.

6. Pericarpium Zanthoxyli – known as Prickyl ash Peel or Chinese Pepper

Chinese Pepper is the first China Brush ingredient which does have an anesthetic property. Native North American Indians used it is a numbing agent for toothache. So perhaps it could also help to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and thus delay ejaculation.

7. Radix Angelicae Dahuricae – also known as Bai Zhi or Angelica

This root is also definitely known in Chinese medicine as being a pain reliever, among other uses. So there are at least two, and possibly three, China Brush ingredients which are known pain relievers. And pain relievers, if they work by applying directly to the skin, could help numb the penis during sex.

8. Radix Ginseng – Ren Shen

Radix Ginseng is the dried root of the Panax Ginseng herb. It’s widely used in Chinese medicine to promote good Qi – the internal energy. One study of 90 men, quoted by the World Health Organization, states that it helped with impotence problems and libido.

The organization also states that it’s been found in studies to improve physical energy levels. So it does appear that including Radix Ginseng in China Brush could make sense.

9. Other ingredients

Water is also used in China Brush solution to create the liquid it comes in. I’ve also read reports that it can contain Aloe and Gallstone. But I don’t know where this information is being found. As far as I know, I’ve listed all the ingredients that are included in the official Kwang Tze Solution.

Hitting the problem from different angles

On the surface these 9 ingredients appear to stand up to scrutiny: there are ingredients which work as anesthetics, and so should reduce sensitivity; others which boost libido; and a few which help with erection strength. There are even energy boosters and an aphrodisiac thrown in for good measure.

It appears to me then that China Brush was designed to work from several different angles. And it seems that they’ve found a way to combine all 9 herbs and roots to good effect. Or have they?

Problems and side effects

image showing how to apply china brush
Most desensitizing products are in spray or cream form. China Brush is weirdly applied like nail varnish!

China Brush definitely has the potential to help some guys delay ejaculation. Especially if your problem is caused mainly by physical sensitivity like myself. 10 minutes extra? You can’t deny that that’s a huge improvement.

But there are a couple of issues which bothered me about it:

  • You have to apply it anything from 30-60 minutes before having sex. That means you have to plan sex in advance every time.
  • If you apply too much it can sting or produce a rash. I didn’t get a rash, but did feel a mild burning. And even though it went after a while, it was still unpleasant. Did I put too much on? Possibly, but I don’t think I used a lot. And at the end of the day I don’t want anything that does that anywhere near my penis.

Fake or authentic, and where to buy?

It seems that Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution is as difficult to find as it is to pronounce, as many online sex shops have discontinued it.

There are also many reports of fake China Brush bring sold. And there are various different theories as to which color label, type of application stick, packaging, bottle etc are genuine, and which are fake.

Some readers have left comments describing the difference between the authentic and fake, but often referring to a 2009 eBay description. However, that was 8 years ago and it makes sense that the manufacturer has changed their label and packaging since then.

A new Chinese herbal retailer

After a couple of readers said they got it from, I wrote to ask about the version they are selling, and if it’s authentic.

I got a reply from Cindy, who agreed for me to publish her reply:

We obtain our inventory of Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution directly from their sole distributor in the U.S. Our distributor is the only confirmed distributor in the U.S. and has a longstanding record with Suifan’s Medicine: they have provided to reputable companies over ten years before and after the rebrand of the product, and we’ve seen verification of the exclusive relationship they have with the manufacturer. For these reasons we have no reason to doubt its authenticity.
There seems to be a discrepancy of information on the web. I do think its worthwhile to clear it up. Yes, they’ve tweaked the formula a few years ago, it is now lighter in color and they’ve had a packaging rebrand, but it all still has the same ingredients and comes from the same manufacturer (Suifan’s Medicine) in Hong Kong. It may be worthwhile for you to review the current Suifan’s Kwang Tze formula on your website since the old one has been discontinued and no longer in existence, to see if you agree with the assessment above. I think sometimes, because the look and formula has changed over the last few years, a few customers assume it is fake. This is not the case, the product is not fake, just updated, and I have confirmed this directly.

Since then, I’ve bought their version, and also one from to see how they compare. In the photo below you can see both versions. The yellow label is from rootandspring, and the blue from lovehoney.

photo of the china brush I used in this review

If you’re interested in trying one of these versions, you can check out and also

Love honey also have a US and European online store. At the time of writing this, they don’t seem to stock it any longer. But it’s perhaps worth checking if you can’t get it from the two sites above.


For more options, you might find it helpful to read my review of desensitizing sprays and creams.

294 thoughts on “China Brush Review”

  1. Hey ,

    So I just got a update on this whole China brush thing I spoke to a seller who told me that suifans factory closed down like 5 years ago but the new product on the market which is suppose to be like the old solution is called Seifans Kwang I’m not to sure if it’s the real deal but might try it and see how well it does

    1. Hi James
      Could you tell me which seller you spoke to, just out of interest, please? If you do try it, it would be good to hear back from you.

    2. Wear it out

      Look, if you want to have porn star sex (Literally) for hours then this is what you’re looking for. I normally make 2 applications in a circular motion, never wash it off, wait about 1-1.5 hrs and let the hammer fest begin. Only down side is I didn’t climax last couple of times….but she was begging me to hurry up and I was steady dropping the hammer down…..titties flying!!!

      1. Lol. I needed that laugh. I’ve used it for years and it works. I had threesomes and wore both of them out and couldn’t finish. A few years ago the mop stopped working so now I’m on the spray. It’s in Chinese so I don’t know the name.

  2. Hi

    I’ve tried a few bottles from eBay and still haven’t found the real thing smh. Has there been any update on your side of things ?


    1. Hi James
      Same story here – I’ve tried a couple, and not had any good results. My current advice would be not to waste your money on any more.

    2. Very Satisfied

      I have used it since my college days. It’s been 40+ years. It has been a God send! Happy wife, happy life!
      Try Chinatown, if there is none in your city try a Chinese importer. Last resort, ask a Chinese Man!
      Good luck!
      Remember, a Healthy sex life is ONE of the most important parts of life!

  3. I bought both bottles from love honey last month and neither worked. Don’t waste your money

  4. Hi
    Has there Been any update on where you can buy China rush the real version

    1. Hi James,
      I’ll be updating the article in-depth soon, but to answer your question, I have tested both versions more than once now and to be honest wasn’t hugely impressed by either.
      The yellow one from rootandspring had the original style wooden application stick, with bits in the mixture. It also came with an authentic looking instruction leaflet. So in appearance it seemed more authentic, but it didn’t sting or burn at all and didn’t do much more than a very light numbing. The Lovehoney one – the larger bottle – had a plastic application stick, and did sting a little like the original. But it didn’t do a lot for me either – perhaps a little numbing again, but very light.
      So, maybe it was just me, but neither seemed hugely effective.

      1. I have bought 2 bottles since Xmas and they didn’t work. I emailed Lovehoney and they said the numbing agent has been removed due to new laws. Don’t waste your money.

        1. Hi Marc
          Really? It’s shocking if they still sell it then! I’ll have to get in touch and ask them myself.
          Thanks for the info.

      2. Iv just checked roots and spring and it seems as if there’s a new version of it as I’ve seen the reviews and there good I might buy a bottle and see if it works …. have u had any update on the China brush ?

        1. Hi James
          Thanks for the info. If you do try it, let me know how it seems to you if you have a moment! For me personally, I’m not impressed with China Brush really. Neither seemed to do much for me, and it’s becoming a bit of a headache staying on top of where you can get it and if it’s authentic or not!

  5. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried fortacin ? Iv seen great reviews about it it was even in the news etc

  6. Is this site and product genuine? Could you please review tong balm as I was thinking of using that as a alternative. Thanks

    1. Hi there
      I haven’t seen that site until now, so I couldn’t tell you. It seems like someone set up a website just to sell that one product, and there’s not much info. about who created it, so I don’t know what to say! I haven’t tried Tong Balm, but will add it to my list!

      1. Thanks yeah I agree. Do you know where I can find the genuine product in the uk? Also does this product if applied correctly numb the penis but still allows for a full hard erection? I don’t have a problem getting it hard my problem is with p.e I last only a couple of minutes. Will this product help me last longer? And does it burn/sting after application? Any other side effects I should be aware of?

        1. No problem. Try the links at the end of the article as I got it from both of those to try it. These websites do sometimes change their supplier though, so it’s not always easy for me to say with certainty if it’s still authentic!
          Like all desensitizing products, there can be some erection problems but it really depends on the person I think. Some guys are fine, others really struggle with it. You just have to try it and see. It might feel a little tingly after applying it – again, only way to know is to try it I’m afraid. But yes, it could help you last longer and hopefully will!

          1. Thanks unfortunately looking at the review on love honey it seems the supply they have now is fake. But finally I wanted to know how long after application can I wash it off and still have the feeling of it working

          2. Hi
            I doubt LoveHoney would supply a fake product as they are a reputable store. I might drop them a line and ask them though.
            I’d wait 10-15 mins and then wash it off. If it doesn’t work, maybe try keeping it on longer next time.

          3. Ok, so I just got in touch. They seem convinced it’s legit and haven’t changed the supplier in a long time. But, they will email the person responsible for ordering it, and get back to me tomorrow. When/if I hear from them, I’ll let you know here.

    2. Bill Gately

      I found it on eBay and it came from Hong Kong. The website is the one you mention. I’ll let you know.

  7. Very Pleased!

    I first tried the China Brush in college 4 decades ago. The ladies that I have been close to during these times have been very satisfied. I told them that they are so sexy and the only aphrodisiac I need. Also, combined with the Little Blue Pill, it is a sledgehammer!
    Good luck all!

    1. Hi there
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. Yes, the combination of viagra and delay products does tend to have dramatic effects on men’s staying power. As you say – the potential to be a sledgehammer…

  8. I asked a sidewalk cigarette seller in Saigon Vietnam for delay sex medicine, if you see condoms display with cigarettes and it’s the guy. I got the best Japanese condom with studs around it like coarse gravels, my GF loved it so much she kept asking where did I get it. With his sex delay liquid, I applied few drops on the tip of my P and it hurt like ear piercing that during the intercourse, all I thought about was the pain but I lasted close to an hour. Good news is I didn’t have to use it again because my head was programmed in for an hour sex marathon. It’s all in the head. Right, before going inside the cheese box, just talk to yourself, you are going to screw her brain out for hours.

    1. Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. It was interested to read your experience – that sounded too painful!
      I’ve heard of some people finding they can last much longer after one or two good experiences like you describe. Perhaps for some, it’s just a case of gaining some confidence and relaxing in the belief they can last that long. Not everyone will be so lucky though, so you’ve done well there!

  9. Hi Ethan,

    After reading all the positive comments i was able to order china brush from love honey. I suffer from severe pe and i hardly last for a minute or so. Today i tried it and applied it on the head of the penis and left it for two hours and washed it with water. But unfortunately for me it didnt work neither i had any tingling sensation and as usual i dint lasted for long. I didnt see any difference. The insturction manual only said to apply a thin layer. Should i apply this product to the head as well as the shaft of the penis? I really want this to work for me, also next if i dont wash before it will it be more potent? Hoping for your reply.


  10. I used China brush when the authentic was available. It worked. But that was years ago. I have been unable to find the true China brush. I have tried web sites around the globe and sex shops in Las Vegas… luck. Everything I tried was fake. I will try your links and advise.

    1. Hi Lloyd
      It’s been a tricky one to find for many people! Let me know if you think it’s the same as the original, or works as well, if you have a moment in the future to come back and share your thoughts.

    2. The Love Store carries them, I bought one from there. You should called them if they carry I seen it today!

  11. mr ethan san suifan medicine come out with a new oil royal dragon spray! it is better than old suifan. will u review soon?

      1. i tried dragon spray and think it is more potent then the china brush. i suffer from moderate pe

        1. Hi Frank
          They are very different products, so different men might have better results from one of the other. If it works for you, that’s the one to stick with!

    1. Hi Haim
      We don’t sell it though – just provide reviews. You’ll have to check out the companies I’ve mentioned, or other sex shops.

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