Super Dragon 6000 Review

photo of the super dragon 6000 delay spray bottle and box


Super Dragon 6000 is a desensitizing spray designed to help men with premature ejaculation. It also has a cool name, which helps make it feel more acceptable to use.

With 10% lidocaine, it has a strong numbing action and you can apply it just a few minutes before having sex. I found it helped me last considerably longer, extending my stamina by several minutes on average.

As always with these spays, it takes some trial and error to work out the right dosage and exactly where to rub it in. Once you’ve tested it a few times, it’s very easy to use and has the potential to help men who ejaculate quickly because of the physical stimulation of sex.


  • Strong numbing and an effective on-demand product for premature ejaculation.
  • Small and discreet bottle.
  • Take action quickly in just 5-10 minutes.
  • Lasts for over an hour.
  • Can be used with or without a condom.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Can’t be used for oral sex.
  • Might cause tingling or too much numbing.
  • Not a permanent cure for premature ejaculation.

My experience with Super Dragon 6000

Super Dragon 6000 would win the top prize if I was judging delay sprays by the branding alone! As much as I like the name though, what really matters is whether or not it can help you with ejaculation control.

Over a two week period, I used it several times and recorded how long it helped me last during sex. I also looked out for other details like how fast acting it was and any side effects or problems that occurred.

Overall, I found that Super Dragon was very effective. It increased my lasting time considerably on most occasions, so I can’t complain about how well it achieved the main aim of reducing sensitivity.

It was also one of the quickest to start working that I’ve tried. I found I could apply it just five minutes before sex, and after giving it a wipe to remove any residue, I was good to go.

It would then last for well over an hour, which was enough to have sex more than once without needing to apply any more of the spray.

I was disappointed that the instructions say not to use it when having oral sex. Other lidocaine sprays don’t have that warning, so I’m not sure who is right and who is wrong.

Perhaps it really depends on how well you wash first, and some manufacturers prefer to be cautious and not risk people complaining because their partner got upset when their tongue accidentally went numb.

Ingredients and how it works

Super Dragon 6000 contains two main ingredients: lidocaine 10%, and vitamin E 1%. The lidocaine does the numbing, and the vitamin E is apparently included to soften the skin. I still don’t understand why they decided that skin softening was an important part of managing premature ejaculation (let me know in the comments if you have the answer).

Lidocaine is one of the three main topical anesthetics commonly used in delay sprays, along with benzocaine and occasionally prilocaine. 10% seems to be around the maximum they typically include, which explains the strong effect.

It comes in a 12 ml bottle which will give you a maximum of 100 sprays. With the recommended dose being two sprays, that should last you 50 uses.

The manufacturer recommends spraying it once at least five minutes before sex. For the best effect, they recommend waiting 20 minutes, spraying again and waiting for five more minutes. Personally, I think that adds extra steps in a process that you really just want to get over and done with quickly and subtly.

I suppose it gives you the option of either using it once and getting on with it, or patiently undergoing a longer 30 minutes process for the strongest numbing effect.

Is Super Dragon 6000 safe?

As far as I’m aware, the spray hasn’t been passed as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or any authority around the globe either. This is common for over the counter delay sprays sold online as they are not currently regulated like medicines.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it will harm you, just that no clinical trials have been conducted to pass it as safe.

Some men may have an adverse reaction to lidocaine, such as a tingling or burning sensation, redness, small spots, or a rash. I recommend just using one spray on your first attempt and being ready to wash it off if you notice any side effects.

It’s also generally advised to stay clear of lidocaine products if having sex with a pregnant woman or trying to conceive. And the manufacturer recommends not using Super Dragon 6000 if engaging in oral sex.

And if you’re thinking of taking the capsule version, be aware that the FDA issued a statement in 2015 advising not to use them after they found traces of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.


  • It’s a strong spray, so it’s good for men with a sensitive penis.
  • It’s fast-acting – you can have sex 5 to 10 minutes after applying it.
  • It’s effective. It helped me last at least 10 minutes longer on average.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The can is quite small, so you can hide it discreetly and use it in the bathroom without a partner knowing.


  • The numbing strength is also a possible problem if you spray more times than you need to. I found in two sessions that it numbed the penis too much and I then had trouble maintaining an erection.
  • It may produce a tingling sensation for a few minutes after you apply it.
  • It’s advised not to use it if having oral sex due to the risk of transference to your partner.
  • It’s not a cure – you’ll have to use it each time you have sex.


Super Dragon 6000 is one of the strongest delay sprays I’ve tried and it worked well for me. It’s also one of the fastest to take effect, even without waiting for the second dose.

As with all the lidocaine and benzocaine desensitizing products, I imagine the strength could pose problems for some people – if you apply three sprays when you only need one, for example.

I think the key with delay sprays generally is to start slow and work your way up. You won’t know until you try it how many sprays you really need, so start with one and see if that works.

If it numbs you too much or tingles, I would suggest not using use any more sprays. But if it doesn’t have any side effects, you can try two sprays the next time if you feel you need a little more numbing.

Where to buy

Super Dragon 6000 isn’t so easy to get hold of these days. You can sometimes find it on Amazon, sold by third party sellers usually. You might also be able to find it on eBay.

I don’t know how trustworthy the third-party sellers are on either site, so I recommend caution if buying it from a seller without a good history of customer feedback.


  1. Please I want to ask
    If you spray it in your penis how long should you wait before sex
    If your partner is quite far from you and you are going to her place can u spray it and wear shorts
    After spraying can u take pills to support it

    • Normally it works in 5 to 10 minutes. It will stay working for at least an hour in my experience. So it depends how far they live from you. I’ve found these sprays still have some effect after 2-3 hours, so you can experiment on your own to see how it lasts.
      Yes you can, but it depends what pills and what effect you want.

  2. After you wash your penis, then you have been sprayed without having sex, will it make your penis big or not?

    • It has no effect on penis size. If your question was about spraying but not having sex, then no, it won’t give you an erection when you don’t want one.

  3. Hi I want to know how many minutes u will cum after using the dragon spray and also how I can use it to prolong my sexual sensitivity?

    • Hi Junior
      It’s not possible to answer your first question. Some men will have zero effect, others it might help a minute or two, others even longer. But you can’t predict it. To use it, just spray it on the penis, rub it in, wipe off or wash any excess, then wait 5 to 15 mins.

  4. Dear Ethan Green
    Can you Tell me in few simple words the method of using of dragon?
    1- Should Apply 15 mins before of intercourse?
    2- Should we wash penis before intercourse or not?
    3- If we wash penis before intercourse will it work or not?
    4- Normally should we spray only on the head ?
    Waiting for your response.

    • 1 – yes
      2 – yes, or just wipe with a cloth or tissue
      3 – yes as long as you wait a few minutes
      4 – yes, but try the shaft if you want to

    • Yes, in theory. But some manufacturers say it’s best not to use a spray if you want to have a baby as the exact effects are not known.

  5. Hi Ethan I have ordered it just an hour ago… my first question is that where I should spray all over the penis, or just on head of the penis
    Secondly, Can me and my partner have oral sex with it… cause in all other spray I have selected this just of it’s some kind of perfume in it which smells good.
    3rd, after spraying if it works to desensitize the penis to an hour or two according to given information, then after spraying the penis it would be better to wash to the penis after 10 minutes..and then start oral sex or sex ???

    • Hi Kashi
      1. Normally just the head, but you can experiment with the shaft too.
      2. Yes, oral is okay I believe.
      3. yes, this is always a bit confusing. Personally, I’d rub it in, wipe of any excess, then wait a few minutes. If you feel it’s still greasy, wipe or wash again.

  6. Hi, are there fake super dragon sprays in the market? If there are, how do I know it is original super dragon spray?

    • Hi
      I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I think that there is some copying and reselling of delay sprays, especially on Amazon where it seems pretty unregulated in my experience.
      If you’re unsure, I would stick to well known online sex shops when buying it.

  7. Hi,
    Will the effect still stay even after you shower? I mean after spraying it and wait for 5-10mins then take a shower?
    How can this affect if you are having sex with a pregnant woman?

    • Yes the effect usually remains in my experience. I think it’s wise not to use a spray if your partner is pregnant, just to be on the safe side.

    • Hi
      I haven’t seen specific instructions for this spray, but others that use similar ingredients say it’s ok to use a latex condom.

    • Hi
      No, it can’t. If anything, it will make it more difficult to keep an erection. These sprays often have a side effect of reducing sensitivity, which for some men (but not all) can result in loss of erection.

    • This is an unknown area, though I don’t think it’s known to definitely prevent pregnancy. However, it’s not advised to use it if you are trying to get pregnant either.

    • Some people do feel a burning from the ingredients. It might be because you put too much on, but you might just be more sensitive to it than some people are.

    • Hi Agyei
      It’s your choice really. But most would use it before erection unless you find it causes you difficult in getting an erection.

    • Hi Joyce
      I guess it could numb it if you get it on the scrotum. But it should be easily avoided by not applying it there and washing properly.

  8. Hi, will you feel it coming or it is a risk? since your penis will be numb as this is the most important thing ;) thanks

    • Hi John
      You will still feel orgasm, yes, because the orgasm sensations are not just on the surface of the skin.

    • Hi Viki
      Just like men, some women might react to the ingredients. It can also numb the woman if the man does not wash it off first. As for pregnancy, it’s advised not to use these sprays if trying to get pregnant.

  9. Hi Ethan. I have purchased the product and wish to use it whilst being able to engage in receiving oral. How can I get around this?

  10. Most of the lidocaine based products tingle/sting when first applied.
    You can alleviate this to some degree by warming the bottle up or running it under hot water before applying. It could even be to do with the medium the lidocaine is suspended in. If it is some kind of solvent that evaporates quickly it can cause almost like a freeze burn effect.
    Super Dragon seems to have some kind of perfume in it, which I don’t like, (maybe the vitamin E?)
    It’s recommended that you don’t use more than 10 sprays per day,(with 10% lidocaine products), since overuse can cause problems.
    It’s also transferable, so wash your knob first if you are not using condoms. (maybe check your partner has no allergies to lidocaine just in case.)

    • Hi Chumley
      You’re right – most of them do cause some tingling. I haven’t tried the warming up technique but will give it a go to see for myself.
      And your suggestions for using it correctly are also spot on.

  11. Hi thanks for the important education but I would like to know if it will still work when you wash it off after 5 minutes

  12. I have used “other” makes of spray in conjunction with viagra and had some fantastic results, I go from lasting less than a minute to having penetrative sex for 25 minutes, and then able to get erect again within 5 minutes…. I just got some Super Dragon 6000 and cant wait to see if it works as well, or better. Spray and viagra….. best thing I ever discovered.

  13. Hey Ethan,

    Can’t thank you enough for all these very informative articles on a topic not many people want to talk about.

    I just want to ask, what would happen if you used this spray with oral? Would your partner go numb in her mouth, or something less (or more) serious?

    • Hi Jay
      It depends – some men find it takes away too much sensation. But that usually results in erection problems rather than just not being able to come. It’s a case of getting the balance right.

  14. What effect does super dragon has when applied but couldn’t get the chance to have sex with your partner and its actually your first time of applying?

  15. Hi,

    How long does the spray stay in your system for? As it contains lidocaine would I fail a urine drugs test? Thanks, Carol

  16. The people that process the online merchant accounts stop or ban accounts that sell it and other random stuff, one merchant account told us to stop selling condoms!. Apparently it is Visa who have an issue, even paypal can be at the whim of these giants. We have been through 3 merchant processors so far telling us to stop selling stuff that’s not even illegal.

  17. Ave use the spray for some years but now i find it difficult to urinate.and i always feel urinating every 2 minutes why?

    • Hi Feliz
      Does the need to urinate only happen when you use the spray? Does it go away after a couple of hours when the spray wears off? I’m not sure why it causes that reaction – I guess the lidocaine is doing something to you. Perhaps try a smaller dose, or a different spray to see if you have the same effect or not.

    • Hi Rutz
      It should last a few hours, so you would probably only need to spray it 2 or 3 times in the day. I’m not sure how many times in 24 hours is safe to use it though, so I wouldn’t go crazy with it.

  18. My friend told that dragon spray can prolonged the time of sex but am afraid since I have never used it before I don’t want to be a victim please advise

    • Hi Kombat
      Well, try taking it slowly. Spray one spray on your arm and wait and hour to see if your skin reacts badly or is fine. Then try just using one spray on the penis and see if that works. If you have a reaction, like a rash or burning sensation you don’t like, then wash it off and don’t use it again.

    • Hi there
      I can’t tell you for sure what the effect might be, as there’s no scientific evidence I can find about this. However, I do think it’s best to avoid using it when trying to conceive, as this is what 2 companies advised me. So perhaps it’s better to avoid when they are pregnant too. Better to be on the safe side.

  19. Hi
    I bought two super dragon delay spray last year. It worked well for me until one or two months ago. But after that till now, when I use even one spray and wait for few minutes, I can’t get an erection. I checked the expiry date and it lasts till 2019. Could you tell me the reason?

    • Hi Kav
      It might be just too strong for you now – are you putting the same amount on? Try using much less and see what happens. You can even put less than 1 spray on if you spray it into a glass and then dab your finger rather than applying the whole spray direct to your penis.

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