The Benefits And Side Effects Of Delay Creams & Sprays

image of several delay sprays used to assess the benefitsDelay creams and sprays are an easy and immediate solution for premature ejaculation that appeal to many men.

They can be especially useful if your problem is caused by physical sensitivity rather than factors like anxiety or a lack of arousal control.

In this article you’ll find out more about the pros and cons of using a delay cream or spray, helping you work out if it’s the right option for you or not.

And if you’ve already decided you want to try one, you might like to see my recommendations of the best delay sprays and creams.

The benefits

1. An easy option which requires minimal effort

Using a delay cream is perhaps the quickest and easiest approach to dealing with premature ejaculation. All you need to do is apply it before you have sex, wait a few minutes before washing it off, and you’re good to go.

2. Use on demand

A delay cream only needs to be applied each time you have sex. So if you don’t have sex often, you don’t need to worry about continually taking something just in case. This is in stark contrast to some other treatments such as anti-depressants, which would need to be taken every day.

3. The ingredients are usually safe

The ingredients used are typically Benzocaine and Lidocaine, topical anesthetics which are generally thought to be safe for most people. Durex condoms, Promescent, Super Dragon 6000, Doc Johnson, Rock hard and Stud 100, for example, all use either of those.

Some people may have adverse reactions to a topical anesthetic cream, but it’s quite rare and most people tolerate the ingredients well.

4. Available without a prescription

Most delay creams can be bought over the counter or ordered online, without the need for a prescription. So if you’re not keen on talking to your doctor about it, this is a discreet self-help option that can avoid any potential embarrassment.

5. The numbing is usually effective

The most important question when considering a delay cream is of course whether it actually works of not. Most of them do work, and sometimes very well.

However, the numbing action is sometimes a little too strong and causes other problems, as you’ll see in the next section.

Possible issues and side effects

1. Loss of erection

One of the common side effects of delay products is too much numbing. If the cream is too strong, or you put too much on, you may end up with reduced sensation.

This can sometimes also result in difficult getting or maintaining an erection. You then have to wash off what you can, and wait for the anesthetic to wear off before trying again. Not an ideal situation in the throws of passion.

2. Loss of pleasure

Another common problem with desensitizing creams is that you effectively have a trade-off. You should last longer in bed, but you might enjoy the sensation less.

It could be argued that you have less pleasure, but have it for longer so it’s a good trade. And you also get pleasure in knowing that you’re satisfying your partner, which is of course very important.

3. Transference to your partner

Any numbing cream has the potential to cause some problems for your partner if it transfers to the, either through penetrative sex or oral.

So it’s important to follow the instructions carefully (If you bought one that doesn’t have clear instructions, take a look at my article about using delay sprays correctly).

But sometimes transference still happens for various reasons, such as getting the timing wrong or not washing it off properly. An easy way to avoid this is to use a condom, and if you have unprotected sex make sure you wash it off properly before sex.

4. Having to apply it before having sex

Depending on your personal situation, the act of applying the spray or cream can be an issue.

If you’re in a relationship, or with an understanding person, it’s probably not so much of an issue – especially if you know exactly when you’re going to have sex.

But if you’re with a new partner, or it’s spontaneous sex, it can be a bit of a passion killer to pop into the bathroom to apply it and then wait to wash it off.

My advice is to just be up front about it and make the most of that time to focus on giving your partner some amazing foreplay. Hopefully they’ll be too busy being pleasured to make you feel awkward about the cream.

5. Not a cure – the long-term cost

Desensitizing products can’t cure premature ejaculation, so if you choose to use them on an ongoing basis, you’ll have to keep buying them.

If you have the money, you might feel that it’s worth the cost. And even if you don’t have all the money in the world, the chances are you’ll still find enough for the upkeep of your sex life. But at the end of the day, the cost will add up if you have an active life between the sheets.


As you can see, there are good reasons for and against using a desensitizing product. The main positives are that they are easy to get, work quickly and you don’t have to put any effort into learning ejaculation control.

The main problems are that it’s not a cure and it can cause a loss of pleasure and erection strength.

My advice is that if you need something to help right now, it’s worth trying one to see if it suits you. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully and don’t skip the part where you wash it off before sex.

359 thoughts on “The Benefits And Side Effects Of Delay Creams & Sprays”

  1. I have read a lot about PE here and on other websites. Thanks a lot for the enlightenment and recommendations. My whole body is extraordinarily sensitive. I ejaculate in less than one minute! A brief physical contact with a lady or sight of naked or half-naked lady (in person or picture) causes me to wet my underpants. I used spray about three or four times but I stopped because it did not work. Could you please recommend the most suitable cream and condom that will meet my special case or need.

    1. Hi there
      I’m glad the website has been useful for you! I think it’s possible that your situation is also mental. Even though you say you’re very sensitive, if you ejaculate just one sight, there’s something going on there that isn’t purely physical. Does it also happen on days where you masturbate earlier in the day? Or does it not matter how much you have ‘built up’ as such? Sometimes people pass through phases, short or long, of feeling very horny a lot of the time. If you ‘deal with yourself’ earlier in the day, perhaps it can help reduce the effect when you see someone later on.
      I’d also look into the mental side of keeping calm – breathing exercises, reducing how much you fantasize when you see someone, practicing looking at pictures and keeping yourself in a calm state.
      As for delay creams etc, check out my delay sprays review which has my current recommendations still. My personal favorite is Promescent, but there are others which are pretty good too, as you’ll see on that list.

  2. Fatana Safi

    Hi Ethan Green,

    I hope you are well. I would like some advise on the fact that my hubby used the stud 5000 spray but firstly didn’t check the date that it was expired on November 2017 and secondly you mentioned above that it should be washed but he didn’t wash it and we had sexual intercourse whilst the spray was on his penis, is this going to cause me any problems in the future for having children? I am not wishing to have children in a few years but nonetheless will it cause a problem for me having children? Please advise me on this.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Fatana
      I doubt the expiry will cause any problems – the most likely thing is that it just won’t have been as effective. And I don’t think your situation will cause you any problems having children in the future. Nobody knows for sure the effect of these sprays on the unborn child, but I’ve never seen anything to suggest the occasional mistake like this will cause serious harm. So I really wouldn’t worry about it. Just make sure he uses it correctly next time, and all will be fine.

  3. Jimmyinspires

    Hi Sir, am 25 years and honestly speaking I shamefully last for a minute which I have dissolve all sexual relationships. Mine for sure is PE. Is it curable plss ?

  4. Thanks for your reviews man. I have had a long time without having sex, last month I broke my a girls virginity and my performance didn’t please me at all. I am having a girl over sometime after two weeks, and with this one I can’t mess up. Am definitely going to use protection so I wanted to ask how Promescent performs when combined with a condom, and if so how many doses you recommend.

    1. Hi MG
      You’re welcome! You can use it with a condom, but in my experience the combined effect of a delay spray and condom can increase the risk of erection problems due to being too numb and not feeling so much sensation. It’s not guaranteed of course, but it’s a risk to be aware of. So, I’d use just 1 spray, or even half a spray! Only apply it to your frenulum, and don’t apply it until you’re feeling aroused and you know you’re going to have no trouble getting an erection.
      It’s also possible just using a thick condom will do enough on its own. So that might be worth trying if you find the combo. takes away too much sensation for you.

  5. Hi sir my name raja my wife now pregnant 6month delay spray using safe or not i am use 1st time now …???

    1. Hi Raja
      Because the safety isn’t known, it’s better not to use a delay spray if she is pregnant. Maybe if you use a condom too – as long as it’s a spray that is compatible with condoms – but not unprotected.

  6. Hello sir i’m unmarried boy my age is 25 and I have used delay spray. Other says that later i can’t make baby is it true or not????

        1. Hi Skitten
          Good question! They vary a lot, and some don’t even include an expiry date!
          2 of the better sprays, Promescent and Fortacin do though. My bottle of Fortacin says to discard 12 weeks after first using. The Promescent bottle I have has a shelf life until October 2019.

  7. Hi I’m Samuel.i broke my virginity last month but whenever I have sex I don’t last longer at least by two or three minutes am done. And I want know whether is PE

    1. Hi Samuel
      Well, technically, yes, it probably could be called PE. But it’s very common for guys to have trouble lasting very long when they first start having sex. So it may well get better in time naturally. But you can still read around this website for advice on improving your stamina.

  8. sir I married in 2012 my age is now 28 year and I am facing PE from the day first I think it is just because of my lot of masturbation from the age of 15 years till now is it true? if yes then please tell me how I can overcome over it

    1. Hi Riaz
      It could be connected to masturbation, but not necessarily as there are various possible causes. There is lots of advice on this site, so just take a good look around. A delay spray can definitely help, but there are other methods to think about too.

  9. I don’t know if I have premature ejaculation or I’m just way too sensitive, well i had my
    Ex girlfriend and we used to go for a good amount of time, we brake up and i stop dating or having sex like for 2 years but I did lot of masturbation. Now i got me a new girlfriend and I’m on and off sometimes well rarely last the right amount of time but more so ill end up reaching the orgasm faster than I want.

    1. Hi Pedro
      After a long break without having sex, it’s very normal to be more excited and have less control. If you had no problem before, there’s a good chance you’ll be fine again in time. Try the tips and advice around this website, and hopefully you’ll be able to slow things down and last longer.

  10. Anytime my guy uses the spray… I end up getting a bleeding. Is it some of the side effects?

    1. Hi Joyce
      Which spray does he use? That’s definitely not normal, so I would ask him to stop using it. But, could it be that he is lasting much longer and irritating your vagina through having longer and/or harder sex? Whatever the explanation, I would also think about mentioning it to your doctor to get yourself checked out.

  11. Hi, I wonna ask, WATS de side effect on women and is there any delay spray for women??

    1. Hi iris
      Well, the main side effect is numbing to the mouth or vagina if it transfers to them. That’s why men should wash it off before sex. There isn’t a specific spray for women because there isn’t much demand for it! Best to ask a doctor if a man’s lidocaine spray is safe for them.

  12. Using the spray , can you feel when you have to go to the bathroom? I haven’t used it yet because of that reason.

    1. I want to try delay spray but i am afraid because we are planing to make baby . Is there any chanse using delay spray can stop make my wife pregnant? And one more thing if use delay spray is it helpful for erect my penis?

      1. Hi Nicc
        It’s not recommended to use delay sprays if trying to conceive. And sadly, no it won’t help you get an erection. If anything, it will make it more difficult if you use too much.

  13. (1)Sir, I have been using the dragon spray since three years ago, Pls is it among the best ones? (2) If i looses the strength of erection through the uses of the delay spray what will l do to regain the strength back?

    1. Hi Charles
      Which spray is it? Super Dragon, or Dragon Delay Spray? Both are pretty standard sprays that work quite well anyway. If you have erection problems, just just using it and you should be fine in a few hours. If it’s an ongoing problem for days after you last had sex or used the spray though, there could be another cause, so it’s a good idea to speak to a doctor about it.

    1. Hi Philip
      I don’t think so, no. However, the advice I’ve been given by Promescent, who know what they are talking about, is not to use it if you’re tying to conceive or if your partner is pregnant.

  14. Hi, I want to know if a woman can get infected when she gives her man a blow job after he uses the delay spray?
    I do that a lot to my man.

    1. Hi Peggy
      There’s nothing in these sprays that can cause an infection as far as I know. The only thing that might happen is you get a numb mouth if there is still some spray residue on his penis.

  15. Is there any negative effect if one uses this spray for longer period for less say two years???

    1. Hi Osman
      That’s a good question, and to be honest I’m not totally sure. However, I know from speaking to Promescent that they have customers who have used it since they started selling it a few years ago. Having said that, my personal view would be to ask your doctor about the safety of it, and also to give your body a break from using it from time to time.

      1. I have been using delay sprays since 2014 till now but what I have noticed is that I need it only when am with a new partner or if I don’t have sex often..when my partner is always with me seems I last longer the more sex we have with experiencing P.E.

        1. Hi Blay
          That’s been my experience too. And it’s a common recommendation for men with PE to try to have more regular sex, as you do usually have more control if the sex is more often. Long gaps make it harder for any man to control himself, so with PE it’s even more important to stay used to sex. It’s another reason I recommend using a sex toy if you’re single and have PE.

      1. Hi Sako
        I would definitely say spray is better. And preferably one which has a metered pump that sprays the same amount every time. That way you can find the right dose and keep applying that same dose.

  16. Hi. My partner is 63 years old and is a kidney transplant patient. He has high np. We want to try the rock hard cream. He has a problem getting and maintaining an erection. Is it safe to use ?

    1. Hi Ali
      I can’t really advise on the safety of using it in his case, sorry. The best thing is to speak to his doctor to check it’s ok.

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