Super Dragon 6000 Review

super dragon 6000 delay spray


Super Dragon 6000, aside from having a great name, is an effective delay spray for men who have difficulty lasting very long during sex.

With 10% lidocaine, you can apply it just before having sex and it has a strong numbing action. That does mean you need to be careful not to use too much if you want to retain some sensitivity.

But once you get the right amount, this is one of the most effective desensitizing products I’ve used.


In this review, I’ll be taking a closer look at a desensitizing spray which has one of the best names ever – Super Dragon 6000.

As much as I like the name though, what really matters is whether or not it can help you with ejaculation control.

Over a 2 week period, I used it several times and recorded how long it helped me last during sex. I also looked out for other details like how fast-acting it was and any side effects or problems that occurred.

Overall, I found that Super Dragon was effective – it increased my lasting time considerably on most occasions. So I can’t complain about how well it actually achieved the main aim of reducing sensitivity.

It was also one of the quickest to start working that I’ve tried. I found I could apply it just five minutes before sex, and after giving it a wipe to remove any residue, I was good to go.

It would then last for well over an hour, which was enough to have sex more than once without needing to use more spray.

How it works

Super Dragon 6000 contains 2 main ingredients: lidocaine 10%, and vitamin E 1%. The lidocaine does the numbing, while the vitamin E is there to soften the skin, for reasons I’m not sure I really understand.

Lidocaine is one of 2 topical anesthetics commonly used in delay sprays. And 10% is at the higher end of the amount typically used.

It comes in a 12 ml bottle which will give you a maximum of 100 sprays. And with the recommended dose being 2 sprays, that should last you 50 uses.

The manufacturer recommends spraying it once at least 5 minutes before sex. For the best effect, they do though say you should wait 20 minutes and then spray once more, before waiting another 5.

So you then have the choice of either using it once and quickly getting on with it, or going with a longer 30 minutes process for the strongest numbing effect.

Is Super Dragon 6000 safe?

As far as I’m aware, the spray hasn’t been passed as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or any authority in Europe either.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it will harm you, just that no clinical trials have been conducted to pass it as safe yet.

Some men may have an allergic reaction to lidocaine, but usually this is no more severe than a rash or burning sensation. I recommend just using one spray on your first attempt and being ready to wash it off if you notice any side effects.

It’s also generally advised to stay clear of lidocaine products if having sex with a pregnant woman. And the manufacturers themselves recommend not using Super Dragon 6000 if engaging in oral sex.

And if you’re thinking of taking the capsule version, be aware that the FDA issued a statement in 2015 advising not to use them after they found traces of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.


  • It’s a strong spray, so it’s good for men with a sensitive penis.
  • It’s fast-acting – you can have sex 5 to 10 minutes after applying it.
  • It’s effective. It helped me last at least 10 minutes longer on average.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The can is quite small, so you can hide it discreetly and use it in the bathroom without a partner knowing.


  • The numbing strength is also a possible problem if you spray more times than you need to. I found in 2 sessions that it numbed the penis too much and I then had trouble maintaining an erection.
  • It may produce a tingling sensation for a few minutes after you apply it.
  • It’s advised not to use it if having oral sex due to the risk of transference to your partner.
  • It’s not a cure – you’ll have to use it each time you have sex.


Super Dragon 6000 is in my experience one of the strongest delay sprays available, and it does seem to be effective. It’s also one of the fastest to take effect.

But as with most temporary delay products, the strength could pose problems for some people – if you apply three sprays when you only need one, for example.

I think the key with delay sprays generally is to start slow and work your way up. You won’t know until you try it how many sprays you really need, so start with one and see if that works.

If it numbs you too much or tingles, then don’t use any more sprays. But if it doesn’t have any side effects, you can try two sprays the next time if you feel you need more numbing.

240 thoughts on “Super Dragon 6000 Review”

  1. joseph

    I bought one labelled dragon spray not super dragon it also original?

    1. Hi Joseph
      I’m not sure if it will be the same or not. I’ve noticed a few variations in the last year appearing – I ordered 2 different ones in the US with the word dragon in them recently to check them out, and they were sent from two small cities in India. My advice would be to test it carefully…just 1 small spray to see how you react.

  2. Hi how to apply this product and how is this help and how long maximum time

    1. Hi Siva
      It’s a delay spray, so it’s supposed to help numb your penis during sex so you last longer. The maximum time is impossible to predict. You spray it onto your penis head, rub it in, wait 10-15 minutes, then wash with a damp cloth, and then you can have sex.

    1. Hi Moses
      You should feel less sensitivity of the penis, but that’s the only significant feeling you should get.

  3. Anonymous

    I haven’t bought the product yet as I’m seeing what’s the best to buy but I’m curious..if one spray is applied and you wait and apply the second …do you have to wash or clean off before sex or does this dry naturally

    1. Hi Otutey
      It’s impossible to say, as everyone will react diferently to the spray. It could help you last a minute or two longer, or maybe much longer, or maybe not at all! Unfortunately, it’s not possible to predict, and you’ll just have to try it and find out.

  4. Hi. I’m using this spray for the first time. To clarify, I spray it on my bellend and do I wash it off straight away? Or spray it, leave it for 5mins and then wash it off?

    1. Hi Sam
      Yes, spray it on the penis head, mainly around the underside where the frenulum is, as that tends to be the most sensitive part. The wait 5 mins, and if there’s any residue, give it a wipe with a damp cloth. You don’t need to have a shower or use soap or wash it hard – just give it a gentle wipe if it looks like there’s some that didn’t absorb completely.

    1. Hi Chandu
      No, I don’t think this spray will give you an erection. It’s real purpose is to help you delay ejaculation, not help to get an erection.

  5. The problem I have is that when I spray it b4 sex I dnt get erection so could it be that I should get an erection b4 spraying it?and also do I have to wash it after spraying my penish b4 sex?

    1. Hi Kweku
      You should wash it after spraying it before having sex. If you have trouble getting an erection after using it, then try using less next time. If you out it on after getting an erection, you need to be sure you can keep your erection long enough for it to really work.

  6. Hi can you spark it on and wait 5-10 minutes and wash up can it still work? Because if I let it stay on long I cannot get up

    1. Hi Jam
      Yes, you should find that still works. You can do some experiments yourself also to get the balance right between quantity of sprays, time, numbing and erection strength.

  7. Can I apply it when am not yet erect??? Or should I be erect before I can apply it???

  8. I used it but i didnt get fully erection of my penis during intercourse why is it so?

    1. Hi Rahul
      Sometimes this can happen. It might be that you just won’t be able to use this spray. But you could try using less, or trying a different one.

  9. Wonder Flectcher

    When i spray the tip of my penis for the said minutes,can i penetrate my woman without washing it off first before penetrating? and wont the spray cause any sign in her P***y?

  10. I have apply the dragon spray for more than twice but it didn’t work for me so pls what is the problem with me Cruz I know this spray works effectively but why not me

    1. Hi Russo
      These sprays don’t work for everyone, unfortunately. You could try another spray, but if that doesn’t work either, you might want to try other techniques to last longer.

  11. Edgar Mendes

    Is it safe for a girl/woman suck your dick when spraying it while waiting for it to tingle?

  12. so using the dragon spray will it make penis strong or very hard as in fully erect

    1. Hi
      As far as I know, it doesn’t really interact badly with general sex pills. You can always check online for the interaction between the ingredients of each product.

    1. Hi Joel
      I think it’s probably better to avoid it. I’m not sure what the manufacturer recommends, but I do know it’s better to avoid oral sex as the risk of transference is quite high. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

  13. Alberto

    Hi Ethan

    Does it have to be applied with flaccid penis? Does it interfere with the ability to get it up?

    1. Hi Alberto
      Yes, apply it to a flaccid penis, unless you think you can maintain an erection until the waiting time is over or can easily get an erection again if it goes flaccid while you wait. It does cause some guys problems in getting an erection, as most sprays do, but as long as you use a small amount as a first test, you’ll give yourself the best chance for it to work without causing problems.

  14. Please tell me the difference between super dragon 34000 and super dragon 6000?and how will i know the orginal one

    1. Hi Amadu
      Super dragon 6000 is the original. The 34000 one seems to be some kind of remake of super dragon and dooz. I don’t know how reliable it is, or who makes it to be honest.

    1. Hi Robert
      The instruction should tell you how many. Personally, I always start with just one spray of any product just to see if it results in any unpleasant sensations. And sometimes one spray is enough, even if the instructions tell you that you may need to spray 2 or 3 times.

    1. Hi Kevin
      I don’t think it really matters to be honest. But bearing in mind you need to give it some time before having sex, it’s probably best to put in on before you get erect, otherwise you might end spending a very frustrating few minutes. Either that or put in on when erect and then continue with foreplay until it starts working.

    1. Hi JM
      That’s a good question. I just took a look online, and it seems that on different websites you can find different manufacturers based in China.

  15. pls i want to knw if after using dragon spray and u wash it off and u have an oral sex can u last long?

  16. Hey please if i drink Vegar 100 and then later i use Dragon spray do it have any effect

    1. Hi John
      I don’t know to be honest. But I imagine it will still work because they are treating different issues.

  17. Keifer

    Hi I know this may sound stupid but can you take this while taking viagra

    1. Hi Keifer
      Not stupid at all! To be honest, I’m not 100% sure, but I really don’t see why it would be a problem at all.

  18. Hi… get any side effects like head aches, or head rushes like viagra…

  19. Stifler

    Hello, am Stifler. Do i have to wash off with water only or water and soap before sex?

  20. Hi do I need to spray it and wash it before having sex.or wash it after having sex.

  21. Hi bro.

    Do you have to wash it off before intercourse with your partner? Kindly confirm.

  22. kenneth curtis

    Oh my Good God
    This spray is good
    This spray is superb
    This spray is what u need if u are not selfish and want ur partner too to enjoy sex

    1. Hi Kenneth
      Thanks for your comment. It’s always good to hear from someone who had positive results with it!

  23. moses

    can the use of dragon delay spray affect me if we are about to have sex with my partner and i use it later my partner change up her mind,when i have already spray it on my pennis

    1. Hi Moses
      No, there’s no harm that will come to you, whether or not you actually have sex once you’ve sprayed it. And you can always wash it off more carefully if you’re not going to have sex.

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