How To Do The Squeeze Technique

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The squeeze technique is a self-help technique that might help some men with premature ejaculation.

The sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson came up with the idea decades ago, but it’s still regularly discussed as a method that men can use to stop themselves from ejaculating too soon during sex.

For example, researchers in 2021 describe it in their study of premature ejaculation treatments as follows:

This sustained pressure applied to glans penis results in the contraction of bulbospongiousus muscle via bulbospongiosus reflex leading to diminished ejaculatory urgency, loss of desire to ejaculate and reduced rigidity of penis, thereby helping to prolong sexual activity.

I’ve tried many different techniques in the past, and I’ll say from the outset that the squeeze technique isn’t my favorite, even though I have successfully used it during sex.

I find it a bit uncomfortable and awkward to do, as you basically need to pull out and squeeze your penis head fairly tightly for it to work. It’s a bit dramatic, so I prefer more subtle techniques like the stop and start method.

Having said that, I still think it’s interesting to try different techniques, and you might like the squeeze technique more than I do. So in this article, I’ll explain how to do it in case you’d like to give it a go.

Key points

1. Do you need a professional to show you how?

Some websites recommend that you ask a professional sex therapist to show you how to do the technique because it’s quite difficult to get right.

I’m not convinced that many men will ask for that kind of help though, especially when you can just go online and find out how to do it.

I think it’s possible to understand the technique with some clear instructions, but I wanted to mention this point in case you’ve read it elsewhere.

2. You can do it alone or with your partner

I’ve read some articles suggesting that if you try the squeeze technique yourself, it can be less effective. This kind of makes sense because of the awkward thumb and finger positioning needed to do it correctly.

You can get the positioning of your fingers and thumb right when doing it yourself, but it requires some wrist and finger yoga.

However, I’ve discovered that you can still get pretty much the same result if you just switch the positions of your fingers around.

I also prefer to take control of this particular action myself rather than letting my partner do it.

I don’t like the feeling of ‘needing’ someone else to squeeze my penis to stop me from ejaculating. If you have a partner, it might be worth both of you trying it though to see which is more effective, assuming you’re both comfortable with experimenting with the squeeze technique.

How to do the squeeze technique

squeeze technique picture

First of all, it’s good to practice the technique before you’re at the point of no return (when you are just about to ejaculate). Once you understand the positioning and strength of squeeze required, you can try it during sex.

So, assuming you’re practicing the technique with your partner, ask them to start masturbating you.

As soon as you get a full erection, ask her to stop and put her fingers in the correct position to squeeze your penis.

The correct finger positioning

She should place her thumb on the frenulum, which is the string-like piece of skin connecting the head of the penis to the foreskin.

The first and second fingers are placed on the opposite side, i.e. the front side of the penis that you see when you look down at it.

They are placed on either side of the coronal ridge, which is the ridge of the tip of the penis a few centimeters from the very top, but with the fingers still next to each other on either side of the ridge.

Your partner squeezes your penis with her fingers in that position for several seconds. She needs to squeeze quite hard, and probably won’t naturally apply the right strength through fear of hurting you.

If that’s the case, you may need to guide her by putting your hand over her fingers and showing her how hard she can squeeze without hurting you.

You may lose some of your erection because of the squeeze, which is completely normal. Your partner should then wait 15 to 30 seconds after releasing the squeeze before starting to stimulate your penis again.

As soon as you get a full erection again, you can repeat the technique. This pattern can be repeated 4 to 5 times in the first session. When you’ve done this a few times, you can then move on to try it to achieve ejaculation control.

If you want to practice the technique on your own, see if you can achieve the same finger positioning yourself.

You may need to bend your wrist in a slightly uncomfortable way for it to work. If you can’t do it, you could try experimenting with your fingers the other way around, though this isn’t technically the way to do it. Still, if it works, it works!

Doing it on your own can also be helpful in working out how many seconds you usually need to hold the squeeze for before the feeling of needing to ejacuate subsides. That way, you can tell your partner to aim for that length of time when they do it, or until you simply ask them to stop squeezing.

Again, some experimenting and quite a few attempts will probably be needed to get the timing and positioning right.

Practicing ejaculation control

In the next stage, ask your partner to masturbate you up until close to the point of nearing orgasm, and then use the squeeze technique as described above.

The key is to make sure you do it at the right time, which isn’t always easy to pinpoint at first. With practice, you’ll get better at understanding the right time to do the squeeze.

It’s a bit of an art form getting the timing right, so you’ll have to experiment a little and probably be prepared for a few timing mishaps at first.

If you find that you instantly feel like ejaculating when she starts again after each rest, you probably left it too close to the point of ejaculation. If so, try to stop and do the squeeze a little earlier next time.

The idea is that the technique will buy you time each time you do it and rest, not that you end up painfully hovering around the point of ejaculation.

You can repeat this process either 4-5 times or for a period of 5-10 minutes – whichever comes first. Remember to allow an enjoyable ejaculation and orgasm at the end of the session.

After practicing this technique over 3-4 different days, you can move on and try it with oral sex. Finally, after 3-4 days of practicing during oral sex, you can attempt ejaculation control with full penetrative sex.

When having full sex, it’s recommended that you use the squeeze technique 2-3 times first during foreplay before having sex and continuing to withdraw and use the technique.

How often should you practice it?

The squeeze technique takes dedication on both your and your partner’s part. It may be then that you only practice the technique once or twice per week whilst continuing to have normal sex on other days.

It’s important to still have a natural sexual relationship whilst practicing this and other techniques.

Stick with it though, and you could start see good results even in your normal sexual encounters with your partner.

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  1. One of my friends suggested to do the Squeeze technique, but I have a doubt to clear. Is there any possibility that technique leads to retrograde Ejaculation suddenly in after a week or later a year? Please Reply with Reason.

    • Hi John
      I think as long as you do it properly, you should be okay. I don’t know if there is a risk of permanent retrograde ejaculation – I would be surprised if it did.

  2. My girlfriend loves to apply this technique to me as she says it gives her a sense of command over me….. but I am very worried as she applies the squeeze to the area just below the head and at the bottom where the frenulum is. My ejaculate is pulsing – trying to get out and I feel it might be very dangerous as where can the ejaculate go while there is no way for it to release? Is it dangerous?

    • Hi James
      I don’t think it’s inherently dangerous – it will just come out next time you urinate, or even just drip out once you start again. But if you find it uncomfortable, perhaps try to stop and squeeze before the point of being mid-ejaculation.

  3. Sometimes I last 20 to 30 mins and other times less then 60 seconds. I even have trouble getting hard at times. Then I have days of sex two or three times plus. Before my cancer treatment it was never an Issue. Sex as much and as long as I wanted.

    • Hi Bob
      Having had cancer myself, I know exactly what you mean. I think cancer treatment plays havoc with men’s sex lives, and in mine and your case, makes it kind of unpredictable. Things do get better though I’ve found, 7 years on and counting!

  4. Can a 18 year old try this technique? is it harmful for a teenager to masturbate? if it is then what time gap should I maintain for masturbating ..please tell in full detail.

  5. I’ve tried this technique but don’t rate it at all. I just feel stupid doing it, like a little kid holding himself so he doesn’t piss himself. At least with the start and stop you don’t have to pull out and totally change focus from your girl to your dick.

  6. So basically you’re saying don’t bother with this technique and do the start and stop? or is there a place for this one too?

    • Hi Brandon
      Well, I guess it depends on you and what works for you. Perhaps you could try experimenting with it and if it works, maybe you’ll want to continue with it. But in my personal experience, it’s not the most enjoyable technique, nor the most effective.

    • Hi Nelson
      Good question! It depends a lot on whether you mean physical excitement, emotional, mental, or all threee. And there is of course a lot of overlap between them. I personally think that the start and stop method is a good technique for learning about your different arousal levels, and then practicing recognizing them and reducing them when you feel you’re becoming too aroused. So the idea is to understand when you’re on a 7 or 8 out of 10, where 10 would be reaching orgasm. When you know the signs that you’re on a 7 or 8, it’s time to take action to calm yourself down – for example checking your breathing and keeping it slow, deep and relaxed, changing sex position if it’s too much to handle, maybe doing other things like re-focusing your thoughts and feeling on the whole body instead of just the penis.
      Those are some ideas to keep in mind for now!

  7. Why males of to do all that squeeze thing. Is there any natural way to do it. Or any natural ways to get back what you might lost

  8. Hello! Thank you for your article. I really do feel that I have a problem. After penetrating my girlfriend I cum literally within one pump. When she tries to do oral on me I cum almost immediately when she puts her mouth on my penis. Where should I start to do better

    • Hi there
      You’re welcome! I think if you’re that sensitive, it would be good to practise the start and stop technique, both alone and with her. And you might benefit from using a desensitizing product too, as it could be that the physical sensitivity takes a lot of practise to really be able to deal with. So a delay spray can help you out in the meantime.

  9. hey read your article, one thing that im not clear on is how to do the squeeze technique after penetration, as just removing myself might cause me to ejaculate. also, im not sure which technique to do as i usually ejaculate about a minute after penetration/thrusting

    • Hi bigx
      The squeeze technique does need to be done when the penis is removed. So I guess the trick is to remove it before you get to the point where doing so would make you ejaculate. Personally, I’d stick with the start and stop technique and not bother with the squeeze technique, unless you really are keen on trying it.

  10. How can I last long? How would I know which is the best technique for me? I have never had full penetrated sex. But I know my lasting time is less than 1 minute, when i wtch porn or touch my organ i am done, what can I do now?
    What the standard/ ideal time limit of lasting in sex? What time limit considered as good enough?

    • Hi Murad
      Let’s see if I can answer your questions. My advice would be that the start and stop technique is the best technique to practice when masturbating alone. In terms of sex, it’s a tricky question to answer. Many guys only last for 5-6 minutes during penetrative sex. But ideally, it would be somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, but this time varies a lot depending on the particular sex survey asking women what they want. My view would be that 5-10 minutes is a great start, but it’s good if you can gain enough control to last longer than that.

  11. Hey! Thanks for the article. I think I’ll try the other techniques because you’re right, this one isn’t comfortable to do!

  12. sir,

    am 26 years old , when ever i got sexual feelings my semen will ejaculate just for a single minute, why this happens and am panic that will i satisfy a girl or not,tell me the techniques to not ejaculate in a single minute and how to control not to come out the semen quickly

  13. Have tried ma best a 100tymz ma dia ,We have been dating almost 1yr and 2monthes i didn’t tak it serious coz i knew it wuz a beging i played it cool.But now am tired we got married dis very year 2016 even on our honeymoon i played it cool romancing, kissing reaching to da point to have sex! And hez a handsome guy , responsible gentle, but sir am tired i wnt a baby dis things of romance and so on am tired and hez giving me a chance i feel i wnt to get some 1 hw dou see dat

    • Hi again
      I really do think you need to have a serious talk with him! There must be a reason he doesn’t want to have sex, and only he will know that reason. I understand your frustration, believe me, but it’s something only the two of you can work on, but to do that you need to know what’s causing it. And to find that out, you’ll need to have an honest talk.
      All the best

  14. Why is it dat whenever my boyfriend romance me doesn’t want to make love to me he realise from there without any action in bed?

    • Hi Nalubega
      I’m afraid I can’t tell you why he’s not going that extra step! Perhaps the best thing is to ask him. Maybe he’s shy, nervous, or has cultural or religious beliefs stopping him making love. Talk to him about it and ask him honestly – there’s nothing to lose.

  15. i did this technique by squeeze the base and created a lot pain in my body and also this technique caused some of my nerve damaged due to which blood circulation in heart is improper. plz do not do this

    • Hi Vikram
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with the technique! I’ve not heard of anyone having this kind of problem due to the squeeze technique before – can you give me more details?

  16. Hi,
    I try the squeeze technique by myself. I found it helpful during the first phase where you just try to diminish your erection. However, I find that squeezing when I start noticing ejeculation approaching hasthe opposite effect: it makes excitement go up and makes me ejaculate. I guess this may be due to the imperfection of my position, since it’s kind of awkward to do it to yourself, but I was wondering if this is a known issue, as it happens all the time to me and I can’t seem to find people talking about it.
    Thanks for your article

    • Hi Mat
      Thanks for your comment. It sounds to me like perhaps you’re doing the squeeze too late. I would try doing it earlier, as the pressure itself and perhaps the position you’re using, could just feel too good instead of calming you down. Also, try to only use the fingers and don’t let your hand squeeze the shaft, as that could be making it too pleasurable as well.
      I hope that helps.

    • Hi Sonu
      Some guys do try and do the technique that way, but it’s not the way it was originally planned. If you find it helps, that’s fine. But just be careful not to squeeze too hard at the base.

  17. Hi,

    My ex girlfriend used to like really gentle sex, so I could last relatively long periods (not sure exactly how long), and then, towards the end decide when to get more active to control my ejaculation.

    I’ve recently dated a new girl, and she was much more into … pounding sex, and I really didn’t last much at all — perhaps a minute? So it clearly depends on what you do as well.

    I’m not very happy with that, but not sure I need treatment just yet.

    • Hi Lantus
      I understand your predicament completely. And yes, you’re right in that what you do during sex can have a massive impact on your lasting time. I had exactly the same response, as I think would most guys. My way of dealing with it was just to become more dominant in bed. I would take control and make sure that it was me that dictates the speed, rhythm and positions etc. That way I could last longer by doing it slowly at first, which also helped give me time to manage my arousal levels. Then once I felt I was in control, I would build up the speed. And of course, you can also spend as much time on foreplay as you like.
      Now, if you have a seriously dominant and confident sexual partner, it’s not so easy to take control. But I think you still can, and if all else fails just talk to her about what you need to be able to last longer. Logically if she wants to have the best possible sex with you, and you know what will help that happen, she should listen to you and work with you. In theory…

  18. hi, i haven’t experience this problem but the opposite, when I make love, after foreplays even if i’m still excited i can’t come, it takes lot of effort and most of the time with my partner i have to finish by masturbating, and still there it takes lots of time. and sometimes our love session ends without i can come
    first i can compare to a swimming pool filter pump where there is air, even if it turns, it doesn’t prime, so even if excited, wants to come,, i can’t
    2nd when i can come, the sperm is very white and very thick, it does not ejaculate, it drip from penis, another source of frustration. Being in erection for hours brings also some inconfortable situations, I dont know what to do, and it is hard to talk about it. How can it be fix ?

  19. My wife and I heard about this technique some time ago, 30 years +-. We attempted to practice. The timing was a little off and she applied the squeeze a little late and I ejaculated during the squeeze when she finally released the squeeze there was blood in the ejaculate and some pain. We did not attempt this technique again .

    • Hi Thomas
      Thanks for your comment. Wow, I’m not surprised you never tried the technique again! Did you do other techniques instead, or did you leave it?

  20. I am uncircumcised and had phimosis, but now able to fully retract the foreskin, However, once exposed the glans is very sensitive. It’s too uncomfortable touching directly to the exposed glans which is the reason of premature ejaculation. I will exercise squeeze technique, is there any technique by which extra sensitive glans become pleasurable to touch.

  21. hi
    when I was 16 I used to masturbate every day 2 to three times a day. but during erection time I pushed hard on my penis (where penis joins to body) so semen never come out but got feel the erection sensation. but now I’m 31 & got married. enjoying with my wife last two years but I’m not happy. cos I erect within 1 minute after enter in her. but she is happy, cos continue after my first erection to make her happy. u know this is very hard to continue after first erection without rest. but I can continue for 15 to 20 min after first erection without breake. in this time she get 2 to three orgasms and me again another erection at last. but she is not getting pregnant. what’s the problem u think? would u pls ans?

    • Hi Mihu

      I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean in the comment. You say erection at times when I wonder if you mean ejaculation? Do you mean you ejaculate after 1 minute, but then continue to have sex? And is the problem you mention the fact that she isn’t getting pregnant? If that’s the case, then considering what you first said – do you actually ejaculate semen when you orgasm? If so, then there could be many reasons why she’s not getting pregnant. My advice would be to either keep trying, or speak to a doctor about it to check you are both fertile.

  22. I never have had this issue….. recently about the past three months i reach orgasms within 1-2 minutes or less of exposure! It definitly is causing anxiety as well as some self doubt and depression. I just dont understand why this problem just started. my girlfriend and I had some issues but are working them out. this problem occurs with masturbation as well as sex and like i said i have never had this issue and have been told many times in the last that i am above average in bed. whats going on?

    • Hi Hector

      Thanks for your comment. I can understand your frustration, but don’t panic just yet. Many guys go through periods where their lasting time dramatically alters, for better or for worse. And often there is no identifiable reason. What have you changed about the way you have sex? Are you having sex less often, and with less foreplay to ‘warm’ her up? Sometimes getting into a habit of less sex and less foreplay for example can result in the guy being unable to contain himself.
      The main thing is not to panic about it just yet. Spend more time focused on her, lots of foreplay and manual and oral stimulation, and don’t worry so much about your time during penetration. This should help improve your confidence if you see you are making her happy.
      If the problem persists for weeks, then maybe have a look round this site and see what other advice you can apply. There’s plenty here to think about.
      All the best

      • well i have been having a problem with opiates and coming off of them i am also on prozac which i tried to decrease and it didn’t help, i have just never had this problem before, could it be the opiate withdrawal issue and getting my chemical levels and endorphins back to normal??

        • Hi Hector,

          Thanks for your comment. To be honest, I’m not a medical professional, so couldn’t really give you a solid answer one way or the other. Having said that, I can imagine that when your general chemistry is in chaos, it can have an effect on all kinds of bodily functions. I guess the only way to really know is to see if the problem resolves once you’re completely off the opiates. If not, then perhaps either speak to your doctor about the prozac, or come back here for more advice.
          All the best and stay strong!

  23. Sir ,

    I m suffering from PE since many years. I completed 3 years of my marriage. I use to masturbate a lot at the time of my schooling . Is this a cause of this problem. I am visiting psychiatrist for this but no results. I m very depressed because of this problem . I will surely try this technique . Please give suggestion if any.



    • Hi Hussey

      Thank you for your comment. It’s impossible to say what led to your PE. It could be masturbation, but it could be something else. The key though is what you do about it. Have a look around this website and you’ll find plenty of ideas and suggestions for you. I personally don’t think that the masters and johnson techniquer alone will work, and that you need to do more than this one technique. Check out our homepage and you’ll find ideas of the different things which can help.
      Try not to let it keep you depressed…decide today that you’re going to take action to deal with the problem, and dedicate yourself to it. With time, patience and dedication you can make an improvement.
      All the best

  24. I haven’t experienced this problem before but after I went to school physical intimacy was only one week a month due to distance. Prior to this change I’d last 8-10 minutes. What could be the cause of this change

    • Hi Eddie,

      I would imagine it’s very likely due to the excitement of seeing your partner again! And of course the lack of practice in between. Try not to think you have a serious problem. Probably with some regular time together again you’ll be fine:-)
      All the best

  25. Dear sir, I’ll try my best for those Techniques; I know that the result will be positive one. I am suffering the problem from last 8 yrs. So nowadays I comes to know the Techniques I an going to try this regularly.
    Thanking you.

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