Tramadol For Premature Ejaculation – My Experience

photo of tramadol capsules on a table

The search for the Holy Grail of a medical treatment for premature ejaculation sometimes leads to unexpected places.

So it’s no surprise that another drug, Tramadol, has been popping up in medical journals in recent years as a potential solution.

A bit like Dapoxetine, Tramadol wasn’t designed for this purpose though; it’s actually a synthetic opioid analgesic used for moderate to severe pain relief.

But individual guys and researchers have discovered that it can also help improve premature ejaculation. I’ll discuss and reference some of these research studies a bit later.

But first I’ll talk about my experience of Tramadol, as I’ve seen first hand both the good and bad side of it.

The pain, pleasure and dependency

A few years ago I had major surgery and was given a large supply of Tramadol to take home from the hospital to manage the pain.

What they didn’t realize, and I’d forgotten, was that I’d also been given a large amount by my own doctor. I ended up with more than 200 x 50 mg pills.

Around a month after the surgery, I was able to have sex again. One day I felt some pain returning, so decided to take a 50 mg Tramadol pill (I’d been off them for about a week).

I then discovered to my delight that I lasted roughly 3 or 4 times longer than I used to.

So I decided to test if it was the Tramadol by using them once or twice more, and then also without. It turns out it was definitely the Tramadol helping.

Sounds great so far, right?

The problem was though that I twice experienced an issue with dependency on the Tramadol developing. First, I was craving a top up every 6 hours for pain relief when taking them after surgery. It took a conscious effort to cut down and stop.

Second, I was loving the fact that my sex life was much better with my accidental discovery later on. I remember thinking to myself that this was great, and I should get some more so I could take them every time I had sex.

Not so great after all then!

Luckily for me, I was strong-minded enough to cut down after the surgery. And I also knew that taking them long-term for sex wasn’t yet proved to be safe.

I was also getting some side effects like dizziness and just feeling weird (for want of a better description) when taking them.

Of course, this was just my experience Nonetheless it does seem to highlight three key points that researchers make:

  • That Tramadol can help with premature ejaculation.
  • That it can cause side effects.
  • That it can lead to problems with dependency.

What researchers have found

In 2012, British researchers published a review of 5 studies that had looked at Tramadol to treat premature ejaculation. Interestingly, they also attempted to explain how it actually works.

They say that although it’s still not totally clear, there are two possible actions that occur. They explain that it works as a weak μ-opioid receptor agonist. But then go on to say that the more likely explanation is that it inhibits neuronal reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine.

Effects of Tramadol on lasting time

In their review of the 5 studies published between 2006 and 2012, this is a brief summary of what they found:

Study 1

After 8 weeks of 50 mg Tramadol, the average lasting time of guys went from just 19 seconds to 243. That’s 13 times longer.

Study 2

After 8 weeks on 25 mg Tramadol, the average time increased from 70.2 to 442.2 seconds. So this was 6.3 times longer.

Study 3

This study actually compared Tramadol with paroxetine. They found that the paroxetine group were lasting longer, and that the Tramadol group had less rigid erections.

Study 4

They tested out both a dose of 62 mg and 89 mg, finding a respective increase of 2.4 and 2.5 times.

Study 5

They found that with a dose of 25 mg, there was an increase in lasting time from 38.83 to 154.67 – 4 times longer.

The other findings of note are that in all the studies guys reported a significant increase in their sexual satisfaction. And also their partners said they were more satisfied.

You would imagine as such, but that does show that guys were happy with that kind of increase in time.

Side effects

Across those 5 studies they say that the Tramadol was well tolerated, and that the side effects experienced were only mild.

Although in my view when one study says that 28.1% reported nausea, I wonder what the meaning of ‘well tolerated’ actually is!

These are the main side effects that guys reported:

  • nausea
  • somnolence
  • erectile dysfunction
  • vertigo
  • dyspepsia
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • dizziness

Potential problems with using Tramadol

It’s a standard thing in research journals to find at the end a kind of disclaimer where they have to talk about all the things that were potentially wrong with their own study.

So even though they conclude that Tramadol appears to be an effective treatment, they also describe these potential problems:

  • The long-term effectiveness and safety of using Tramadol is still not known.
  • They don’t really know how well it compares to other drugs, like SSRI anti-depressants. Except for the paroxetine study which suggests paroxetine did better.
  • That there are serious concerns about the potential for Tramadol abuse and dependence.

Tramadol dependency

So now we know that Tramadol can help many guys with premature ejaculation. The major concern though doesn’t seem to be side effects, but becoming dependent.

This study isn’t the only one to mention it – this article for example also suggests that it’s a concern.

So just how bad is the risk of guys abusing or becoming addicted to Tramadol? Well, it’s not as bad as you might think, according to a 2012 research study in Egypt.

They quote another piece of research from 1999 as saying that in the United States the rate of addiction is 1 in 100,000. Something the review article also mentions, though they also say that’s a significant number.

It appears from looking at other sources also, the risk is mainly with people who have a history of drug abuse.

Maybe that explains why although I personally found a craving for the Tramadol developing, I was able to stop taking it without too much trouble once I decided to.


It appears then that Tramadol could be an efficient way of helping guys deal with premature ejaculation. But as with all other medical treatments, it’s only a temporary solution and can cause other problems.

You do run the risk of having side effects – it’s an opioid after all, and so a strong drug. And there’s still much research needed into the long-term effectiveness and whether it’s better than other treatments.

There’s also the risk of addiction, dependency, abuse or whatever you want to call it. And although researchers say the risk is minimal, it could still happen to you.

And if you have a history of drug use or addiction – I would try something else instead.

Your views

Have you tried Tramadol to help you last longer? Did it work, and did you have any side effects? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I have been using tramadol for more than 2 years now and It doesn’t have any side effects on me… but maybe is because I take it only wen I want to have sex

    • Not everyone gets side effects, especially if they take little amounts and not very often. Still, 2 years is a long time to be using such a strong drug.

  2. Whenever I take the drug it always make me feel happy, I will just be happy very fast in thinking,and it make me perform better during sex. If I may ask hope it will not spoil my male organs.

  3. Pls, I have almost Lost my confidence as a man and I doubt if my wife hasn’t started cheating already, pls how do I get this Ramadan plus dosage

    • Hi Uchenna
      I don’t sell tramadol, so you’d have to ask your doctor or a pharmacy depending on the country you are.
      Sorry I can’t help more. Have a read of this website as well though, as there are many good tips you can use.

  4. I tried tramodol about about Week now, it kinda helped me but after I ejaculated, I found it hard for my cock to rise again and up till now. I feel like vomiting, dizzy and lost of appetite….. I forgot to mention, after the sex, I became very very weak so I wanna ask if this tramodol is bad and can have bad effect on my body

    • Hi there
      Yes, it can definitely cause those issues. If you reacted so badly to it, I recommend speaking to your doctor before trying again if you’re tempted to.

  5. I’ve been using tramadol 200mg for the past 5 years to enable me last longer in bed, but I’ve just realized that each time I tried to stop the drug I can’t even have an erection without using it, and I’ve been having a severe diarrhea for the past two months since I tried to stop the drug. please I really need help.

    • Hi John
      Sorry to hear this. It sounds like there’s a chance you’re having withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop. I recommend speaking to your doctor openly about it to get their advice and support in stopping. You might find it’s better for you to taper off the amount you take over time rather than go cold turkey.

    • Hi Pirooz
      A couple of readers have mentioned that to me. I haven’t tried it myself so can’t comment, but I would be cautious mixing them, even if there are currently no serious interactions I can find on medication sites.

  6. I used it once and it walked for me, but I want to know is it only few hours before sex that one can take it and it will work, or is there some amount of dosage that can correct quick ejaculation finally

  7. Hi,
    Am Richard.. even though i haven’t tried using tram before. i have PE due to excessive masturbation. i think i have a problem with my prostate… When i use tram will it improve my lasting period in bed?? if not what medicine can i use to treat my enlarged prostate

    • Hi Richard
      If you suspect a problem with your prostate, you need to get that checked out by a doctor. I highly recommend getting yourself checked out, as there can be potentially serious causes of prostate enlargement. I wouldn’t use tramadol until you’ve gotten that checked out, as I’ve seen prostate problems listed under the precautions section of tramadol leaflets.

  8. Many thanks for the insight on this topic. I must add an import element with the use of 100 to 100mg hour before sex I have been able to regain my self confidence which is important as it made me feel I am in control. I combine it with viagra and could even go for a second round.

    • Hi George
      It’s great that your self-confidence improved! You’re right in that it’s an important point. Hopefully with the increase in confidence will come an increase in natural ability to last longer too.

  9. Well, i came across this site while i was searching for how to undergo tramadol withdrawal, i mean how to limit the pain of tramadol withdrawal..

    I will start this way, my name is Mr Usman Ibrahim, am not a blogger, neither an activist, am just a simple living man like you all here, but this is my experience with tramadol..

    I had a cut on my head in a mixed up fight at a bar 3 years back, and then tramadol of 50mg in 10 rolls on sachet was prescribed to me, forgetting that tramadol is addictive, i mean yes, its ADDICTIVE. i obviously enjoyed the sensational feels after administering the drug to my system, days after i began to feel the powerful part of it in bed, i do last longer than before.

    Two years later, i discover i cant have sex without administering tramadol again, what i also dont understand then was that it affects brain when u drink alcohol with it, the worse part is, if i take tramadol plus alcohol i forget many things in the process, and i tried to remember the following day but i wouldnt .

    This year june i graduated from administering 200 gram a day to 800 gram a day, so if any of you havent gotten to this stage then dont blame or insult me yet, i started just like you, from 50mg to 100mg and more and more, so i hope you are getting to understand how addictive it is ? if you dont, this is how it works, addiction is when you take 50mg for two weeks, and thereafter, the 50mg wont sustain your body again, perhaps it wont even work again, so you have to increase it to 100mg and more and more in process
    So i was on call one day, and all i remember is my body on ground, and plenty people gathered round me, i woke up 15min later, and i felt so weak as if stoned was stationed on me, i asked what happened to me, and then i was told i passed out, i had seizure, similar to convulsion bla bla bla, they placed spoon in my mouth, hit my chest so hard and many more.
    i went to hospital there after, and i was told i have plenty tramadol in my system and its affecting my brain. i smiled and left, having it in my mind that this doctor is a fool, because i have been taking these for 3 years and here you are saying rubbish that it caused convulsion bla bla ..

    On the third day i continued my dozed again til december when i was on bike, and i woke up in hospital with all my body full of wound, the bike man too, only to be told that i have plenty trams in my blood and its the cause of the siezure, the second time again? this was another hospital and another doctor..
    i went through hell during withdrawal, withdrawal means if you have been addicted to trams or any hard drugs, and you are ask to stop using it, you will be laid and stopped from using the drugs, and your body and brain will be trying to balance up in process to get used to functioning without the drug anylong, these process you will be experiencing ….
    And many more …
    check on google too the consequence of long time tramadol addiction .

    • Hi Usman
      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story. It’s a useful reminder that tramadol can have very negative consequences for some people. Hopefully anyone reading this will remember your story if they find themselves getting to the kind of higher doses you ended up taking.
      I’m glad you were ok and got through the addiction, not to mention surviving those very scary sounding seizures!

  10. I use to use tramadol 225mg at first when i started using it ,It works so perfect for me but all of a sudden if I take it and try to go on a sex I release in not just 2minutes I became worried… I now try taking 225mg 2 pieses at first it works later it stops and never work again now am scared of making it 3 dose I don’t really know if its gonna kill me or there is another medicine more better than that of tramadol because am tired of getting dizzle each time I take it it always makes me dizzle

    • Hi James
      Those are very high doses, and I really wouldn’t recommend increasing it again. There are other techniques and medications available – take a look around this website and you’ll find plenty of advice about them.

  11. I’ve tried it and it really worked for me.
    On the side effects, I had slight headache the first time but I discovered that you just need to take adequate fluid – water.

  12. I was Just recently introduced to tram, i take 250mg at least once a week and when i do it helps with sex. side effects for me; slight dizziness and loss of appetite. Besides that, i have great sex! However, rapid use of say, 4 doses within a week hampers erection!

  13. I try trams it rill work for me. I can stay all night without ejaculating. I can only cum when I remove the rubber. The only side effect is lack of sleep. It will make u active all night and keep u awake. I only use 100mg.

  14. Hi Ethan,
    I’ve tried tram a few times but it didn’t help PE. It’s still the same thing. I started with 50mg, then one day i took 100mg – maybe it would work- but it didn’t. In fact, tram makes me weaker! That cut down the high hopes i had before using it.
    Ive also tried many psychological and pelvic exercises but there’s no significant improvement.

    Do you know of any organic method (herbs etc) that works? I’ve read of Garlic + vit C…
    OR could it be that if i try tram tablets, it could work better, cos the one ive been using for trials is a green and white capsule?…

    • Hello Mr Bond!
      Sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck with those methods. I doubt the tablets would make much difference either, unfortunately.
      There are plenty of organic options that crop up in different sprays, creams and recommendations of drinks to make at home or pills to take. How well they work isn’t confirmed by much research though. I haven’t tried any just on their own, though it has crossed my mind more than once to start experimenting with them. Have you ever tried asking in a Chinese medicine shop for example? I believe they have some ideas of what might help. You could also try visiting a herbalist.
      I will probably write about this topic in the future, but for now, there’s an article on that discusses a few herbal options that you could try. Let me know if you have any joy with them!
      As a final note, I recommend reading my article about lasting longer in bed. There are some good practical suggestions there, some of which you may not know.

    • I was introduce to trams(200mg) in 2015 till date, at first I hate my roommates when they take those drugs without being sick, I advised them a lot to stop, but one day I was advising on of the addict to stop only for him to tell me he only takes it bcos of sex, I wondered and asked him what’s the connection, he said to me go and try it first, he gave me of 200mg, luckily enough after 5hours, a reading mate visited, we usually read and ask each other question ever since year one till three and I have never look this girl in a lustful way, but that day I have to test the drugs, when I started hammering, I was just fucking like horse (never getting tired) I was just screaming I love you, she will reply me toooo, but in my mind what I really meant was I love this drugs ooo, ever since then I have always bn on tramadole, but only 4 me to read online that it kills the kidney and liver, then I have to cut down to 100mg till date, what I don’t get now is using it as a married man in my home for the past 4years now, if is gonna affect my home leta(wildraw)

  15. I think it’s depend on individual case and the mood you are during sex matter a lot in life I have not use it but I have been hearing when people are talking about it.

  16. Hi Tony
    There isn’t a recommended daily dose at the moment, as far as I can tell. So I recommend using as little amount as possible. Some readers say they’ve used several 100 mg, which I personally think is way too much. Research studies usually use less than 100 mg for example.

  17. It works really good for PE but I learnt it causes low sperm count. My wife is aware that I use it, but since we read an article about it’s side effect she want me to stop it
    Pls is the article correct about it causing low sperm count????

  18. Hello Mr Ethan, tramadol have really helped to sustain my relationship, that I can last for an hour, but the after effects has been my problems. What other drugs with least side effects can I take to increase my sexual drive.

    • Hi Nkibong
      Thanks for your comment. Just to check, tramadol isn’t meant to increase sexual drive – just help you last longer. I guess you could try something like viagra, though that also has associated side effects. But really, the best thing is to learn ejaculation control naturally. It might take some effort, but it’s worth it.

  19. Do not go the SSRI route. They single handedly destroyed my libido at 27. I am still suffering from it, and almost lost my relationship over the trauma response my impotence triggered in my partner.

    If I could find a doctor who would actually prescribe me Tramadol, I would go that route in a heartbeat. I just wouldn’t take it daily. Self control and an understanding lover go a long long long way.

    • Hi there
      Sorry to hear you had that stressful experience. Sexual problems can create huge strain on a relationship, so it’s great you managed to pull through together. SSRIs are probably my least favorite method for dealing with PE because of the long list of potential side effects! Tramadol works, but also has problems as the many comments help illustrate. And yes, self control, when possible, helps a lot, as does an understanding partner for sure.

  20. I decided to give it a try and see how it worked; I have struggled with PE for a long time. Even with patience and counseling I can only last a few minutes TOPS, and often she does not achieve orgasm in time. I took 50 mg of Tramadol, slowed down and took a breather the first time I felt like I was going to orgasm, then once I passed that threshold we had sex for almost 30 minutes continuous and it was actually diffficult for me to achieve orgasm after I passed the first hurdle.

    My girlfriend is very capable of achieving multiple orgasms, and needless to say, she did. I’m all for it.

    You do NOT have to take it daily, so if dependency is an issue, either don’t have sex daily, or just sometimes be ok with cumming quickly. Or be ok with dependency.

    • Hi swim
      Thanks for sharing your experience – it’s great that it worked so well for you! It’s also good you’re aware of the risks, and I think your advice about not having sex daily and/or being fine with finishing quickly sometimes is solid. Not so much being ok with dependency though!

  21. I have not started use tramadol yet but I want to start taking it to stop my premature ejaculation, do I need to take it every day for a particular period of time or I just need to take it the day I wanted to have sex and how many hours to the time of sex can I take it.


  22. Its been very great using it against PE… I do lasted for hours feeling satisfied, and i do observed changed in my voice after few hours of taking it, obvious normal voice to bass voice.. and it takes 4 to 6hrs after taking before it can be effective during sex, if sex after 1 or 2hours of taking it..erectile disfunction.

    • Hi Kingdom
      That’s the first time I’ve heard of someone having ED with it in the beginning, then fine for sex so much later. Have you tried taking a smaller dose?

  23. I have been addicted to tramadol for years and take as high as 1000mg. At first, I loved the effect but now, am tired of being a slave to tramadol… I never expected to get to this dose(overdose), but I think its as a result of tolerance, sometimes when I try to quit the withdrawal effect too bad for me to bear so I go back to it, am tired of it and makes me tired of life, that feeling being slave to a substance you know!
    I think I need detoxification (if it exist) and how to quit.

    • Hi Josh
      Sorry to hear you’re struggling with an addiction to tramadol. Have you asked your doctor for help and support with reducing and quitting it? If you can’t there are some good websites with advice about drug reduction and withdrawal that might help you.

  24. I have been using tramadol for sometime now and I seem to like the aspect of lasting longer on bed, and the type of confidence I feel within me but I dread the repercussions. Pls is there any Other safer drug or method so we can easily replace it. Because I do enjoy my sexual life now better now than before.

  25. my people am really glad for this wonderful platform well my own experience is quit different unlike every other person i took 500 ml without asking questions cos i always hear my friends talking about it and the long lasting effect. the truth is that i nearly died for good one week i was vomiting with serious dizziness i was told to take coco nut to neutralize the drug i did and it worked to a lent but never cured it till after 6 days. it was really a bitter experience due i achieved my long sex but the after effect was noting to ever try again

    • Hi Chris
      Thanks for sharing your experience, and it sounds like you had a very large dose there, with some scary consequences. It’s a reminder to all the readers of this article that tramadol is a drug to be taken with caution.

  26. Hi guys! I am cool with it, but the side effects I observed most times is that, it increases my temperature, drought and lost of appetite so I take a lot of food before taking it. Then continue taking cold water till it finish working, personally I take a lot of water though. Secondly ETHAN, does it work for ladies also? please i need your reply thanks.

  27. Mr Ethan,
    I was made to understand that bitters(herb supplements) can be of help for PE and ED?
    I awaits ur reply. Thanks

    • Hi Sam
      I’m not aware of any herbs that have proven to be effective for treating PE, unfortunately. But I’m open to trying suggestions if you have any specific ones.

      • Tramadol is an opioid and the chances you’ll get addicted to it are very high. The sooner you stopped it the better. If you wish to build your sex life, exercise more and reduce your alcohol intake. Relax and make sure you’re not filed with anxiety before sex. You’ll see your performance rate increase. Tramadol has its own side effect.

        • Hi Richard
          I agree that it’s much better to deal with sexual problems naturally. I can understand why people would take tramadol because it’s very effective for some people. But it’s not a long-term solution, and as you say, has some risks.

  28. This is good. I have learnt from others (the effect and all). I have been shamed for thrice now about PE. I will make a try on tram and see the outcome.

  29. Ir it tramadol or not? my dick is not as strong as before, and i have been using it every single day without doing anything with it from january till now

  30. I am an opioid addict and before i started recovery i would take 4 50mg=200mg tramadol to get high, really high all day regardless of sleep. So i would suggest not ever taking more than 2 and even that packs a punch.

  31. Hi,
    Thank you Mr Ethan for your good works here. Your efforts are appreciated- the timely response, candid advise and guidance, open opinions and many more. Thanks a lot.

    A big thumbs up to everyone who has shared their experience/thoughts/ideas here. Whether you know it or not, you are helping someone somewhere and touching a life positively. I bet the best docs in the world wouldn’t mind adding the info here to their archives: its wonderfully enlightening when people from all over share their experience(s).
    I’ve learnt a lot here.

    I say a big thank you to everyone.

  32. OK so I’m Reginald…
    Just knowing the side effects of the drug,its scary though but I think if you not addicted to it you won’t be affected as said above..
    So once in a while will do right??
    Please I wanna know,for a night sex,how many tablets can you advice I take and the time duration after taking it before sex…
    Thanks bro..Looking forward to replying my msg soon..


    • Hi Reginald
      Well, the thing is, you can still have some of the side effects just with one pill. The first time I took it I noticed the physical effects. So maybe once in a while is better than all the time, but it doesn’t mean you definitely won’t feel odd when taking it. About the dosage, the best thing is to ask your doctor. But if you don’t, probably take the smallest possible dose and see if it helps. And 30-60 mins before before sex should work.

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