Benzocaine Condoms Review

3 different benzocaine condomsBenzocaine condoms are a relatively easy way to deal with premature ejaculation – albeit on a temporary basis. They work by reducing the sensitivity of your penis, thanks to the addition of a small amount of benzocaine to the inside.

When I first heard about them, the concept made a lot of sense as I knew that even wearing a normal condom can help me last longer.

So I decided to test the most popular brands to get a feel for how well they work. In this review, I’ll explain the pros and cons of using benzocaine condoms in general, as well as my thoughts on the different ones.


  • They’re relatively easy to use. You just put the condom on and then spread the numbing gel over your penis.
  • There’s a low risk of transference to your partner.
  • They can be used discreetly.
  • Benzocaine is safe for most people at the concentration that you find in these condoms.


  • You may find that the benzocaine reduces your pleasure during sex.
  • You may find it difficult to keep an erection once the benzocaine kicks in.
  • Some men may feel a tingling or itching sensation.
  • It can be difficult to massage the lumps of benzocaine onto the right places once you’ve put the condom on.

Overall, delay condoms may be a useful addition to your toolbox of ways to improve your stamina in the bedroom. However, they aren’t without potential problems as you can see.

So now you have a better idea of the pros and cons of using them, let’s take a look at the 3 main types.

Durex Extended Pleasure

photo of the durex extended pleasures condomDurex extended pleasure contains 5% benzocaine, which is more than enough to numb your penis effectively, especially when you already have some reduction in sensitivity from the condom itself.

The benzocaine is heat activated, so it only spreads when you put it on. Before you put it on you’ll see little lumps at the end of the condom, which will then melt with your body heat and some massaging.

When I tried one, I found it did help me last a few minutes longer than with a normal condom, and considerably longer than without a condom at all.

The mutual climax version

photo of my durex mutual climax condoms

Durex also makes the mutual climax condom, which is essentially the same as the extended pleasures, but with ribs and dots added to the outside to ‘speed her up’ as the pack says.

My partner could feel the extra design features of the dots and ribbing, and though it was subtle, did enjoy it. So the idea is that the condom works in two ways: it makes you last longer and reduces how long she lasts for.

On paper, this is a great idea if you have serious premature ejaculation, though I’m not sure how much a delay condom alone would be able to achieve if there’s a huge difference in arousal levels.

Overall though, I found it was an effective way to reduce the sensitivity during sex, and my partner enjoyed the ribbed sensation, finding it stimulated her more than a smooth condom.

Importantly, you know with Durex that you’re getting a reliable brand of condom. So the other reasons for wearing a condom – avoiding pregnancy and any sexually transmitted infections will also be covered.

Trojan Pleasures Extended

photo of the box and an example of trojan extended pleasures condomsTrojan is the second other major company to create benzocaine condoms, with their Trojan Extended Pleasures condom, bizarrely named the same as the Durex.

There were two main differences that I found between the Trojan and Durex:

  • Trojan only has 4% benzocaine, compared to the 5% in the Durex condom. So that’s technically 20% less desensitizing gel.
  • The Trojan felt considerably thicker than the Durex. This then covers premature ejaculation from another angle since thicker condoms also help reduce sensitivity.

Like the Durex, the Trojan Extended Pleasures condoms are odorless. And Trojan is also a reliable brand, so you know you’re getting solid protection from accidental pregnancy or STIs.

It’s not all good news though, as I found that they were a bit too good at the job. Even though the percentage of benzocaine is lower than in the Durex condom, the additional thickness seemed to add even more lasting power.

That might sound great, but it came at the expense of pleasure for both me and my partner. These condoms may make you last longer then, but with the risk of reducing both enjoyment and erection strength.

My feeling then is that the Trojan benzocaine condoms are only better than Durex for guys who have the most severe premature ejaculation.


Benzocaine condoms can definitely be useful in the battle against premature ejaculation. You do run the risk though of having erection problems due to the combination of numbing from the anesthetic and the layer of latex on top.

If you want to try them, go for it. But don’t be too disappointed if you find they cause other problems or reduce your sensitivity a bit too much.

Where to buy

These condoms are easy to find in most countries, often available in pharmacies, supermarkets, sex shops and many other places that stock condoms.

If you prefer to buy them online, you can find them at and also at my recommended adult shop



  • WE found the Durex worked for us by putting the condom on 20 minutes before hand & carefully spreading around the gel in the condom. I was still able to get erect and the Hitachi vibrator is brought into play for about 5 minutes then the condom is removed after about another 10 minutes vibratory work I would reach an orgasm. After following this procedure ; once week for couple of months the delay condom was not required. Arvin

    • Hi there
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand from your comment that you didn’t then use the condom for sex, just to give yourself the benzocaine numbing? Or did you keep it on for sex?

    • Hi Jack
      Not that I’m aware of. Some readers have mentioned that they have had erection problems after using delay sprays, which usually have lidocaine rather than benzocaine. But I have never seen any research suggesting that they can cause permanent erectile dysfunction.
      I’ve been thinking recently about what it might be, as the idea of it being coincidence seems odd to me. I wonder if sometimes they cause numbing that leads to erection loss and a bad sexual experience. That perhaps kicks in some psychological effects of worrying about future erection loss and embarrassment etc. That’s just my personal feeling about it. So I would try them with a clear message in the back of your mind that if you have erection loss, it’s nothing to worry about, just the desensitizing product’s fault, and there’s nothing more to it.

  • Could you effectively kill two birds with one stone and take Viagra to keep the erection and a desensitising condom to make you last longer? I worry that not feeling (or reduced feeling) would cause loss of erection

    • Hi Bob
      Yes, you could do that I think. Personally, I’d try just viagra first though as it helps some men last longer.

  • Hi and thanks for the information. I was wondering, couldn’t I just buy numbing cream and put on a condom carefully over it?

    • Hi Tj
      You’re welcome. In theory, yes, as long as it’s a latex condom normally. I’d use a spray rather than a cream though as they absorb better.

  • Thanks for the helpful review Ethan. I wanted to ask what the risk is of getting the gel on your fingers, or outside of the condom, and then transferring it to your partner?

    • Hi Rob
      You’re welcome! That’s a good question, and I think there is a small risk and you need to be slow and careful when you put them on. Just make sure you get it on the right way round, and if you end up with any gel on your fingers, give them a good wipe or wash.

    • Hi Sam
      Yes, in theory. But in my experience, the gel sometimes seems to spread to both sides of the condom. So personally, I’d probably avoid oral.

  • Hi Ethan,

    Do you know of any brands that make condoms containing less benzocaine? Perhaps 2%? Trojan’s 4% made me lose my erection after about 20 minutes.

  • Hi Ethan,

    Have you reviewed Durex performax intense, by chance? Or KY Duration as a spray? Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris

    • Hi Chris
      I have tried that condom, and need to update this article to include more info. about it – it’s in the pipeline to do! I actually really liked that condom, and my partner did too. It definitely has enough to numb you, feels good to wear and the ribbed dots feels good for her. So I’d recommend giving it a go.
      As for K Y Duration, I’ve avoided it thus far because of reports it’s a Promescent rip-off. But I’ll probably try it at some point in the future.

  • Thanks for the info. I have a question though. What if the condom comes off, will the desensitizing cream go to my partner and cause a problem?

    • Hi Jack
      That hasn’t happened to me when I’ve used them, so I can’t say from personal experience. But I imagine it is a possibility, yes.

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