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China Brush helped me last longer during sex when I had an authentic version of it a few years ago. To my knowledge, it has now been discontinued by most major online sex stores.

Over the years, I’ve seen it pop up from time to time on different websites, but none consistently stock it. At the time of writing this latest update, Walmart is selling it online, which I find kind of surprising. How long they stock it for remains to be seen.

I recommend being careful if you buy it online as there have been many reports of fake versions, which makes safety a potential issue.

You might also like to check out some of my recommended delay sprays and gels for alternatives.


China Brush, also known by the tongue-twister name of Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution, is an unusual desensitizing product to help men delay ejaculation.

The main appeal is that it contains natural ingredients, instead of the usual pharmaceutical anesthetics like Lidocaine or Benzocaine.

The good news is that it helped me last much longer during sex – up to 10 minutes. The bad news is that despite the big improvement in time, I discovered two major problems with it which I’ll be discussing later in this China Brush review.

What I was also very interested in was the ingredients; there’s always something that feels mysterious about Chinese medicine and herbs – to me at least.

So I wanted to know exactly how and why China Brush works. To find out, I dug up some information about the eight main ingredients to find out exactly what I was putting on my most delicate parts.

I’ll share these findings briefly below and then discuss in more detail what I found good and bad about China Brush. If you’re not interested in my obsessive-compulsive dissection of the ingredients, scroll down a bit to find out more about how it works.

China Brush Ingredients

Please note that I didn’t waltz into a Chinese herbal remedy shop with a beaming smile and ask for a breakdown of these ingredients. This is simply a summary of some basic online research.

1. Fructus Cindii

This is a dried fruit of the Cnidium plant. It’s used in Chinese medicine to help men with impotence. It has nothing to do with holding back ejaculation as far as I can tell.

2. Cortex Cinnamomi – Cinnamon bark

Cortex Cinnamomi is listed on the World Health Organisation website, described as being used according to ‘folklore’ to treat impotence. But they also add the caveat that there’s no clinical data to support this or any other purported benefit.

According to Chinese medicine websites, it’s a potent aid for those who have a low sex drive and helps build strong internal and physical sexual energy. So again, nothing about delaying ejaculation and more about being some kind of natural Viagra.

3. Flos Caryophylli – also known as Ding Xiang and Clove

Flos caryophylli is the dried flower of the Clove tree. In one experiment involving rats, it was found to significantly increase sexual libido. It’s also apparently used to numb tooth pain by rubbing it in. Perhaps the creators of China Brush have decided that it would also numb other body parts.

4. Rhizoma Alpiniae – a kind of ginger

This root is very similar to the type of ginger used in cooking. A study on rats in 2006 found that it worked as an aphrodisiac. But I’m not a four-legged furry animal, and I’ve never noticed I feel horny after eating a ginger heavy Thai Curry either.

5. Rhizoma Atractylodis – also known as Cāng zhú

Cāng zhú is a dried Rhizome which again doesn’t appear to have any obvious connection to premature ejaculation. It’s widely used in Chinese medicine, but not apparently for any sexual reasons.

It’s used to improve fatigue and night vision though. Perhaps the creators of Kwang Tze Solution were being, well, creative.

6. Pericarpium Zanthoxyli – known as Prickyl ash Peel or Chinese Pepper

Chinese Pepper is the first China Brush ingredient that does have an anesthetic property. Native North American Indians used it as a numbing agent for toothache. So perhaps it could also help to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and thus delay ejaculation.

7. Radix Angelicae Dahuricae – also known as Bai Zhi or Angelica

This root is also definitely known in Chinese medicine as being a pain reliever, among other uses. So there are at least two, and possibly three, China Brush ingredients that are known pain relievers. And pain relievers, if they actually work by applying directly to the skin, could help numb the penis during sex.

8. Radix Ginseng – Ren Shen

Radix Ginseng is the dried root of the Panax Ginseng herb. It’s widely used in Chinese medicine to promote good Qi – the internal energy. Research studies suggest it can help with erection problems and libido.

9. Other ingredients

Water is also used in China Brush solution to create the liquid it comes in. I’ve also read reports that it can contain Aloe and Gallstone, but I don’t know where this information is being found. As far as I know, I’ve listed all the ingredients that are included in the official Kwang Tze Solution.

Hitting the problem from different angles

On the surface, these nine ingredients appear to stand up to scrutiny: there are ingredients that work as anesthetics, and so should reduce sensitivity; others that boost libido; and a few which help with erection strength. There are even energy boosters and aphrodisiacs thrown in for good measure.

It appears to me then that China Brush was designed to work from several different angles. And it seems that they’ve found a way to combine all nine herbs and roots to good effect.

Or have they?

Problems and side effects

photo showing the application tool for china brush

China Brush would appear to have the potential to help some men delay ejaculation, especially if your problem is caused mainly by physical sensitivity. 10 minutes extra? You can’t deny that that’s a huge improvement.

However, there are a couple of issues that bothered me when I used it:

  • You have to apply it 30-60 minutes before having sex. That means you have to plan sex in advance every time.
  • If you apply too much it can sting or produce a rash. I didn’t get a rash, but did feel a mild burning. And even though it disappeared after a while, it was still unpleasant. I experimented with different amounts over a few days just to be sure, and it always caused a sensation I found difficult to ignore.

I struggle to recommend a product that you need to apply so far in advance of sex and that gives a more noticeable burning sensation than basic lidocaine sprays.

Fake or authentic, and where to buy?

It seems that Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution is as difficult to find as it is to pronounce, as many online sex shops have discontinued it.

There are also many reports of fake China Brush being sold. There are also various different theories as to which color label, type of application stick, packaging, and bottle are genuine, and which are fake.

Some readers have left comments describing the difference between the authentic and fake, but often referring to a 2009 eBay description. However, that was more than a decade ago and it makes sense that the manufacturer has changed the label and packaging since then.

A new Chinese herbal retailer

After a couple of readers said they got it from, I wrote to ask about the version they are selling, and if it’s authentic.

I got a reply from Cindy, who agreed for me to publish her reply:

We obtain our inventory of Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution directly from their sole distributor in the U.S. Our distributor is the only confirmed distributor in the U.S. and has a longstanding record with Suifan’s Medicine: they have provided to reputable companies over ten years before and after the rebrand of the product, and we’ve seen verification of the exclusive relationship they have with the manufacturer. For these reasons we have no reason to doubt its authenticity.
There seems to be a discrepancy of information on the web. I do think its worthwhile to clear it up. Yes, they’ve tweaked the formula a few years ago, it is now lighter in color and they’ve had a packaging rebrand, but it all still has the same ingredients and comes from the same manufacturer (Suifan’s Medicine) in Hong Kong. It may be worthwhile for you to review the current Suifan’s Kwang Tze formula on your website since the old one has been discontinued and no longer in existence, to see if you agree with the assessment above. I think sometimes, because the look and formula has changed over the last few years, a few customers assume it is fake. This is not the case, the product is not fake, just updated, and I have confirmed this directly.

Since then, I’ve bought their version, and also one from to see how they compare. In the photo below you can see both versions. The yellow label is from Root And Spring, and the blue label is from Love Honey.

photo of china brush products from two different companies

Update about where it’s sold

Every couple of years, I update this article (I first wrote it a very long time ago) with some current information about where it’s sold.

In May 2022, I found versions of it on these sites:


I can’t tell you which ones are genuine or not as I haven’t bought any myself for some time. Feel free to add your experience in the comments below if you think it will be helpful to others looking for it.


  1. I started to use in china brush .And after a while I put my penis fluid is very burned and I have to cool it. Someone having a situation like mine?

  2. Hi, can someone tell me where to buy china brush. I stay in jhb. The supplier where I used to get it from doesn’t have supply anymore since April of 2016. He says he can’t get it no more. Help please.

      • Hi Jabari
        As a rule I don’t publish people’s emails here because they will be copied and used by spammers. So I try to protect people’s privacy on this site.
        If you have contact details for the wholesaler, such as a website, you can write here.

  3. Hi Ethan, I have read so many sites about this product by now, including the 2009 ebay page you mention. There seems to be discrepancy as to what the “authentic” product looks like nowadays, so I took it upon myself to call the manufacturer in HK this week (I speak Cantonese from living in HK for 6 years) to ask him what I should be looking out for. They told me everything looks the same BUT the bottle no longer has a peel off white/pink label, and the cap is now black. There are still Chinese letters engraved on the bottle, a wooden applicator, as well as the instructional sheet is a bird (not a V).

    I got mine from and it checks out as authentic. Also still in stock. I hope this helps.


    • Hi Eddie
      Thanks for this comment and for reporting on your efforts. My opinion is that there’s more than one manufacturer nowadays, and that you’re promoting that website since someone also yesterday with a different name left a comment praising the same website! In my experience, this only happens on my website when someone takes it upon themselves to promote links to their website – believe me it happens on an almost daily basis and never ceases to amuse me when I suddenly get multiple comments from the same ip address but with different names, all singing the praises of the same site!
      Having said that, the website looks good, and with a lack of clear places to buy the product from, I will leave this comment and let readers make their own judgment call on whether to try it or not!

      • Tried it out and ordered two. All good. Also I didn’t see any comments about the taste so adding my two cents that it seems like there’s no complaints. Thanks for the lead

  4. hey thanks for the info its very useful. i have bought a bottle of the china brush on my way home to try it. will get back

  5. Hey Ethan, Thank you for the amazing post and all the details.. I literally read all the comments.. i just bought this product from adult factory outlet, i looked it up and they have it on stock… Im going to try it to make sure its authentic, if it really works ima give you guys the thumbs up… Another thing they dont have it as ” suifan’s kwang tze ” they have it as “Old Man China brush ” as of right now thats my only concern… But like i said i will keep yu guys posted…

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for the compliment – it must have taken a while to read the comments!
      That would be great if you can come back and let us know if it seems authentic to you or not.

  6. Product available in US and Canada. Simply go to your local Chinatown and check in those herbal tea/roots/natural product stores. Beware of fakes. Each box comes with a small tooth pick-like stick with cotton (I believe). DO NOT put too much. I simply wet a cotton swab stick with a drop of the brown liquid and slightly rub it underneath head of penis. I never wash penis before sex and have not received any comment about a funny taste or anything. I also apply it 1 hour before and have noticed lasting longer. It could be because I use condoms (always).

    Good luck guys!!

  7. Hi everyone there are many China brush makes out there recently I tried one recommended by a friend called “RUI SHEN OIL” same mini bottle wrapped in instructions in English as well as Chinese and to the point, I applied with an earbud as this product had no brush and I dipped the bud twice which I realised was too much because it started stinging even after I washed it off, eventually I had a sitting down bath and the tingling eased, I didn’t perform any action as this was more or less a trial period and didn’t have my girl around, in the end I never really got a solid hard on but what I did get was an unpleasant sensation of not being able to relax as if I’d poped a speed tablet, even 5 hours later I was alert and couldn’t relax to go to bed, I even did a bit of rowing on my exercise machine and do arm coils to try to exaust myself, when I did eventually sleep it wasn’t heavy and even feeling tired was still feeling alert when I woke up the next morning, horrible experience put me off, meanwhile the same product, worked like CB for my friend.

  8. China Brush is made in China Hongkong, next week i will go to hongkong to find it. but im nor sure whether i can find it. and i don’t know whether it is fake.
    dear all friends, do you have any advice?

  9. Hi Ethan,
    I just have one question. I once used a delay cream and it numbed my penis, however, it made me lose my erection after a while. That’s my question to you and those who have used this product, did it compromise your erection and how did you get past that? Second question, if I use this with my wife, won’t it numb her as well?

    • Hi Jayson
      That’s unfortunately a common problem with delay creams. The trick is only to put just as much as you need. And if you have problems like that, use less next time.
      Most creams need to be left on for a while, then washed off. However, many also say you shouldn’t use without a condom because of the risk of passing the numbing to your partner. Check the manufacturer and it should be clear – hopefully!

  10. I and all of my friends use this product for the last 6 years. not only it works, but it’ll also help you to SATISFY your sexual panther more at least 7 times before you even ejaculate once. Sometimes you might not come at all, I mean you might the next morning after the whole night having sex… guys the application instruction is very important you don’t need to use too much; probably 3 to 4 drops under the head of your penis and leave it there for 2 hours and wash it or take a shower and you would be ready for your marathon sex…

  11. Well I am also using this product ,I am from South africa… The Chinese brush that I am using is of Dr Long … Is any1 familiar with that one??

  12. They sell china brush here in The state of Georgia in a city called Clarkston. Its sold at an asian store called Thrift town.

  13. Hi Ethan, concerning the Oral, how should it be washed off? with soap or just water? is my lady gonna have any bitter taste in mouth like some other products? thank you and will appreciate a response.Jigga

    • Hi Jigga
      You can just give it a wipe with a wet cloth and it should be fine. You don’t need to scrub with soap. It might have a bit of a taste, yes. But it shouldn’t be too strong if you give it a wash first.

  14. Hi. Its Innocent in South Africa. I have been using the chinese brush for quite sometime and it worked for me. Recently i cannot find it in chemists/pharmacists where i used to get. They said it is difficult to find it and think it is discontinued. Do you know where i can find one. And if it is discontinued, can you find the reasons why?

  15. To be honest this is a really good product, i ordered 2 bottles from lovehoney april last year, had to send it to a friend in US then asked him to send it to me cos lovehoney doesn’t ship to Nigeria (sad). I must say i wasted the first bottle as i was still experimenting to get the proper amount i need to apply, the truth is you really don’t need much (at all!). Think about why the bottle is so little and try to understand that it is a cue as to how little you need lol. The only issue right now, apart from most sellers not shipping to Nigeria, is where to get the original as lovehoney has discontinued the product(too bad!). I would recomend such a product over any other chemical based product as you can be confident of it’s safety (because it’s herbal of course). Sorry for my long epistle. If you know where i can get an original product (wether they ship to Nigeria or not) pls drop a reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Tunde
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I always appreciate hearing from readers who’ve tried a product I review. It is a shame that nobody seems to know where to get authentic versions any more. Hopefully that will change at some point in the future!

  16. Ethan. After reading your blog and some other site for detail information about China Brush, I was able to try it out last night. Indeed it does work, I can say it added extra 20 mins. of marathon. Any one who wanted to try it out, please look out for “fake” China Brush, more than 75% out there are fake, Maybe that is why some of the users are disappointed.

    One way to sort out the fake one is brand name. It is Suifan’s Kwang, NOT Seifan’s Kwang.
    Good luck guys and have fun…. Parker.

    • hi parker do you mind sharing the site you got the original from cos ive been having issues getting an original ever since lovehoney discontinued the product.

  17. Hi Ethan can I get this product in any stores in the USA or where can I get the real one and not a fake one would like to have my husband try it Thank you.

    • Hi Lorie,
      It’s becoming increasingly hard to find it seems. Lovehoney used to sell it, but I recently saw they discontinued it. So I’m afraid I really can’t help for the time being.

  18. Ethan;No matter what the comments are, its pretty cool that you did this.To break it down and let people get this info.So hat’s off to you great job man!My self I’m more intrested in the cinnamon bark,and cang zhu,redix ginseng for a stronger sexual disere.Is the redux ginseng the same as the bottled gingseng?I know that the bottled ginseng does help a lot as I was using it for energy when switched to a night shift.No only did it keep me alert,when got home 10am I was like a 3 dic dog(please excuse). Do any of the one’s I mentioned help to increase your sexual appetite?Thanks well done! JL

    • Hi J
      Thanks for your positive words! I’m not at all worried by any of the comments – I welcome all different views (more or less…)
      It sounds like you already know the answer to your question based om your past experience, so you probably know more about it than me to be honest! However, I’m not aware of any major evidence for those increasing sexual appetite in men. But the lack of scientific research doesn’t always mean it doesn’t work. If you have the time, it would be great if you could do some digging around and let me know what information you come up with:-)

  19. hello. i have sex for 2 minutes i think. i wanna buy this stuff, but i have a couple of questions. i don’t wanna make sex maraton, i just wanna have sex for 30 minutes at medium-hard intensity. with that brush i apply just once time under the head of the penis? how long before the sex i have to apply? i just wanna to enjoy 30 minutes. and before sex, i need to wash my penis for some oral sex from my girl? thanks!

    • Hi liljohn
      You really won’t know how long it will last until you try it! So I think it’s impossible to plan for an exact time and intensity. The application instructions are all above!

  20. Are you sure your was genuine?
    This link says the different between fake and genuine. Your first picture is from a genuine one but second is fake:

    • Hi Mohammad
      Thanks for your comment. That guide was written some time ago, and new sellers produce China Brush from time to time. So personally I don’t think this guide can be relied on until it’s updated.

      • Hi muhammad
        Unfortunately at the moment I literally don’t know of any authentic supplier! I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually sells the original mix any more. If any readers know of a london based supplier or website shipping there, please let us know.

  21. please if i use the dragon spray and wash it before having sex with my girlfriend and she gives me blow job will she be affected?

  22. after reading all the comments i thought i should share my experience too. i think the best way to use is to apply half an hour or 45 mins before. and trust me it really works if you apply it properly someone like me is much more happy to have 20 mins extra and so as my partner. it really works am happy with it

  23. Its hard to get use to it about timing, but it defiantly works great it added me 45min for first intercourse I was very surprised because I could not go more that 10 min its defiantly worth to give it a try!!!

  24. I have read all comment and i just want to conform how i can use.I have read before 1h30 this use it and i want to conform after go to bed this need to wash it or i can go without wash.

  25. Thank you for this article. Will i still feel the burning and tingling after washing it off. Does it sting. I still can’t find it Nigeria

    • You’re welcome Benzine! It depends – some guys react more than others, but it is likely you will at least feel a little tingling. Sorry you can’t get hold of it in Nigeria. Have you searched online in different sex product distributors around the world to see if any ship to Nigeria?

  26. HI GUYS,





  27. Hola me compre la brocha china en México pero al tener el producto en mi mano veo que es imitación ya que tiene una “V” y debería tener un aguila! Que sería el original. Es posible que funcione igual? Ayuda Ethan Verde!!

    • Hola Jorge
      La verdad es que no se exactamente todos los tipos del product en el mundo. Es posible que funcionaria lo mismo, pero desafortunadamente no puedo avisarte. Donde leiste que el con una V es imitacion y que deberia tener un aguila?

    • Tienes razón , el que trae el Aguila tambien parece ser imitación, van 2 frascos que compro y trae el Aguila pero tambien trae un cotonete y el original trae una brochita

  28. i use Viagra but for some reason after I get erect just before sex I lose the erection can this help me keep my erection thanks … Robert

    • Hi Robert
      No, I don’t think it will help at all. The viagra is the drug supposed to be helping you keep an erection. China Brush won’t make a difference on that front.

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