Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

photo of the pink and gold fleshlight stamina training unit sex toy

First things first – why would you buy the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit and not just any other sex toy that looks similar?

The whole idea, as you can probably guess from the name, is that this specific one is intended to help men develop better control during sex. It’s another tool in the toolbox for dealing with premature ejaculation.

It’s also an effective way to stay used to the intensity of sex when you’re single so you have a better chance of coping with the physical sensations the next time you get lucky.

How does it work? By practicing techniques like the start and stop method or kegels with a sex toy that mimics the sensation of real sex more closely than normal masturbation does. But you still need to put the effort in – the Fleshlight doesn’t work by magic.

So to be honest, you could use any sex toy for the same purpose. Sure, this one is designed to be very intense because of the tightness of the design and all the contours. But it’s not the only sex toy, or even the only style of Fleshlight, that feels so intense.

On a more positive note, for me it made sense to choose one that was supposed to help me overcome a problem. It was a psychological boost feeling like I was taking action to improve my sex life. And it is admittedly a very intense model, so if you can cope with this, you have a better chance of coping with sex.

I just wanted to be open about the name though so there’s no misunderstanding about the reality of the branding, marketing and function of this Fleshlight.

Helped me develop control

Here’s the key point before I get into the details of the Fleshlight: I personally used the exact one in the photo above to teach myself to last longer. And I’m certain it was one of the best steps I took in dealing with my own problem with premature ejaculation.

I went from feeling like ejaculating in under a minute when I first used it to being able to handle five minutes after a few weeks. And pretty much as long as I liked after a few months of consistent practice. Sure, it was still quite difficult to hold back the next time I had sex with someone. But it was much better than with the previous partner.

So I can personally attest to the potential of using a sex toy, whether this one or any other, to develop your control. I think you could still make good progress if you practiced the same techniques without a sex toy. But I believe it can help boost your progress.

Now I’ve finished droning on about how good it is, let’s take a look at some more specific details of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

Ordering and discreet packaging

I ordered mine from Lovehoney.com. Even though Fleshlight have their own website, I prefer Love Honey as they have a wider range of sex products to choose from. They also regularly have good deals, which is why I tend to link to them on my blog.

I paid just under $100 for the Stamina Training Unit, which is a little expensive considering you can get much cheaper sex toys. But the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies to this type of sex toy. If you want soft, supple, and more realistic skin, you can’t expect to pay $20 and get the same quality.

The Fleshlight was sent in a discreet brown box, which is kind of important unless you want your postman knowing what you’re up to. The actual Fleshlight box looks very professionally made, and hygienically sealed.

I also ordered the cleaning spray, renewal powder (basically just cornstarch), and some extra lube. You don’t necessarily need these extras, but you do need to use some lube. It doesn’t matter if you order it from them or somewhere else, but it makes a massive difference to how it feels. Personally, I wouldn’t use it without lube.

Quality design and realistic soft skin

Fleshlight make their sex toys with what they call a ‘super skin material’, and claim it’s the most realistic on the market.

I imagine the makers of the increasingly lifelike (and expensive) Japanese sex dolls would dispute that claim. But I do agree that it’s more realistic than all the other sex toy brands I’ve tested.

The internal skin feels surprisingly soft, supple and responsive. Once you’ve warmed it up and added some lubricant, it feels very, very good.

It’s kind of hard to describe the exact feeling of using it. You know it’s not the same as real sex, but you also immediately recognize that it’s significantly better than just using your hand. I think the fact that until you get used to the sensations, you’re likely to reach an intense orgasm very quickly when you use it says enough really.

Contoured design

The Stamina Training Unit has detailed internal contours and ribs, designed to increase the stimulation and help you get used to the intense feeling of sex. It’s like they decided to make it as physically intense as possible with the idea that if you can handle this, you can handle anything.

You really feel all the different contours, which have two stages. The entrance has circular contours, and deeper inside there are small bumps that create a stimulating ribbed feeling when you’re using it.

It’s not easy to use it fast when you start out because the stimulation is so strong. If you can cope with the pleasure for longer than a minute or two the first time around, you’re doing well.

Warm the inside for a better feel

The instructions advise removing the inner tube and heating it for a few minutes in warm water before you use it.

You can still use it without warming it up if you can’t be bothered to remove the tube, fill your sink, leave it to soak, and then replace the tube. But in my experience, it’s well worth making the effort to warm it up first. If you have time on your hands and don’t share your bathroom, it makes a huge difference to how realistic it feels.

I’ve experimented with just running hot water through the opening without removing the tube, and although it kind of works, it’s best to leave it to soak for a bit.

Adjustable suction effect

If you haven’t used a Fleshlight before, it’s worth pointing out that you can twist the end cap of the hard external plastic case to change the level of suction you feel when you use it. I didn’t know this before I bought my first one, and it was a while before I accidentally discovered this effect.

What’s great about it is that you can tighten the cap to get a more powerful suction effect. Basically, it feels much tighter and you need to put more effort into the thrusting. But it’s also much more intense, so if you’re using it to practice techniques to last longer, you can loosen the cap to start with until you get used to the sensation.

It’s also just kind of fun playing around with the different suction levels, and it adds variety from one session to the next.

Easy to clean

All sex toys require a little effort to clean and maintain them. But Fleshlights are easy and quick to clean since you can remove the inside and turn it inside out to wash.

fleshlight internal view

I recommend getting a specific sex toy cleaning spray rather than just using soap. Make sure you clean it properly by running it under a tap and leaving it to air dry.

The instructions also say you can sprinkle some cornstarch onto the skin to keep the softness. I’ve been doing this with mine, and it does help keep it feeling like new. I’ve tested out using the ‘renewal powder’ they sell and normal cornstarch, and honestly couldn’t see much difference.

I do think it’s worth keeping on top of the cleaning when you use sex toys. It really doesn’t take that long, and means you’ll get your money’s worth as it will stay in good condition for a long time.


The size

My main criticism is that like many Fleshlights, the Stamina Training Unit is quite large because of the exterior case. I can understand the idea behind calling it Fleshlight, and trying to disguise it as a flashlight.

But when was the last time you saw a giant golden flashlight in a hardware store?

To be fair, they need to be big to accommodate the larger men out there. And other popular brands like Tenga aren’t much smaller.

The positive side to the size is that unlike most realistic vaginas, it’s built into a plastic case with a screw-top lid so you can completely conceal it.

I also discovered a fun bonus to having a solid exterior. You can wedge the fleshlight between heavier objects like your mattress and bed frame to create a hands-free experience. And on that note, I also highly recommend getting the extra shower mount attachment, which is fantastic.

fleshlight side photo

The internal size

Despite being tighter than many other Fleshlights, if you don’t have much girth, you still might find it’s not as tight as you’d like it to be. So if you have a smaller penis, I’d recommend trying one of the tighter fleshlights, such as the Flight.


At just under $100, it’s one of the more expensive brands of sex toys. Love Honey sells basic ones for under $20, for example, so you can save money and still pick up a reasonable toy. Whether it lasts as long or feels as good is debatable though.


The good

  • Can help you develop better ejaculation control
  • Very soft and supple skin
  • Contoured design for more stimulation
  • Adjustable end cap for a suction effect
  • Intense pleasure and fun to use
  • Can be warmed for more pleasure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lasts a long time

The bad

  • Takes time to see results – not an immediate solution for premature ejaculation
  • Relatively expensive (just under $100)
  • Needs lubricant
  • Looks big because of the exterior case


The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a high-quality and very pleasurable realistic vagina. The skin is soft and smooth, with interior contours that stimulate in all the right ways.

I found it was very useful for practicing ejaculation control techniques in private, which is the main point. When you’re working on techniques like kegels or the start and stop method, it’s helpful to simulate real sex, but without having to worry about another person.

And even by using the Stamina Training Unit regularly, you can stay used to the stimulation of sex. So you’ll hopefully be better prepared when you next have a partner.

My cynical side would say that Fleshlight came up with a genius marketing ploy here. It’s really just a sex toy with a clever name that will hopefully inspire you to use it to work on your stamina in preparation for real sex.

But if you’re doing what you can to improve your control, then why not start with a product that will test you to the max, and encourage you to work on the techniques when you remember why you bought it in the first place. And if nothing else, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.