Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

At a glance

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a high-quality sex toy that does what the name suggests, giving men a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to improve their stamina in the bedroom.

With its lifelike texture and super soft skin, it will make your solo practice sessions more realistic and intense. The adjustable suction and option to warm it up make for an even more pleasurable experience.

It’s not the cheapest sex toy out there at around $70, but neither is it the most expensive. The durable material means it will last a long time, so it’s good value for money in the long run.

It’s a bit on the larger side and not so subtle, but if you’d like to boost your endurance in the bedroom, a few weeks of practicing self-control with the Fleshlight should set you on your way.


  • Helps in improving ejaculation control.
  • Intensely pleasurable experience.
  • Incredibly soft and lifelike skin.
  • Contoured design amps up the stimulation.
  • End cap adjustments allow for varied suction.
  • Can be heated for added realism and comfort.
  • Simple to clean and keep in good condition.
  • Designed for extended durability and use.


  • Requires patience – not a quick fix for premature ejaculation.
  • Priced on the higher side, at around $70.
  • Need to buy extra lube.
  • Bulky appearance due to its exterior casing.

Full review

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit was designed to help men develop better ejaculation control. It’s a natural way to increase your endurance in bed, without needing to rely on pills, sprays, or extra-thick condoms.

How does it work exactly? Essentially, you use the Stamina Training Unit to practice classic techniques like the start and stop method. Ideally, you’ll masturbate with it regularly enough that your lasting time will slowly but surely creep up when you’re on your own. After a few weeks, you should find you’re able to handle the stimulation significantly better.

It also helps by giving you a way to stay accustomed to intense physical stimulation when you’re single. By using this rather than just your hand, you should be able to cope better the next time you’re in bed with someone as it helps bridge the gap in physical pleasure. So it’s the combination of practicing specific techniques and being used to intense physical pleasure that makes it so effective.

To be honest, you could use any sex toy for the same purpose. However, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is particularly intense because of the tightness of the design and all the contours.

It helped me develop better control

I used the Stamina Training Unit when I was working on increasing my stamina in bed and I believe it was one of the best steps I took in dealing with my problem with premature ejaculation.

I went from feeling like ejaculating in under a minute when I first used it to being able to handle five minutes after a few weeks. After a few months of consistent practice, I was able to go for pretty much as long as I wanted.

Admittedly, it was still quite difficult to hold back the next time I had sex with someone, but it was much better than with the previous partner. And once the initial couple of times was over with, I found my average lasting time when we had sex was much, much better.

So I can personally attest to the potential of using a sex toy, whether this one or any other, to develop your control. I think you could still make reasonable progress if you practiced the same techniques without a sex toy, but I believe it can help boost your progress.

Let’s take a closer look, and I’ll explain in more detail how the Fleshlight feels and how it works.

Ordering and discreet packaging

I paid just under $70 for the Stamina Training Unit on their official website Fleshlight.com. You can find cheaper brands, but the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is true when it comes to sex toys in my experience. If you want soft, supple, and more realistic skin, you can’t expect to pay $20 and get the same quality.

The Fleshlight was sent in a discreet brown box, which is kind of important unless you want your postman to know what you’re up to. The actual Fleshlight box looks professionally made and was hygienically sealed.

I also ordered the cleaning spray, renewal powder (basically just cornstarch), and some extra lube. You don’t necessarily need all of these extras, but you do need to use some lube. It doesn’t matter if you order it from them or somewhere else, but it makes a massive difference to how it feels. Personally, I wouldn’t use it without lube.

Quality design and realistic soft skin

photo of the inside entrance of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight make their sex toys with what they call a ‘super skin material’, and claim it’s the most realistic on the market.

I imagine the makers of the increasingly lifelike (and expensive) Japanese sex dolls would disagree, but it is more realistic than all the other sex toy brands I’ve tested.

The internal skin feels surprisingly soft, supple, and responsive. Once you’ve warmed it up and added some lubricant, it feels fantastic.

It’s kind of hard to describe the exact feeling of using it. You know it’s not the same as real sex, but it takes all of three seconds to realize how much better it is than just your hand. I think the fact that you’re likely to come very quickly until you get used to the sensations says enough really.

Contoured design

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit has detailed internal contours and ribs, designed to increase the stimulation and help you get used to the intense feeling of sex. It’s like they decided to make it as physically intense as possible with the idea that if you can handle this, you can handle anything.

You really feel all the different contours, which have two stages. The entrance has circular contours, and deeper inside there are small bumps that create a stimulating ribbed feeling when you’re using it.

It’s not easy to use it fast when you start out because the stimulation is so strong. If you can cope with the pleasure for longer than a minute or two the first time around, you’re doing well.

Warm the inside for a better feel

The instructions advise removing the inner tube and heating it for a few minutes in warm water before you use it. You can still use it without warming it up if you can’t be bothered to remove the tube, fill your sink, leave it to soak, and then replace the tube.

I think it’s well worth making the effort to warm it up first though. If you have time on your hands and don’t share your bathroom, it makes a huge difference in how realistic it feels.

I’ve experimented with just running hot water through the opening without removing the tube, and although it kind of works, it’s best to leave it to soak for a bit.

Adjustable suction effect

If you haven’t used a Fleshlight before, it’s worth pointing out that you can twist the end cap of the hard external plastic case to change the level of suction you feel when you use it. I didn’t know this before I bought my first one, and it was a while before I accidentally discovered this effect.

It’s great that you can tighten the cap to get a more powerful suction effect. When you do, it feels much tighter and you need to put more effort into the thrusting. It’s also much more intense, so if you’re using it to practice techniques to last longer, you can loosen the cap to start with until you get used to the sensation.

It’s also just kind of fun playing around with the different suction levels, and it adds variety from one session to the next.

Easy to clean

All sex toys require a little effort to clean and maintain them. Fleshlights are easy and quick to clean since you can remove the inside and turn it inside out to wash.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit internal section

I recommend getting a specific sex toy cleaning spray rather than just using soap. Make sure you clean it properly by running it under a tap and leaving it to air dry.

The instructions also say you can sprinkle some cornstarch onto the skin to keep the softness. I’ve been doing this with mine and it does help keep it feeling like new. I’ve tested out using the ‘renewal powder’ they sell and normal cornstarch, and couldn’t tell the difference.

I do think it’s worth keeping on top of the cleaning when you use sex toys. It really doesn’t take that long, and means you’ll get your money’s worth as it will stay in good condition for longer.


The size

My main criticism is that like many Fleshlights, the Stamina Training Unit is quite large because of the exterior case. I can understand the idea behind calling it Fleshlight and trying to disguise it as a flashlight. When was the last time you saw a giant golden flashlight in a hardware store though?

To be fair, they need to be big to accommodate larger penis sizes. The positive side to the size is that unlike most realistic vaginas, it’s built into a plastic case with a screw-top lid so you can completely conceal it.

I also discovered a fun bonus to having a solid exterior. You can wedge the fleshlight between heavier objects like your mattress and bed frame to create a hands-free experience. And on that note, I also highly recommend getting the extra shower mount attachment, which is a whole new world of fun.

fleshlight side photo

The internal size

Despite being tighter than many other Fleshlights, if you don’t have much girth, you still might find it’s not as tight as you’d like it to be. If you have a smaller penis, I’d recommend trying one of the tighter fleshlights, such as the Flight.


The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit usually costs around $70. They have many other styles to choose from as well on their website, with some more expensive ones, such as those that are battery powered.


The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a high-quality and very pleasurable sex toy. The skin is soft and smooth, with interior contours that stimulate in all the right ways.

I found it very useful for practicing ejaculation control techniques in private, which is the main point. When you’re working on techniques like kegels or the start and stop method, it’s helpful to simulate real sex without having to worry about another person.

If you use the Stamina Training Unit regularly, you can stay used to the stimulation of sex, so you’ll hopefully be better prepared when you next have a partner.

Yes, it’s large, pink, and gold, which I can imagine might put some men off. If that’s the case, it’s worth checking out their website though as there are many different designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from. They should all work well too as long as you understand the basics of the Start and Stop method and put the time and effort in.