Jamaican Stone – Is The Strength Worth The Danger?

photo of 3 pieces of jamaican stone

Jamaican Stone is one of the more unusual ways to last longer during sex that I’ve tried.

But not only is it sold as a way to have longer sex, but it’s often advertised as giving stronger erection too.

However, the phrase ‘too good to be true’ might apply in this case.

It was banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration after someone died from eating it. And the ingredients have been found by researchers to be potentially dangerous (more on that below).

Having said that, it’s still a popular product in a few communities around the world, where some men swear by its potency.

So in this Jamaican Stone review, I’ll cover both my experience using it and some useful background information about the safety concerns.

What is Jamaican Stone?

Jamaican Stone is sold as a sexual performance enhancer. It’s said to be harvested from the tree sap of a tree native to Jamaica and some other Caribbean Islands.

It’s then molded into the stone from which you can see in the image above. The standard size is between 0.5 and 1 inches.

It’s also known as Jamaican Black Stone due to the color of the finished product, although it’s possible to find it in other forms, such as drops or gels.

Strangely, nobody seems to know the name of the tree it comes from. It doesn’t say on the packet, and no supplier website mentions the name.

And here’s the worrying part – after it caused a death, it was reported that some versions contain toad venom from the Bufo genus.

Apparently, both the toad venom and the tree sap contain chemicals known as bufadienolides, which can disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart. So no matter where it comes from, it doesn’t exactly seem the safest option.

How to use Jamaican stone

  • Apply a couple of drops of water onto one surface of the stone.
  • Rub the water on the stone in a circular motion until it turns into a milky colored liquid.
  • Gently rub that liquid onto the sensitive parts of your penis. Concentrate on the head as this has the most sensitive nerve endings.
  • You’ll need to test exactly how long you need to wait before having sex. It could be anything from 10 to 30 minutes, so some experimenting is needed.
  • Before you have sex wash off any excess liquid with some mild soap.
  • Dry the stone and store it. It can last for several months if you care for it properly.

My experience

I couldn’t find any scientific research into the effectiveness of Jamaica stone for premature ejaculation, so I was a little in the dark when testing it.

I ordered it online and it arrived a week later in an unmarked packet. I followed the instructions above, though didn’t get it quite right the first time.

A common problem with desensitizing products is working out how much you need. Apply more than you need to, and you risk numbing yourself too much; too little and it won’t work.

I had an unpleasantly hot sensation which took around 15 minutes to subside after washing it off thoroughly. And it probably took another 30 minutes for the tingling sensation to go away completely.

The second time, I was more careful and just rubbed a couple of small drops on. This time there was still a hot tingling sensation, which again took a while to subside, but it was more tolerable.

It seems to take about 10 minutes to have a noticeable effect, but 20 to be at the maximum desensitizing potential.

The numbing effect was definitely effective, and there’s no doubt that using Jamaican Stone allowed me to have sex for longer. However, it wasn’t as long as the 4 hours some sellers claim.

Did it have the other effect of giving me a stronger, harder erection? Not as far as I could tell. Maybe that part is a marketing gimmick, or maybe it just didn’t work on this occasion.

The numbing did last for several hours, which was much longer than most other delay products I’ve tried, which tend to wear off in a couple of hours.

Possible issues and side effects

  • The main side effect is the burning sensation if you put too much on.
  • Even when you get the amount right, you still have to put up with a hot tingling sensation.
  • It’s not a good idea to use Jamaican Stone during oral sex because of the dangers of eating it. It also has an unpleasant taste.
  • The numbing sensation is strong, so could reduce the pleasure of sex.
  • The risk of serious harm – see the following section.

Death reported in the news

jamaican black stone

In 2008, many U.S. news outlets (such as ABC), reported that the New York health department was warning people not to use Jamaican Stone. This was apparently because a man died after eating it.

The warning also reported that similar versions were behind poisonings and deaths in the 1990s. Obviously, it’s not meant to be eaten, but they do further warn that even applying it to the skin can be harmful.

In 2017, researchers published a report of a case of a man who died of heart complications after ingesting the stone.

Update – some clarity regarding the ingredients

In 2017, Spanish researchers undertook a rigorous scientific analysis of Jamaican Stone to identify the exact ingredients.

They concluded that it has toxic ingredients and described it as a ‘dangerous aphrodisiac’. You can read their full research article here.

Problems buying online

Following all the comments from readers asking where they can get it, I did some research into the online sellers.

I encountered one problem after another, mainly with security warnings about the websites and payment systems with low review ratings.

My personal viewpoint is that this product should be avoided, especially as there are safer alternatives.


There are alternatives which don’t present the same problems as Jamaican Stone.

If you’re interested in trying a desensitizing product, I recommend taking a look at my overview of different desentizing sprays.

Your experience

Please feel free to share your experience of Jamaican Stone in the comments. But please don’t ask me where you can buy it, or leave links for online sellers, as I no longer publish those kind of comments.

191 thoughts on “Jamaican Stone – Is The Strength Worth The Danger?”

  1. It works great all the time you just have to wash your your penis after application before you have sex.

  2. Hello, I used Jamaican stone, unfortunately without success. I used it this way: I dropped a few drops on the stone and then rubbed it for about 30 seconds. Then the liquid is applied to my penile head and on the outer penis where the nerves are located along. After a short time it started to tingle and a little later it started to get hot. I washed it after 20 minutes. and started sexual intercourse after about 15 minutes. I could not stand it for a minute. Did I do something wrong? I ask for advice. Sorry for my English.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Jamal
      Perhaps try using less and wash it sooner. But really, burning is a nasty side effect that would make me not want to use it again!

  3. Hi Ethan, can you help please?
    I just bought it from the website JamaicanStoneSale.com
    In the US, this item is banned.
    What do you suggest for the description?
    So save at customs.
    And we can receive at our address.

    Pls reply.
    Thank you.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Andre
      Sorry, I can’t help you with that one. Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk.

  4. I just bought it in KSA planning for vacation soon, eagarly waiting to use it then hopefully will share my experience…Thanks

  5. I feel the burning sensation for the last two days. How can I cure the burning sensation in my penis?

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Jijo
      Sorry to hear that. I’d say don’t use it again for starters. Hopefully it will go away naturally, but if it’s still happening, I would seek medical advice.

  6. They now sell it under various names such as “China rock” for example. The main thing is to wait at least 15 min then clean yourself. My only peeve with it is that it BURNS ALOT!! My penis feels like it’s on fire for like a hour or more after I apply it. But I went from lasting maybe 2/3 minutes to 20/30 minutes. It definitely decreases pleasure as you go numb so that’s expected but still have very strong orgasms. Also make sure to dry it well after use or it could get moldy.

  7. Works Great!
    It does burn a bit, but like you said, you have to figure out how much to put. Put too little may not help you in bed.
    Put too much, it may burn a little then subside but definitely help out in bed.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Dez
      Thanks for sharing your experience and advice.

    2. Everlasting Williams

      I’ve try it on three different occasions and it work well each time. The only problem im having now is finding it. I don’t won’t to buy it online and get some garbage. So its just going to take me some time finding it. It’s basic Common Sense on how to use it. You place it under the head of your penis. In the most sensitive areas and it works well.

  8. Romaine

    Hey, I’m very concerned about where on the head to rub it as I’m not circumcised. Can u rub it on the foreskin? It’s really sensitive to me.

    1. Ethan Green

      Hi Romaine
      If you are not circumcised, then the correct way to apply it is to pull the foreskin back and rub it into the exposed penis head. If you rub it onto the foreskin, I don’t think it will work well.

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