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Do Condoms Make You Soft? My Top 10 Tips For Staying Hard

Do you face a regular raceĀ against time to put a condom on, before your penis softens to the point where penetration becomes impossible? Sometimes I wonder if condoms have Jedi powers; I can be totally ready for action, but the hooded latex monster seems to hold the power to choke theĀ life out of my erection. It’s a frustrating problem...

image of the viagra taken during the review

Viagra Review – Testing The Little Blue Diamond In Brazil

In 2016, I traveled through Latin America, spending almost 2 months in Brazil. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you can buy Viagra over the counter in many pharmacies there! Since I’ve had problems getting an erection when I first sleep with a new partner in recent years, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out. And...

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Can’t Get An Erection The First Time With A New Partner?

Something very strange has been happening to me recently, and I’m not impressed. After years of battling premature ejaculation I’ve suddenly been hit by another sexual curve-ball. Every time I’m with a new partner I can’t get an erection the first time we try to have sex. But that’s not all. The problem only resolves...